City Nights


Faint strains of party music

And the sound of cheering people

Waft through the open window

Then fade and melt away into the city heat

Absorbed by the constant whirr and whine

Of traffic tales and siren wails

As the groan and grind

Of the urban machine

Clatters and clangs relentlessly

Through the sleepless summer-night

It’s motor always running

3am in New York

City-din distant rumbling

Faint honking-horns complain

Between engine-groan and motor-rev

And whoop-whoop siren wail

Night-time’s constant rattle-ho-hum

Of muted sounds merge as one, long

Quietly nestled moan

As the city rests but never sleeps

Like a watchful lioness

With one carefully slitted-eye, always open