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i-Poem’s Blog was the official blog of Cat Catalyst for over ten years, featuring unique and original content spanning three decades of writing and reflection, many of which were published in pamphlets, anthologies and poetry journals. Now, the Best of i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) is published as a comprehensive collection in one book, presenting 75 of the most popular titles as an epistolary novel comprised of modern verse. Both entertaining and provocative, i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) attempts to assist with the removal of the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence, via a combination of interwoven real and fictional auto-ethnographic memories that serve as a methodology for thought optimisation and as an infrastructure to challenge binary-thinking. i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) lays the foundations for a new improved paradigm that is more balanced, wholistic and supportive. As we collectively evolve and move forwards as a species, what we discover is a genuine desire to be of service to others, safe in the knowledge that service-to-others is actually ‘service-to-ones-own-self’, for all beings are One on the path of Love. I am another you. You are another me. And We are all One with the Creator. 


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✩ Kaleidoscope Memories

  • Kaleidoscope Memories
  • is FEATURED in the NEW BOOK: iPoem’s Blog (1988 – 2021) COMING SOON!
    One cannot help but bear-witness to pandemic storm-clouds-of-contagion, earthquake, volcano, fire, flood and landslide
    Ubiquitously sweeping, shaking, erupting, raging, surging, far-and-wide
    While many of the world’s leaders profess ‘geo-thermal-fracking-as-usual’ with heads buried-deep in dunes-of-denial
    And so, in the face of multiple-global-crises, one is forced to shop elsewhere for spiritual gnoses and emotional renewal
    Further afield than the aisles of neon-lit supermarket-dreams and dot-com same-day-deliveries
    Further afield than high-brow department-store life-style fantasies
    Laid out like scenes from the silver-screen in elaborate window-displays and glossy magazines
    Further than the online prime-time trailer, box-set, binge-watch seduction
    Plethora’s-of-perfectly-packaged-illusions to provide temporary-alleviation
    From the overwhelming threat of global-annihilation
    From sexist-racist, elitist-ageist denigration
    Or from rust-riddled-regrets on constant-rotation
    Mourning the ghosts of narrowly-missed, sugar-coated ships-of-desire that set-sail long-ago
    Or impossible-to-forget childhood-traumas, bereavements, divorces, augmenting serial-self-love-deficit-disorders
    Inescapable neuroses, seared into one’s psyche, branded like slaves-to-key-frame-memories
    Leaving a trail-of-distorted, aborted-destinies behind in their wake
    Yet another empty-void, full-of-emotional gaping-holes to fill as the planet is systematically plundered and destroyed
    By the addictive machine-of-consumerism, where ecological-sustainability and wellbeing is wilfully-sacrificed
    With nothing left, except the bitter-aftertaste of a forfeit-future...
    This is how we welcome 130-million new-born ‘kidults’ into the world every-year, weaned upon html and social-media
    Whose childhood-innocence and genetic-lineages were surgically-removed at birth
    Stolen by neo-narcissists ‘neath smog-filled skies, where bright-futures turned grey
    Dumbed-down by smart-technology and antidepressants
    And yet, in-spite-of-all-this, some intrinsic built-in desire to seek-out and search for truth-and-authenticity, persists
    Sends out its call like a beacon, calling upon every human-soul to awaken, to activate one’s innate inner-knowing, like a homing-device
    Beckons to journey far-beyond the comfort and safety of objects, or co-dependent relationships
    To look past the emotional barbed-wire snags-and-grazes of parental/ professional/ romantic/ societal lies and betrayal
    Or the nettle’s-sting of missed-opportunity
    In lieu of moving-forwards, towards new desires-satisfied, and revised goals-fulfilled, collectively
    For nothing stays-the-same and ‘change’ is always the one, true, ever-quickening-constant
    Henceforth, it is in the ‘unspoken-moments’ where humanity happens
    Where one quietly pieces-together water-colour-poems, sifted and fathomed from kaleidoscope-memories
    Dreaming in silent smoky-swirls and mirror-gleam sunbeams
    Peeling off rose-candy-coloured gels from the lids of one’s eyes
    Like fleshy onion-skin layers of reflective-introspection
    As one wakes from the lucid-dream-state with the revelatory-understanding
    That in a vibrational-universe-of-Energy, every thought and feeling is eternal and therefore accountable
    As non-physical energy can never die, nor expire, it can only change form
    Transformed by an awareness of one’s perennial-vibrational-offering
    Atonement through candour and a willingness to upgrade one’s most-frequent-point-of-focus
    As an integral requisite of self-care, a daily-practice
    By virtue of LOVE, whether for self, others, or Source
    Is still the purest-form-of-energy in the Multiverse.

    Updated: 29/02/2020


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