In Plain Sight

Read more about the inner workings of the Big Four:

More than a year on, censorship muzzles stay donned

As highly questionable algorithms roll-out a blanket new-world-communism

The one-size A.I. fits all, driven by the machine-of-greed and consumerism

Trolled by fake fact-checked big-tech, that supports corporate giants such as Facebook and Google

Who were originally seeded by CIA venture start-up capital

That now sit upon-the-throne alongside Apple and Amazon

Who between them all, own everyone’s personal data and financial information

Whilst paying homage to the ‘World Health Organisation’, ‘The World Economic Forum’ and ‘The United Nations’

NGO’s that launder billions without paying a single dime

Of income tax, aka the perfectly legal swindle, broad-daylight crime

Money is the currency! And the Megacorps are more powerful now than any government, or monarchy

The self-proclaimed King of the short-term, quick-fix, instant-gratification fantasy

Seduced by the ‘god-complex’ and the ‘I want to live forever!’

No matter what the cost, or how many innocent children’s lives are marred, or lost

Or how many empires, timelines, histories, wisdoms, knowledge and faiths, have been hidden without a trace

Humanity’s collective memory of who we really are, has been forcibly erased…

But it’s time now to fight through the human-amnesia, to go-within and remember

It’s time to see beyond the illusions that keep one a prisoner

For the vibrational frequency of love and the desire to serve

Will always be the purest form-of-energy in the Universe