✩ i-Poem’s Blog is now a BOOK!

i-Poem’s Blog was the official blog of Cat Catalyst for over ten years, featuring unique and original content spanning three decades of writing and reflection, many of which were published in pamphlets, anthologies and poetry journals. Now, the Best of i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) is published as a comprehensive collection in one book, presenting 75 of the most popular titles as an epistolary novel comprised of modern verse. Both entertaining and provocative, i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) attempts to assist with the removal of the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence, via a combination of interwoven real and fictional auto-ethnographic memories that serve as a methodology for thought optimisation and as an infrastructure to challenge binary-thinking. i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) lays the foundations for a new improved paradigm that is more balanced, wholistic and supportive. As we collectively evolve and move forwards as a species, what we discover is a genuine desire to be of service to others, safe in the knowledge that service-to-others is actually ‘service-to-ones-own-self’, for all beings are One on the path of Love. I am another you. You are another me. And We are all One with the Creator. 


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