Walk Away

Walk Away

When you love someone

Whether its a family member, a friend, or a lover

You don’t measure their abuse

Because you’re constantly letting them off the hook

And forgiving them

Hoping that one day they will see the light

And turn their behaviour around

But if you keep on forgiving them

Over and over

They just think that they can walk all over you

Any time they want

That they can get away with it

That you wont complain

And that it’s acceptable

That’s why you have to respect yourself


Than they do

Otherwise you become the underdog

The whole time

Even if you take the higher ground

Because ‘Like’ attracts ‘Like’

And it will compromise you

To become just like them

So ultimately you have no choice but to walk away

Hard as it is

When you love someone

Because the only choice left is to love yourself, more

Enough at least to see the difference…

To deserve someone who shares your high standards

Love is a higher vibration

That requires wiser choices

So love someone who loves you back the same

Is the only true path to happiness



It’s most likely that your nemesis

Was once someone who loved you dearly

But now they love you darkly

Unable to let go

They still desire to exert over you

A power and control

To destroy ones reputation

Prevent one from reaching ones goal

For sweet revenge is what they seek

Massaging the lower emotions

A short term pay off

For an instant gratification peak

But the long term cost

Is permanent excommunication

From the acknowledgment most desired

A self-perpetuating cycle

Round and round, stuck in a rut

Yet one must strive to rise

Above the quagmire of the ego

For like in a swamp

Resistance and struggle is futile

Lest one becomes the sunken gossip fuel

For the lunchtime-punchline

Pub-joke butt

The solution is to realign with the Divine

No choice now but to surrender

To the presence of Universal Love

Now read this: https://ipoem.co.uk/1995/09/01/just-is/

Holiness of the Heart

Quote by John Keats

Yes, there is a holiness to the heart’s affections

When one is moved in purity and truth to love another

Or rather there ought to be a holiness

A recognition of the divine

An acknowledgment of ‘the spirit of creation’

A healthy respect for the holy union

Of two souls captured

With a mutual affection and bound

Without self consciousness to express

Such a delight of relatedness

It is still so wonderfully innocent

In an age where innocence is rapidly being obliterated by progress

In a world where nothing is sacred

And vulnerability is seen as an opportunity for exploitation

The heart’s affections then, must surely be the most sacred

In a world where nothing else is

And are to be honoured, respected and heard

For in listening to the inner whisperings of one’s heart

One may learn something more valuable and precious than gold

For to evolve through Love

Is the greatest spiritual teaching on Earth

To which one may aspire

From personal through transpersonal

To unconditional and universal

Emanating like the sun

Fostering life where previously there was none

An illumination of the soul

A massive deposit in the karmic bank account of destiny

A lifetime investment that can never depreciate, even into the afterlife

The true role of love is to uplift and inspire

Infectious like a smile

Like a virus of giggles

Like a sweeping epidemic of laughter and joy

A conscious choice everyday

There really is only One way forwards

Everything else

Is resistance

This poem was inspired by hearing an adapted version of John Keats famous statement: ‘I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of Imagination‘ that he wrote in a letter to his friend Bailey (Full letter here) in the film ‘Bright Star’, about his love affair with Fanny Braun, directed by Jane Campion.

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Come swim with me

Dive into my smile

Dance for a while

Allow yourself to be free

Can’t you see?

What you’re doing to me

Stop, turn around now and let go

Jump into the current

Go with the flow

Sweeping along effortlessly

Carries afloat

Come swim with me

Dive into my smile

Dance for a while

Allow yourself to be free

Breathe calm and slow

Inhale the sweet taste

Of this

Present moment

Open your heart

And fly

Don’t waste

Precious time

Wondering why?

Feel real

Right now

Before it’s too late…

Come swim with me

Dive into my smile

Dance for a while

Allow yourself to be free

Before love fades

Pales into the dusty haze

Another faint sweet memory

Lost in the forgotten maze

Labyrinth of time

Washed away

By the undulating waves

Is but a moment, a droplet

In the Ocean of Eternity

Sea of doubt

Emotional tides of uncertainty

Enduring bondage

Of the mind

Come swim with me

Dive into my smile

Dance for a while

Allow yourself to be free

Easter Sunday

Spring snow on daffodil hill

Today is a typically British Bank Holiday

Wet and grey

The thunder was good though

I enjoyed the sheer power of nature’s noise

Infiltrating our little worlds for a moment

I spent the day relaxing with ‘The Boyfriend’

And surrendering to the process

Of loving someone

The path the process of surrendering

Leads one along

As I had lots of things I intended to do

For myself today

On my few days off

From the treadmill of work

And as usual because he was here

And because I was unable to assert

My boundaries

Yet again, for whatever reason

Too easily distracted by sex and lounging

Of course none of it got done

I’m so hard on myself

Most of the time and I don’t even realise it

I have to remind myself that it’s OK

To not do anything on Easter Sunday

It’s a public holiday! All day!

And it’s OK for me

To take time off occasionally

From my personal agenda

A constant list of things I must do

Or should have done already, damn

In order to become a more efficient person

Achieve a better quality of lifestyle

Manifest my dreams and visions

To be better at making my life work

On all levels simultaneously

Still so hungry to improve the quality of my life

Has become my soul’s mission

And anything that distracts me

Away from this purpose

The purpose of turning my life around

And freeing myself

From the mediocre mind numbing mundane

To be the successful person

I always knew myself to be

In the first place anyway

Is seen as a threat by my subconscious

As a means of sabotaging my good efforts

And I start resenting the source of sabotage

(ie: The boyfriend)

For slowing me down and preventing me

From making the progress I desire

But it’s OK

I can be patient with myself

I’ve waited my whole lifetime already

Probably lifetimes

I can wait a little while longer

So breathe, relax

Let go of my attachments

Tell my inner tyrant

To shut the f**k up

And allow myself to receive

What is mine shall come to me

All good things in good time

I give myself my own permission

To chill on a rainy Sunday afternoon

Guilt free, with my boy watching TV

I forgive myself for not doing the washing up

Or writing to my insurance company

Or catching up with paperwork

I allow myself to enjoy this leisurely day

For which I offer my humble thanks

And appreciation


Just Friends

A Friend Is...

He looked at her through lowered lashes

Her words had somehow managed to penetrate

His impenetrable barrier of self-protection

Standing he announced that he really should be going now

As he had originally intended to do all along, of course

She was not to worry herself

The friendship would remain unaffected

By all this, no, really, he was fine

And please don’t concern yourself

Everything is still the same…

And yet it was not

A previously calm atmosphere

Had become uneasily charged in just moments

Defensive retorts were instinctively adopted

Brave attempts at salvaging a wounded ego

Maintenance of an unruffled exterior

Of paramount importance

Even though rejection and disappointment

Were becoming increasingly more uncomfortable to disguise

Complex emotions teetering dangerously

On the verge of expression

And he couldn’t risk letting her have that satisfaction


Retreat was the only immediate solace to hand

He thanked her for the lovely meal

Aware that his departure was an obvious movement

And had made for the door

Before she even had time to rise from her seat

And so, it had happened again

That fragile male ego, in reaction