Baobab Tree

Mr and Mrs Baobab

My friends are the Baobab trees in the park

And the breeze

That gently caresses my cheek

Some might say it is beautiful

Romantic and poetic

Except it is my sad truth

I feel more respect

For the humility of nature

The non-assuming acceptance

That’s what I like

I lay my hands

On the trunk of the Baobab tree

Fat old tree

Its bark was hot

Soaking in the sunshine

Such an amazing shape

Bulging out of the Earth

This magic earth, soil, land

Still it is a source of amazement

That seeds can grow out of the earth

Foods, flowers, trees

What an incredible source of nourishment

For all our senses

Flavour, fragrance, oxygen, sustenance

How caring is that?

All our needs catered for

And the land is the starting point

Just add water, a little sunshine, and tend well

How can mankind be so ungrateful, disrespectful?

It saddens me

Plus I am probably no better than anyone else

Each human being’s existence

Depletes the planet of Her resources

Creates waste

How can it be avoided?

In the ‘Age of Convenience’

The ‘Age of Consumerism’

What can I do, how can I help?

To open people’s eyes and ears

Let go of your fears

Find stillness and calm

Amidst the chaos of civilisation / un-civilisation


♫: Baobab Tree:

Written in Anzac Square, Brisbane, May 1998

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