Planting Seeds

Becoming whole

Calling in missing fragments of my soul

Long lost parts retrieved, reintegrated

Subconscious mind tapes updated

Sub-personalities reunited

Old inner tyrants transformed

Into inner best friends

Offering supportive inner dialogue

Instead of driving me round the bend

I can become my own inner alchemist

Time to step into my inner shaman’s shoes

Reprogramming painful old memories

That can cause the blues

My heart and my mind are now sacred spaces

Like a temple or a synagogue, special places

Where only I can decide and choose

My life’s true direction and ultimate purpose

By tapping into inner resources and tools

I am planting seeds of consciousness

Recycling good memories from the past

To work for me now, in the present and the future

I can achieve rapid progress on forward fast

Via pleasurable emotional re-association

Like key frames

In life’s great Technicolor animation

Seeds of Consciousness