Dot to Dot

How many years did I lose?

How can I get back to that place of innocent joy?

Where my heart’s journey started

Lost inside a huge mansion of distraction

Desperately trying to fight my way out

But the front door is locked

And all the windows are barred

Running along corridor after corridor

Room after room, another world within a world

Searching for a secret passage-way, or a key

Or even a little note beside a bottle that says: ‘drink me’

For it feels like such a long time ago

Since I last saw the light of day

Breathing in the fresh airs of inspiration

That I’d almost forgotten what freedom is like

Incarcerated in this life long prison of human illusion

Where the lives of others lure you in

Distract you, seduce you, make you forget who you really are…

Although in my head, I’ve already figured out my escape a thousand times already

Where I’d go, what I’d do, who I’d be…

But upon waking I can only recall my memories vaguely

Which is the right way to go?

For all the landings, stair-wells, and corridors appear the same…

Was it right, or was it left?

Suddenly I realise the corridors are expanding, getting longer

With even more rooms and more doors, a crisis occurs

Unable to connect up the dots I fear I may never get out of here

The constellations seem to be morphing into unfamiliar shapes

And unrecognisable landscapes

Where is north?

The gaps in-between the dots seem even further apart than ever before

With no idea where the next dot is

Or even if there is supposed to be another one?

A reminder that nothing is ever what it seems

My only hope is to retrace the dots back to square one

Rewinding my life back to the beginning

To my first memories of joy

When my journey first began

Where I can reconnect with my true purpose

Suddenly new dots appear like twinkling stars of hope

Little dots connecting up the big dots, bright dots, and dim dots

Dots in-between dots, and dots on-top-of dots

Starts the ball rolling all-over-again

Recovering all those lost years, stolen moments of now

I’ve found another way

The door swings open

It’s a new dawn, and a new day