Cloud Burst

You look up from behind a blind gaze

Where grey thoughts do battle

Like dark clouds gathering

In stormy collide

Weigh heavily on eye-lids laden

With worried imaginings

Riddles and codes of life, yet to be solved

Of powerful emotions, yet to be tamed

Unspoken desires hang in the air bristling with speculation

I long to see the cloud burst’s gleam

For in my head we are already dancing, laughing

In a parallel world that doesn’t yet exist

We are not confined by urban restraints

Or thoughts for the past, we are free

United spirits enjoying the unfoldment of spontaneous adventure

Your gentle strength supports my vulnerability

So that in a world of shifting sand and shadow

My doubts do not destroy me

I catch your gaze, you see me, a smile

Like a rainbow in the sky

Joy, my heart dances