✩September in the Park

I place two shiny new conkers in your hands

Commenting on how many leaves are gathering now under the trees, fallen to the ground

We count the grazing geese upon the green, (there’s more than fifty!)

And remark upon a fearless squirrel darting across our path with boundless energy

I let down our ponytails so we can feel the Autumn breeze in our hair

With the sound of the fountain spray upon the lake in the air

We stop to say ‘Hello‘ to a majestic white swan upon the pond who holds its neck so proudly

And over the hump back bridge we say ‘Hi’ to a crow changing branches in a tree

Whose slick black feathers shine iridescently

Then we see two little girls chasing each other around a playground

They laugh and shout: ‘you can’t catch me, you can’t catch me…’

On the way back we wave at our reflections in the window and pause briefly

Before I comb and braid your hair into a plait so very neatly

with love from Cat & Pat

Light My Fire

Joan Crawford and Clark Gable

I just can’t waste anymore time playing along

Buying into someone else’s half-cocked illusion

In the hope that one day they just might get me, and see

My inner-beauty shining so very brightly

So please just walk on by – Bye!

And don’t waste anymore of my precious time, or distract me

Cos I don’t wanna be the object of your desire

And I don’t care to be a muse for you to admire

And I’m not interested in your paranoid vanity

I just don’t give a tiny rats-ass 

What you, or anyone else thinks about me

I’d rather pass

‘Cos if something about me, makes you feel insecure

Then it’s just highlighting areas where you need to love yourself MORE!

So c’mon baby, hunny-bun, sweet-cheeks, sugar-plum

If you really wanna light my fire

Then the quickest way is to INSPIRE! 

Because I’m not interested in your insecurity

What I want is spiritual intelligence and emotional maturity

Is the only vaguely appealing, proactive way forwards for me

So don’t just TALK-the-talk, WALK-the-freaking-talk! You great big fluff-ball of a pussy!

Psychic Connection

Even now I can still feel when you’re thinking about me

After all this time, it beams in, slices through geographic space

Sometimes its like you’re right here in the room with me

Your thoughts are so strong

It’s even possible on occasion

That we may share the exact same memory

At the exact same time, synchronistically

A similar nostalgia, for something precious we once had

Now long gone, impossible to recreate…

We Are The Ark

Noahs Ark: Getty Images

How many people in the world

Do you know

Actually undertake to uphold

The Great Mother’s bidding

Secret agents, Angels-on-Earth

Who add spiritual meaning

Sowing the seeds, gentle reminders of positivity

And a call to one’s inherited co-curator’s duty

To care for our beautiful Planet Earth

And all that is alive and living

A responsibility that is impossible to shirk, inevitably

For the simple reason

We are the Ark! Spinning through time and space

Whereupon responsibility avoidance

Incurrs Karmic Dharma as spiritual growth and accountability are mandatory

For all members of the human race

Whilst one is here one must care for each other and one’s own, as thy self!

Or else refrain from multiplying in one’s own likeness

Lest one’s god/goddess status be revoked

For one’s off-spring are bonded to one’s soul from birth

A life-long DNA connection

And all people cross each other’s paths for a specific life-lesson / reason

Therefore the way forwards can only ever be Social Inclusion

As the birth rate climbs

Because the last time I looked the emperor still wasn’t wearing any god-damned clothes

Not recently, nor likely anytime soon for the foreseeable future, given the current trajectory

Prancing around like a ninny-nanny nincompoop on Twitter and in the media

Transparent like looking glass never breaking the Narcisus gaze

Who do you think you are? Mr. Wannabe Superstar

Quick! Get me out of ‘Number Ten‘, I’m a celebrity!

Before s/he makes a complete pig’s-ear, unsightly smear, out of the economy

Just another jackass, spineless dip-stick, Pinocchio-big-nose

Useless, clueless, unqualified, inexperienced waste-of-space

So come on, curl up those toes

And lets get down to the laid bare-naked truth, which is:

That none of the so-called party-political leaders out there

Can fool the nation’s public any long-er

That they actually give a tiny rat’s ass, or even vaguely care

About what the people really aspire, desire and deserve

Not in a squillion years

No, not even the minority 20%

So unless someone out there is gonna make a significant beneficial contribution

To the world’s environmental sustainability

Inc. supporting the elderly, the disabled, the uneducated, the unborn and the poor

Completely eliminating poverty

Off you snore, you infernal bore

We don’t need anymore million pound malls

Go and save the rain forests and do something useful

Instead of pimping your online profile

Like you should even be wasting time on social media

Away from rectifying the trail of wreckage you’ve already left behind

FYI: This isn’t post war Britain any more!

Full Size Noahs Arc Replica, Hong Kong

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.” – Rumi

Noah’s Ark


Banksy CCTV

Banksy – CCTV :: http://www.banksy.co.uk

You want to be free

But there’s no way of knowing

In which direction

To keep on going

How to avoid

The Judas hawk eye

Heat seek and UV crystal ball scry

Search out the innocent and the paranoid

Tracking victim prey

Wrong place right time

For privacy parade invade

Telephoto panoramic satelite GPS/ IP

Digitally enhanced virtual spies

Who know your every move

Even before you decide

An ever expanding automated army

Of brothers in the sky

Strategically mounted

Perfectly positioned

To purposefully pry

Like flies

Pocket push button vigil

Giant fishbowl, inner third eye

Stakeout surveillance

Candy camera smile

Featured in a site specific project about surveillance on the EDF London Eye: CCTV video poem: https://youtu.be/u81BN0YKV8I

Full piece: https://youtu.be/ytxvxUYvtvg

✩Yesterday’s Tomorrows

Patient is the air

For inhalation is sweet

Thick with Summer’s warmth

Amber drenched moments

Remain encapsulated

As memories

Of happiness

Of innocent days

When time was allowed

To fluidly flow

Without urgency

Or guilt

See shadows playing

In shafts of sunlight

Illuminating the beauty

Of innocent smiles

Freckled noses

And crooked teeth

Yesterday’s tomorrows

Captured like ‘Box-Brownie’ memories

Distant thoughts

Recalled in sepia tone

Stored like spices

In air-tight jars