Bread and Circus

Post-industrial London groans restlessly

Under a Lowry laden water-colour sky

Of concrete urban grey

Patiently observing the gaudy bauble of the bread and circuses

Pantheon of the minor media-celebrity, trivia, frivolous spectacle

Cements the death of a once celebrated, grandiose culture’s civic-values

Now homogenised, pulverised, diluted and perverted

Into the confectionary cabin’d-cribb’d cavity

Of society’s vacuous missing soul

Replaced with a prescribed sugar-coated illusory reality

That enslaves 80% of the populace, through a manipulative ideology

To perpetuate a false freedom, that never really existed in the first place.


A Riverbank by LS Lowry

L.S. Lowry
Bread and Circuses
Cabin’d-Cribb’d : [First coined in Shakespeare’s MacBeth 1607]

Golden Nuggets

Like following a trail of bread crumbs

Little nuggets of understanding

And inner pearls of wisdom

Are often revealed

Through a process of developing

A heightened sense of intuition

Combined with a curious nature

An inquiring mind

And a fertile imagination

All of which lead one to what appears to be

A series of fundamental universal truths

Often overlooked by society

In preference for amassing a fiscal income

Hence such visionary observations

May still exist beyond

Not only my own experiential realm of understanding

Of the human condition

But also those members of the population

Whom have obediently abided by the governing rules of the nation

Having been weened upon the business ethic from birth

After a lifetime of indoctrination

May find it hard to initiate change

Or contemplate an alternate priority

Such as humanitarian concerns and environmental preservation

Resisting growth to avoid change enforces control through limitation

And those not yet accustomed to certain levels

Of mental and emotional emancipation

Free from subliminally implanted desires and seduction of the ‘ID’

Will cling to the devil they know (old structures) at all costs

In preference of embracing the devil they don’t

Some sectors of the community will open-heartedly embrace change

Some will resist, and the rest will be ambivalent

So really only one third of the population

Will be psychologically and emotionally equipped

To deal with the collapse of the monetary system

Those still stuck in unevolved solar plexus energy

Will still try to control the situation

By force

In an effort to retain their power and authority

The solution to heart-centered choices

That include the entire spectrum of the community

I feel is only ever usually achieved

By walking a mile in another person shoes

So as to be able to extend compassion and empathy

As opposed to a self-serving, self-obsessive preoccupation

Think of it as a form of method-acting

For all anyone really wants

Is to feel understood and to be heard

Great strides forward can be made

Simply by listening

And acknowledging the needs of others

Rather than continually pretending

That they don’t matter or don’t exist

This only creates resentment and tension

Which by the nature of suppression

Will build over time

And like a pressure cooker

Be required to let off some s-s-s-steam



It’s most likely that your nemesis

Was once someone who loved you dearly

But now they love you darkly

Unable to let go

They still desire to exert over you

A power and control

To destroy ones reputation

Prevent one from reaching ones goal

For sweet revenge is what they seek

Massaging the lower emotions

A short term pay off

For an instant gratification peak

But the long term cost

Is permanent excommunication

From the acknowledgment most desired

A self-perpetuating cycle

Round and round, stuck in a rut

Yet one must strive to rise

Above the quagmire of the ego

For like in a swamp

Resistance and struggle is futile

Lest one becomes the sunken gossip fuel

For the lunchtime-punchline

Pub-joke butt

The solution is to realign with the Divine

No choice now but to surrender

To the presence of Universal Love

Now read this:


I like the reflections of myself I see

When I’m with you

That you mirror back to me

Fresh Inspiration for the way you see me

Kindly, lovingly, helps me to see too

From a different frame of mind

Perspective, point of view

A new improved self-image

Updated, previously under-rated

Gentle reminders of who I really am

And I definitely want to see

Much more of you, with the new me

For my heart feels lighter

My spirit feels brighter

For the person I want to be

In your eyes, I already am