Just Is

For A Reason

Love just is

And there is no reason why

It just is because

It just exists

The eternal mystery

Of life and love

Cannot be rationalized

So don’t even try

For that is the mistake

That everyone makes

True love lives

In the spontaneous intuitive

In the heart of creation

The oneness in all beings

It is the connection with the divine

And to nature

Love cannot be controlled or pigeonholed

It is unique in its infinity

Love lives

In the moment of ‘Our Now’

Pure and eternal

Unencumbered by the need judge

Or reason why

Accept the challenge

Love is a gift

From a higher source

A chance to love yourself


[More about love: https://ipoem.co.uk/1996/07/04/love-is/]

2 thoughts on “Just Is

  1. There is a simple honest innocence to physical form and Being alive.

    Honouring this innocence is a form of Love.

    Respecting ones own innocence is a form of self-love.

    It is achieved by living in the now, by staying present.

    It transcends personal love.

    No words are necessary.


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