Memory Lane


Tell me the good stuff, share the good times

Like filling a crystal goblet with a very fine wine

Salute, just keep the good ones alive

Forgive the rest and let them go

A weed-free garden of memories, handpicked just so

Where new seeds for new dreams may take root

Burst forth, blossom and flower, bear delicious fruit

Grow into majestic, hundred year-old oaks

Sweet memory lane’s very own tree-lined grove of hope

Where one may take a little trip from time to time

A place so sublime that the sun always shines

No choice but return to the Now with a contented smile

Ready, primed and revived

To refill and raise that crystal goblet with plenty more good times

And happy whiles


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Bathed in memories of love’s belonging

Glowing happily like stars outside my window

Near enough to touch

Seems like only yesterday

You were here with me walking

The Earth’s crust

Now merely a tiny particle

Of nostalgic memory dust

In the constellation of my youthful past

I think of all the vast lands

Whom have welcomed me to their shores

And befriended me with experiences anew

Satiating my appetite for more

I think of the hands I’ve held

And the cheeks I’ve kissed

As I pause for a moment’s silent reflection

For opportunities both seized and missed


Nellie Romelia (10th June 1913 – 5th April 1997) and
Walter John (23rd May 1910 – 6th February 1990)
Married 58 years (1932 – 1990)