It’s most likely that your nemesis

Was once someone who loved you dearly

But now they love you darkly

Unable to let go

They still desire to exert over you

A power and control

To destroy ones reputation

Prevent one from reaching ones goal

For sweet revenge is what they seek

Massaging the lower emotions

A short term pay off

For an instant gratification peak

But the long term cost

Is permanent excommunication

From the acknowledgment most desired

A self-perpetuating cycle

Round and round, stuck in a rut

Yet one must strive to rise

Above the quagmire of the ego

For like in a swamp

Resistance and struggle is futile

Lest one becomes the sunken gossip fuel

For the lunchtime-punchline

Pub-joke butt

The solution is to realign with the Divine

No choice now but to surrender

To the presence of Universal Love

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