Apotheosis: Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm



When we consistently engage with our all-loving ‘I Am’ presence, we automatically generate new neurological-pathways that are in alignment with our sovereign identity, overwriting old outdated internal dialogues that no-longer serve. These new neurological pathways assist with cultivating a more compassionate internal-narrative, that enables one to respond in more loving and forgiving ways to any old memories and experiences from the past, that may have caused anxiety and releases them. This expands our emotional parameters of self-worth, self-love, what we allow ourselves to receive and how we interact, not just with other people but also with the environment. As we begin to understand that we are all co-creators of our own realities, and that everything happens for our highest good, we start to hold space for others to acknowledge their own Sovereignty-equality as well. 

Apotheosis is an epistolary novel in verse consisting of both real and fictional auto-ethnographic memories, serving as a methodology for thought optimisation via the shared-space of the word and also as an infrastructure to challenge binary-thinking. The aim of Apotheosis is to extend an invitation to reaffirm Nature as the real economy, where the currency is life and all life is revered as sacred. All that is needed to effect beneficent change in the world is a minor shift in the human psyche, whereupon a deeper respect for all life can be forged simply and effortlessly by aligning with one’s inner sovereign-equality. Are we really dying? Or is this an opportunity to be reborn? What Apotheosis can offer is a way to navigate through the portal of a world-in-crisis, towards building a New Paradigm that is totally supportive. 

Val Russell, former Managing Editor of Tuck Magazine says:— “For those of us who have become jaded regarding the often static-state of modern poetry this is a joy to discover a voice with such fearless clarity. Part 21st century troubadour and part artistic chameleon, Cat Catalyst has created a hypnotic poetic vision that is quite literally a spiritual call to arms.Most of Cat Catalyst’s work is connected directly to the state of humanity at this particular time in history, as well as how we do, or do not relate to one another. Cat Catalyst’s poetry isn’t merely a social critique, it is also a formula for self-understanding that is quite expansive socially.As a multimedia artist, poet and performance artist, Cat Catalyst’s method of delivery is deliberate, and she pulls no punches with the message she is sending to her reader. A mistress of words and images, her work captivated and inspired me, over time what I witnessed was the very open and on-going evolution of an artist as a work of art itself. This is a very brave act for any creative person; to candidly display the machinations of the creative process through each piece of art they share”. 

In Plain Sight

More than a year on, censorship muzzles stay donned

As highly questionable algorithms roll-out a blanket new-world-communism

The one-size A.I. fits all, driven by the machine-of-greed and consumerism

Trolled by fake fact-checked big-tech, that supports corporate giants such as Facebook and Google

Who were originally seeded by CIA venture start-up capital

That now sit upon-the-throne alongside Apple and Amazon

Who between them all, own everyone’s personal data and financial information

Whilst paying homage to the ‘The World Economic Forum’, ‘The United Nations’ and the ‘World Health Organisation’

NGO’s that launder billions without paying a single dime

Of income tax, aka the perfectly legal swindle, broad-daylight crime

Money is the currency! And the Megacorps are more powerful now than any government, or monarchy

The self-proclaimed King of the short-term, quick-fix, instant-gratification fantasy

Seduced by the ‘God-Complex‘ and the ‘I want to live forever’, no matter what the cost!

Or how many innocent women and children’s lives are damaged, or lost

Or how many empires, timelines, histories, wisdoms, knowledge and faiths, have been hidden without a trace

Humanity’s collective memory of who we really are, has been forcibly erased

But it’s time now to fight through the human-amnesia, to go-within, and remember

It’s time to see beyond the illusions that keep one a prisoner

For the vibrational frequency of Love and the desire to Serve

Will always be the purest form-of-energy in the Universe!

Article: 30th July 2020 by Andy Yen: Four misleading claims that tech CEO’s of the ‘Big Four’ told Congress:

September in the Park


I place two shiny new conkers in your hands

Commenting on how many leaves are gathering now under the trees, fallen to the ground

We count the grazing geese upon the green, (there’s more than fifty!)

And remark upon a fearless squirrel darting across our path with boundless energy

I let down our ponytails so we can feel the Autumn breeze in our hair

With the sound of the fountain spray upon the lake in the air

We stop to say ‘Hello‘ to a majestic white swan upon the pond who holds its neck so proudly

And over the hump back bridge we say ‘Hi’ to a crow changing branches in a tree

Whose slick black feathers shine iridescently

Then we see two little girls chasing each other around a playground

They laugh and shout: ‘you can’t catch me, you can’t catch me…’

On the way back we wave at our reflections in the window and pause briefly

Before I comb and braid your hair into a plait so very neatly

with love from Cat & Pat



A sunny disposition radiates from deep inside one’s heart

Like a beautiful beaming ball of fire

Whose warmth can melt away a frown with a single smile

Impossible to take anything as personal

When one comes from an elevated position, place of unconditional love

Non-attached acceptance for all

Just like the Sun always shines, way-up high above the clouds

Heart-centered love is the rainbow’s kiss in the sky

That transforms the mundane, the monochrome-grey

Into colours that dance with laughter and joy

For ones inner-core is made from the same stuff as the Sun

We are the ‘Star-Dust Children’

Honnouring our Mother Earth, and Father Sun, daily

Shining in the gratitude of love made visible

For One Sun, One Earth, one perfect solar-system

Not forgetting the gift of life, being alive and human

One’s spiritual sunshine always begins from within

And emanates without, united in selfless compassion

For everything and everyone, as a pure self-reflection

Of One heart, One pulse, One love, One nation

sunspin smallsun sunspin

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Relief Outlet

The Windup Girl by xanderhyde on Deviant Art

The Windup Girl
by xanderhyde on Deviant Art

All women appear to experience a form of ‘enforced sexual servitude’ at some point in their lives, married or not, and is a fundamental feminist observation 

That her body is already pre-appropriated for a specific purpose or task

A political pawn, necessary to replenish the population / army / work force / state procreation

And, or, the pleasure principal, a distraction from critical debate

Should bodies or relationships be controlled, choices contrived, towards an engineered trajectory? 

Is free love really free? 

Strange sexual transgressions pushing the boundaries of accepted normality

Beyond the regulated range of the consumer market-bubble

That excludes personal liberty

Blind eyes are turned, just so long as its profitable

The public are force-fed a diet of highly controlled fictional imagery, a daily bombardment

Provides a carefully manufactured façade of illusion presented as usual

To manipulate things being done a certain way

Lulled into a false sense of insecurity and self-rejection

As one attempts to dismantle the edifice of patriarchal tradition

Sinking like quicksand, side-effects of conformity, fraught with hidden murky 

Undertones that require regular quick-fix, relief-outlets

From the suppressed, repressed emotions

Of rib-less culture struggles, the queerest folk of the post-millennium

Age of narcissism

Driven by the machine of desire, overloaded with sensationalist titillation

Stretched beyond ones misshapen limits, and all tantric recognition

Inspired by Monique Wittig and Jennifer Doyle

✩ Smart City



Today’s smart city

Is where training and education

Stopped being about following

Ones true vocation

And somehow became all about conditioning

Schooled to become another brick in the wall

Another cog in the machine

Drilled in

From such an early age it manifests as the new religion

Where each new emerging generation

Shops til they drop

Til they’re so far in debt

They become trapped in a prison

Of desire and consumerism

Seduced by product placement and subliminal advertising

Victim of a society built upon capitalism

No escape

Do not pass ‘Go’

Do not collect ‘£200’

Do not buy a hotel, (let alone ones own house)

In fact go straight to jail

Caged like a wild animal in a zoo

That ate the bait

Who swallowed the smart-sim pill

Herded along

With all the other must do’s and should have done’s

On the road to ‘Blandsville’, in downtown ‘Homogenisation’

Complete abdication

Of ones ability to think for ones-self

From womb to tomb

And into total annihilation

Holiness of the Heart | La Sainteté du Cœur | Santidad para del Corazón | La Sacralità Del Cuore

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Holiness of the Heart written and directed by Cat Catalyst

La Sainteté du Cœur translation by Yacine Himour

Santidad para del Corazón translation by Olga Navarro Romero

La Sacralità Del Cuore translation by Gabriele Adragma and Maria Sabrina Scassa

Yes! There is a holiness, to the heart’s affections
Oui, il y a une sainteté pour l’affection du cœur
¡Sí! Existe una santidad para los afectos del corazón
Si! Esiste una sacralità per gli affetti del cuore

When one is moved in purity and truth, to love another
Lorsqu’une personne est touchée par la pureté et la sincérité de l’autre
Cuando alguien se muda en pureza y en verdad al amar al otro
Quando si èmossi dalla purezza e dalla veritá, ad amare un altro

Or rather there ought to be a holiness
Où plutôt qu’il devrait être une sainteté
O más bien debería ser una santidad
O piuttosto dovrebbe esserci una sacraltá

A recognition of the Divine
Une reconnaissance du Divin
Un reconocimiento de lo Divino
Una consapevolezza Divina

An acknowledgment of the ‘spirit of creation’
Une reconnaissance de l’esprit de création
Un conocimiento del “espíritu de la creación”
Una riconoscimento dello ‘spirit della creazione’

A healthy respect for the holy union
Un sain respect pour l’union sacrée
Un sano respeto por la unión sagrada
Un sano rispetto per l‘unione sacra

Of two souls captured
De deux âmes capturées
O dos almas capturadas
Di due anime catturate

With a mutual affection and bound
Avec une affection partagée et liée
Con mutuo afecto y en comunión
Da un legame reciproco e stretto

Without self consciousness to express
Sans conscience de soi à exprimer
Sin conciencia de sí mismo
Senza nessun imbarazzo

Such a delight of relatedness
Tel une joie apparentée
Tanta delicia compartida
Con cosi tanto piacere nell’appartenenza

It is still so wonderfully innocent
Cela est pourtant d’une innocence merveilleuse
Es aún bellamente inocente
È cosi meravigliosamente innocente

In an age where innocence is rapidly being obliterated by progress
Dans une ère où l’innocence est furtivement éradiquée par le progrès
En una era donde la inocencia es súbitamente arrasada por el progreso
In un epoca dove l’innocenza è rapidamente sradicata dal progresso

In a world where nothing is sacred (anymore)
Dans un monde où plus rien n’est sacré
En un mundo donde nada es sagrado (nunca más)
In un mundo dove più niente è sacro (non più)

And vulnerability is seen as an opportunity for exploitation
Et la vulnérabilité est perçue comme une opportunité à l’exploitation
Y la vulnerabilidad es expuesta como una oportunidad para la explotación
E la vulnerabilitàè percepita come un opportunità di sfruttamento

The heart’s affections then, must surely be the most sacred
Alors, les affections du cœur doivent être les plus sacrées
Los afectos del corazón entonces, deben seguramente ser lo más sagrado
Gli affetti del cuore devono essere quanto di più sacro

In a world where nothing else is
Dans un monde où rien n’est plus
En un mundo donde nada es
In un mondo dove più niente lo è

And are to be honoured, respected and heard
Et se doivent d’être honorées, respectées et entendues
Y se debe ser honesto, respetuoso y comprendido
E devono essere onorati, rispettati e sentiti

For in listening to the inner whisperings of one’s heart
En écoutant les intimes chuchotements du cœur
Escuchando los íntimos susurros del corazón
Ascoltando gli intimi sussurri del cuore

One may learn something more valuable and precious than gold…
On peut apprendre quelque chose de plus valeureux et précieux que l’or
Uno puede aprender algo más valioso y precioso
Si può imparare 
qualcosa di molto più prezioso dell’oro

For to evolve through Love
Pour évoluer à travers l’amour
Para evolucionar a través del amor
Per evolversi attraverso l’amore

Is the greatest spiritual teaching on Earth
C’est la plus grande philosophie sur terre
Es el mayor aprendizaje espiritual sobre la Tierra
È il più grande insegnamento sulla terra

To which one may aspire
A laquelle chacun devrait aspirer
Por el cual todos podrían inspirarse
Al quale tutti potrebbero inspirarsi

From personal through transpersonal
Du personnel au transpersonnel
Desde lo personal a través de lo transpersonal
Dal personale al transpersonale

To unconditional and universal
De l’inconditionnel et de l’universel
Hasta lo incondicional y universal
Fino all’ incondizionale ed universale 

Emanating like the sun
Qui émane tel un soleil
Emanando como el sol
Emanando come il sole 

Fostering life where previously there was none
Cultivant une vie où il n’y avait rien
Cultivando una vida donde previamente no hubo nada
Coltivando una vita dove prima non vi era nulla

An illumination of the soul
Une illumination de l’âme
Una iluminación del alma
Un’ illuminazione dell’ anima 

A massive deposit in the karmic bank account of destiny
Un immense dépôt dans le compte en banque du karma de la destinée
Un descomunal depósito en la cuenta bancaria del karma del destino
Un’ incommensurabile versamento karmico nel conto in banca del destino

A lifetime investment that can never depreciate, even into the afterlife
C’est un investissement de toute une vie qui ne peut jamais déprécier même dans l’au-delà.
Una inversión que no puede nunca despreciarse, incluso después de vivir
Un investimento di vita che non si svaluterà mai neanche dopo di essa

The true role of love is to uplift and inspire
Le véritable rôle de l’amour est d’élever et d’inspirer
El verdadero papel del amor es elevarse e inspirarse
Il vero ruolo dell’amore è di elevare ed inspirare

Infectious like a smile
Infectieux tel un sourire
Infeccioso como una sonrisa
Contagioso come un sorriso 

Like a virus of giggles
Tel un virus de gloussement
Contagioso como un virus de la risa
Come un virus della risata

Like a sweeping epidemic of laughter and joy
Tel une déferlante d’épidémie de joie et de rire
Como una expansión epidémica de la risa y el júbilo
Come un’epidemia di gioia e risa

A conscious choice everyday
Un choix conscient de tous les jours
Una consciente elección de cada día
Una scelta giornaliera consciente 

There really is only One way forwards
Il n’existe vraiment qu’une voie pour avancer
Hay realmente un único camino para avanzar
C’e’ soltanto un ‘unica via peravanzare 

Everything else, is resistance…
Après tout c’est de résister
Todo es resistencia …
Tutt oil resto é resistenza




French Version:
French translation by Yacine Himour

Rogue Memory


Nana and Poppa 1930ish

I thought I heard your voice call my name

The way I’d heard you call it

A thousand times before

Your cheerful intonation

Always reassuringly the same

But it was an echo of a ghost past, a rogue memory

For you were no where near, nor have you been

A part of my waking life for quite some considerable time unseen

Since your untimely passing

But somehow for those few brief seconds

You were right beside me as if no years of accumulation had intervened

Somehow my subconscious resuscitated you back to life

Like a lucid dream

Unable to leave the sound of your ghost behind

Slices of another time

A dialogue with a parallel paradigm


Dot to Dot

How many years did I lose?

How can I get back to that place of innocent joy?

Where my heart’s journey started

Lost inside a huge mansion of distraction

Desperately trying to fight my way out

But the front door is locked

And all the windows are barred

Running along corridor after corridor

Room after room, another world within a world

Searching for a secret passage-way, or a key

Or even a little note beside a bottle that says: ‘drink me’

For it feels like such a long time ago

Since I last saw the light of day

Breathing in the fresh airs of inspiration

That I’d almost forgotten what freedom is like

Incarcerated in this life long prison of human illusion

Where the lives of others lure you in

Distract you, seduce you, make you forget who you really are…

Although in my head, I’ve already figured out my escape a thousand times already

Where I’d go, what I’d do, who I’d be…

But upon waking I can only recall my memories vaguely

Which is the right way to go?

For all the landings, stair-wells, and corridors appear the same…

Was it right, or was it left?

Suddenly I realise the corridors are expanding, getting longer

With even more rooms and more doors, a crisis occurs

Unable to connect up the dots I fear I may never get out of here

The constellations seem to be morphing into unfamiliar shapes

And unrecognisable landscapes

Where is north?

The gaps in-between the dots seem even further apart than ever before

With no idea where the next dot is

Or even if there is supposed to be another one?

A reminder that nothing is ever what it seems

My only hope is to retrace the dots back to square one

Rewinding my life back to the beginning

To my first memories of joy

When my journey first began

Where I can reconnect with my true purpose

Suddenly new dots appear like twinkling stars of hope

Little dots connecting up the big dots, bright dots, and dim dots

Dots in-between dots, and dots on-top-of dots

Starts the ball rolling all-over-again

Recovering all those lost years, stolen moments of now

I’ve found another way

The door swings open

It’s a new dawn, and a new day


Peace Keeper

Peace Keepers

The integration of Women

As complimentary, unique and necessary

Is the mark of a civilised society

Providing protection and care, education and opportunity

Countries, nations or persons who persist in the subjugation of women

May not be considered as anything other than barbarian

And therefore underdeveloped, unable to be taken seriously

By the community, and the super-powers of the West

For ‘social exclusion’ lacks ‘emotional intelligence’

And cannot be trusted as ‘Peace Keepers’

For Peace brings prosperity

Within a nation and between nations

Negation of ones own species can only be self-defeating, ultimately

Through a fundamental refusal to evolve

And indeed is all about cultivating greater self-respect

For the more one respects oneself

The more respect and compassion one has for everyone, and everything else

Women are people too

If we are going to see real development in the world then our best investment is Women

If we are going to see real development in the world then our best investment is Women

Written in response to Channel 4’s critically acclaimed foreign affairs series ‘Unreported World’ – ‘The Making of Egypt: Sex, Mobs and Revolution’, where men are being paid to sexually harass women at political demonstrations so that they wont take part and wont have a voice, and also where young women are regularly chased down streets and gang raped because young men, (even young educated men from well off families), believe that it is their right if they cant afford to get married, blaming their sexual urges upon how young and desirable a woman looks to them :: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/unreported-world/articles/the-making-of-egypt-sex-mobs-and-revolution

And in India where women are also considered to be sexual prey as in the recent Jyoti Singh Pandey case :: Pictures of the beautiful young Joyti here ::


India gang-rape: Five suspects charged in Delhi (BBC)

Verma committee flooded with suggestions on rape (News One India)

India’s ‘rape culture’ can be changed: women authors (Hindustan Times)

Activists woe low conviction rate, long trials (Times of India)

Delhi Gang-Rape Underscores Rising Sexual Violence Against Indian Women (IB Times)

Rise in rapes across India (ZeeNews)

70% of women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime (UN report)

Some say is a legacy left behind from GandhiWomen suffer from Gandhi’s legacy :: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/jan/27/mohandas-gandhi-women-india An article from The Guardian 2010 explaining how Mohandas Gandhi held India back when it came to women’s rights – and his own behaviour around them could be bizarre

And in Palestine; Murdered in the name of Family Honour :: https://ipoem.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/palestine.jpg An article from The Guardian 2005. (And my reaction to the article at the time :: Womanifesto 2 :: https://ipoem.co.uk/2005/06/23/womanifesto-2/ )

And in the UK
2012, the Bishop of Bristol said he believes “the church will remain underdeveloped until women bishops are permitted” :: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-20572483 I believe that the Church needs to be seen to include females so that under developed nations may follow their lead and integrate their female population instead of what has become a normal practice of subjugation. Why is it OK for the West to stand by and do nothing while women are circumcised, denied education, career and vocation instead used for breeding to provide heirs (sons not daughters) who’s only purpose is a bed slave and unpaid carer / servant. How is that a life?

Beauty and innocence need to be protected
, when did it become OK to exploit it? The correct attitude towards sexuality is one of Gratitude and Tantra, a divine experience where one may experience Godliness through union, but only if the sponsoring thought for union is Love, and with consenting participants, for anything less is emotionally retarded behaviour. Yang supports Yin. If Yang subjugates Yin, Yang subjugates its own self.

One of Sri Sai Baba’s sayings is: “The health of the nation depends on the mothers” which is why nations need to care for the psychological and emotional health of women whom become all of our mothers. Emotionally, psychologically or financially distressed mothers pass on their distress, sadness, fears and neurosis, ultimately the power is with the woman, if she can gather the confidence to assert it.


One Billion Rising :: http://www.onebillionrising.org/pages/about-one-billion-rising


Write to the United Nations :: http://www.un.org/en/ copy and paste the above poem and ask them to intervene with the governments of Egypt, India, Palestine and other countries to ensure that preventative measures against sexual attack may be put into place, with consequences for those who continue to allow the attack and subjugation of women because this is 2013 and not the middle ages! It is time for change and the end of suffering.

Copy and paste the above poem and write to The Church of England – Communications Office :: http://www.churchofengland.org/media-centre/communications-office.aspx and The Vatican :: http://www.vatican.va/phome_it.htm tell them that their limited perceptions towards women and the rights of women no longer represent you, your family or your community and that its time they left subjugation behind in favour of inclusion and equality.

Write to your favorite actors and directors in Hollywood. Tell them that inuendo is no longer funny and graphic violence in the name of entertainment is not helping women in under developed countries because the consciousness of their country’s men means women are treated as throwaway products instead of people. The media is the fastest source of influence in society and needs to be utilised more responsibly. We are not without power in the reshaping or our humanistic values. Treat others as one would like to be treated oneself.

At the Vancouver Peace Summit September 2009, the Dalai Lama said something that ricocheted around the globe. He said that he is a feminist. And he opined that Western women will save the world.http://dalailamacenter.org/2009-vancouver-peace-summit/bring-summit-home

At the Vancouver Peace Summit September 2009, the Dalai Lama said something that ricocheted around the globe. He said that he is a feminist. And he opined that Western women will save the world.

The True Role of the Ego

The ego is actually a very necessary part of the personality

Which one inherits with a body

For when the ego is aligned to support ‘Higher Consciousness’ intent

It is capable of great good

As it is not a battle with the ego

It is not about transcending the ego, or conquering it

For the ego cannot be suppressed

And is required by the personality to provide a healthy balanced sense of Self

Rather it is about acquiring a better understanding of it’s true role

Which can only be achieved by embracing, befriending, taming and training the ego

As one would a toddler

For the ego is still seeking attention

So that one may acknowledge and validate it’s presence

However, what the ego requires is an ‘inner parenting’:

Grooming, in preparation of greatness

Enables the ego to align correctly and fulfil it’s true purpose

Which is to work alongside the Spiritual deity

Supporting higher-consciousness intent as manifest in the physical world

And by coming from a place of heartsupported-mind

One can move beyond the ‘I’, the personal

And when the ego is correctly aligned in this way

From beyond the perspective of the ‘I’

Focused on the unconditional, universal and the transpersonal, spiritual

Humility is activated, which is a valuable time-saving mechanism

For gratifying the ego, appearing right, being in control, having the last say

Chasing after advertising illusions, status upgrades, mimicking Hollywood role play…

These are all time-wasting distractions

While planet Earth and her inhabitants are plundered

By unsustainable consumerism, ignorance and war

More and more each day

And while the ego languishes out of balance

Seduced by the advertising aesthetic and the media

Into supporting the capitalist mentality that seeks to acquire more and more

money/ possessions/ status/ kudos and power through competition and dominion

Rather than through co-operation and compassion

It creates havoc, misery and pain through a polarised perspective of the ‘Self’

Instant gratification to the exclusion of all else

With zero understanding of how this polarised point of focus

Adversely affects everything around us

For we are all part of the macro / microcosm

We do not operate alone, we are always a part of the whole

We cannot separate ourselves from this

To try to do so, is to operate in denial

However, when ones spiritual wealth comes from within

(Rather than trying to feed it from without)

The ego can support ‘higher-consciousness’ intent to motivate the will:

The will, to will, thy Divine will: a call to serve

To implement great beneficial change and transformation as manifest

Leveraged at lightning speed

It is a very powerful tool of initiation that can activate the higher will

And when the ego is in alignment with Source-Energy’s divine intelligence

It can achieve truly amazing things!

This is the ego’s true potential.

‘Gaia is the spirit of nature, it’s another word for the Tao, if you befriend her, she protects you. She will eventually change the world and take it back from humans, because they hurt her and her children, the animals. All equations are balanced in the end, can’t wait really.’ – Stuart Wilde

Psychic Connection

Even now I can still feel when you’re thinking about me

After all this time, it beams in, slices through geographic space

Sometimes its like you’re right here in the room with me

Your thoughts are so strong

It’s even possible on occasion

That we may share the exact same memory

At the exact same time, synchronistically

A similar nostalgia, for something precious we once had

Now long gone, impossible to recreate…

Cloud Burst

You look up from behind a blind gaze

Where grey thoughts do battle

Like dark clouds gathering

In stormy collide

Weigh heavily on eye-lids laden

With worried imaginings

Riddles and codes of life, yet to be solved

Of powerful emotions, yet to be tamed

Unspoken desires hang in the air bristling with speculation

I long to see the cloud burst’s gleam

For in my head we are already dancing, laughing

In a parallel world that doesn’t yet exist

We are not confined by urban restraints

Or thoughts for the past, we are free

United spirits enjoying the unfoldment of spontaneous adventure

Your gentle strength supports my vulnerability

So that in a world of shifting sand and shadow

My doubts do not destroy me

I catch your gaze, you see me, a smile

Like a rainbow in the sky

Joy, my heart dances

Why I Write

Somewhere from within the silence of inner-calm an alchemical creative process is revealed

Like a sculptor chipping away at an idea until it says exactly what he feels

The blank page, like the slab of marble, invites, beckons, one to discover

The hidden form within the emptiness

The undiluted potential that asks to be succinctly articulated

A complex concept, thought or feeling communicated

And, as you chip away, something lovely emerges, a prize of hindsight unfolds

A hidden pearl of wisdom is unveiled, some little nugget of truth uncovered

A gift from the golden conduit of the muse

And the alchemical cosmic mystery

Both an honour and a blessing


Life’s too short to drown ones sorrows

In an ocean of regret

For whole shorelines of years

Entire coastal regions of life

Can get swept away, lost

In the salt winds of time

Though to have gained a broken heart along the way

Means that once you believed enough to try

That you championed someone

And in today’s modern world, that is indeed

A most worthy qualification

For to be able to share ones love for the world

With the world

Is a rare and special gift

It is a unique path

Of service to humanity

And an invitation

To the dance of Life

Seize the moment




Banksy CCTV

Banksy – CCTV :: http://www.banksy.co.uk

You want to be free

But there’s no way of knowing

In which direction

To keep on going

How to avoid

The Judas hawk eye

Heat seek and UV crystal ball scry

Search out the innocent and the paranoid

Tracking victim prey

Wrong place right time

For privacy parade invade

Telephoto panoramic satelite GPS/ IP

Digitally enhanced virtual spies

Who know your every move

Even before you decide

An ever expanding automated army

Of brothers in the sky

Strategically mounted

Perfectly positioned

To purposefully pry

Like flies

Pocket push button vigil

Giant fishbowl, inner third eye

Stakeout surveillance

Candy camera smile

Featured in a site specific project about surveillance on the EDF London Eye: CCTV video poem: https://youtu.be/u81BN0YKV8I

Full piece: https://youtu.be/ytxvxUYvtvg

Tate Britian

Poetry film screening and guest speaker at The Tate Britain Nov 2008


(Friday, March 4th 2005)

Come swim with me
Dive into my smile
Dance for a while
Allow yourself to be free

Can’t you see?
What you’re doing to me
Stop, turn around now and let go
Jump into the current
Go with the flow
Sweeping along effortlessly
Carries afloat

Come swim with me
Dive into my smile
Dance for a while
Allow yourself to be free

Breathe calm and slow
Inhale the sweet taste
Of this present moment
Open your heart and fly
Don’t waste
Precious time
Wondering why?
Feel real right now
Before it’s too late

Come swim with me
Dive into my smile
Dance for a while
Allow yourself to be free

Before love fades
Pales into the dusty haze
Another faint sweet memory
Lost in the forgotten maze
Labyrinth of time
Washed away
By the undulating waves
Is but a moment
A droplet
In the ocean of eternity
Sea of doubt
Emotional tides of uncertainty
Enduring bondage of the mind

Come swim with me
Dive into my smile
Dance for a while
Allow yourself to be free

My Father’s House

Like when Jesus’ parents were going frantic
Trying to find him
He was in the temple all along
But they didn’t think of looking there
As they were in ‘parent’ mode
And He said to them
‘Did you not know I would be in my father’s house?
He was awakening to his true potential
And seeking knowledge
He felt most at home in his ‘fathers house’
Is not necessarily a physical house
But a place that we carry within ourselves
Expansion often means slothing off old skins
I cannot go back
I can only go forwards
And sometimes just treading water
While I cope with my emotions
But as a soul choosing my route
Into this world of physicality
I knew before I agreed to come here
What role I would undertake
And the challenges along the way
I would encounter
And as a being of love and oneness
Passing through the veil of illusion
I knew that I had the strength within me
To keep reaching upwards
And not take things
Or other peoples’ unconsciousness
Emotional scarring is as real
As any other wound or dis-ease
But though my own healing
Other people are inspired
And so as long as I always speak my truth
And continue to walk my talk
I am in the right place at the right time
For other people to heal too
Those who aspire to heal
And those who choose to take responsibility
For their own healing
I am always guided to them
And them to me
All part of the cosmic alchemy


Love and understanding flows like blood

Being pumped through veins

Grows like roots of a tree

Sprouts like branches tickling the sky with its leaves

New neurological pathways are formed

In the brain like a criss-cross

Lattice, grid work, fine filigree

Web of shimmering auric light

Synapses firing

On all cylinders

Connectors re-connecting, re-conditioned

More powerful, healthy viral infection

Of pure, unadulterated, unconditional

Spiritual love


My smiley sun artwork with my poem ‘Shine’ to be featured on a poster exhibited on the London Underground at Baker Street Tube Station, Metropolitan Line Platform 1 (Terminus) Sept 23rd – Oct 6th, Project organised by Art Below Ltd.

Creative Cosmic Purpose

You are the Universe

I trust that The Divine Source of All Creation

Has brought Us together

For a divinely creative cosmic purpose

Musically, dance, art, poetry, healing

And spreading healing

Aiding Mother Earth

And Consciousness growth

How exciting

Through patience we will have grown

Changed, evolved for the better

Our potentials enhanced, our skills honed down

And tuned more finely into ‘Higher Purpose’

Integrated into the outward reality directly responsible

For the death and destruction of our planet, on a daily basis

Re-introduce, create balance, where needed the most

Where change can occur to enable further change

A domino effect, enlightenment, instant inspiration

Re-conditioning, re-education

How to take responsibility

How to let go of fear

Afraid to know ourselves

Like ourselves, love ourselves

Love each other, love the planet

As we would love God

Earth, the Goddess of ‘Unconditional Love’

The love of ‘The Mother’, of all other Mothers

NATURE: The Physical Manifestation of reality

Physicality of Spiritual Consciousness:

Love literally made visible

And our neglect reflects

Our lack of respect

For our ‘Inner Selves’

A lack of awareness

For the BIGGER picture

For ‘She’ is born to flourish, to always win

And ‘She’ wins through Her patience

Her ability to go with the flow

The Rhythms of Life: Fire, flood, famine

Hurricane, tornado, volcano

Earthquake, tsunami, pestilence, disease

Through in their own seasons

Leads to the harvest of the ‘material self’

But Christ consciousness, the One Source

Is always alive, electric, animated

Immortal soul life

Lives inside everyone

The awe, the wonder, the gentleness, the power

The Love and the Oneness

For we are all of ‘One’

Infinitely greater than the sum

Of our individual parts

Particles of the Cosmos

All of us

Here for a purpose

Chose to be


For a reason

Time to wake up ‘Now’, time to remember

To become an active member

Of the Human Race

A responsible species

A miracle of Nature

Reinventing itself

Through a totally response-able

Creative, decision-making process

Being real-ality

Being true to our heart-selves

And allowing others to be true

To their own individual, unique

Potential Selves too

And therefore different

Not the same

Equal rights to think for ourselves

Rights to our own processes of getting there

Everyone must get there

We are already

Because that’s where we came from

In the first place

In ‘The Beginning’

There is no end

Only a continual cycling of change

Gradual increments of evolution

Unique moments of ‘Now’

Infinite and eternal, forever more



London, December 1997

Is Not Is

In ‘The Beginning’ all there was

Was ‘The All There Is’

And ‘The All There Is’ was Knowing

But in order for ‘Knowing’

To truly know itself, experientially, and Be

(Become knowing)

It had to create ‘The All There Is Not’

(Not knowing)

In order to experience itself and not just to know…


And so in order for us to know and decide

Who we truly are


We may experience from time to time

Who we are not

For each present moment is a gift

In which to create, re-create, co-create, modify and redefine

Who we really are, would like to be, can be, are already anyway!

If only we can ‘recognise’

Our highest truest, divine human potential

Being Knowing

Knowing Beings



two types of forgiveness

I realised

in order to heal

hurts from the past

I must first forgive


for being human

Humans make mistakes

all the time

that is how they grow

and learn

and understand

then I am able to forgive


allowing myself to thank the Universe

for the gifts they bring

teaching me

the lessons of Life

resulting ultimately

in self-empowerment

(although I may not see it that way at the time)

I guess that’s why they call it ‘hindsight’

So this is why I am writing to you

prior to ‘Now’

this concept has appeared far too ridiculous

to even entertain

but by cutting you off

and not communicating

I show you my fear

my inability to forgive

let go

and move on

By forgiving myself

then you

I am able to release

painful experiences from the past

which keep me locked

into repetitive patterns

robbing me of the moment of my ‘Now’

where I plant the seeds of my future

Now I am planting healthy seeds

In fertile soil

pulling out the weeds

and throwing them onto the compost heap

of experience

Now I choose

to grow and learn

through joy

and pleasure

and empowerment

instead of trauma

and sadness

I recognise

that was only one method

of growth

that I was open to

and I forgive myself

for attracting those experiences

I forgive you

for triggering those experiences

in me

for they must first have existed within me

in order to have been triggered by you

And vice versa

I gently release

all the bitterness, resentment and anger

I once felt towards you

I release these feelings with love

I am free

we are both free

to enjoy

all the great things

this Universe has in store

for the both of us

all the things we desire

and deserve

Bat Shit Crazy

Stop What You’re Doing!


It’s OK

To be happy

As much as you like

Every little thing’s gonna be alright

Doing what you think you should

Isn’t always the way that’s right

What about the way you feel

Way deep inside

My only reality

Feelings count for me

Respect the child inside

Feels so long ago now

Like a lifetime

In the blink of an eyelid

Waking from the deepest sleep

Emerging from the inner deep

How good it is to remember

To feel alive again

And to Know

To Understand

And to Care

No longer afraid to say so

Like a warm welcome

Like a glowing smile

Love really is The Answer

Love enough to forgive

Anyone, anything

Love enough to forgive myself

For being myself

A truer freedom

An inner liberty

It’s OK to be ME!

The Warehouse

stairwell Docklands Warehouse 1988  (c) Cat Catalyst

Restrained within seasoned brick

Silence rings of voices past

A recent age is lost already

A forgotten era now becomes

The sweat of men’s fatigue wracked bodies

And the tooth-yellowed smiles

Of stubbled chins

Sombre and alone

It survives them all

A relic for the toils of mortal men


(Wednesday, January 6th 1988)

Docklands Warehouse '88



I’m sorry that I hurt you

And I realise that I did

But under my cool exterior

I’m just a mixed up little kid

I could not sort my feelings

Until it was too late

I kept you hanging on

All you could do was wait