Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders

I think if one loves and accepts oneself enough

One doesn’t take the dark moments of others personally

It kind of bounces off

As you know that’s not who they really are underneath

And personal honesty isn’t necessarily a darkness either

As it takes great courage to speak ones core-truth

Rather than be a sheep, or a yes-man

Most people are sheep and yes-men

So that they wont have to risk rejection, or be different

Although if one already believes enough in oneself

Risking rejection is just filtering out what isn’t useful, or no longer serves

A sometimes-painful pruning, if one has become emotionally-attached

But never-the-less, the silver-lining makes room for something even better

Than one had before, more comparable with ‘who’ one is evolving into

In which case ones job might be, to raise the vibrational frequency

Of those around, and how to wake people up, break their gaze

From staring at themselves so intently

In the mirror of self-obsessive introspection

Is not necessarily by being sweet

For brutal honesty can be an unwelcome on-the-spot light

An overly bright intrusive floodlight

That ruffles the feathers of the comfort-zone

Revealing a vulnerable chink in years of carefully crafted armour

Designed to protect the ego from ever remotely appearing wrong

Heaven forbid, Sacrebleu!

Instead always coming up roses, out on top

Which funnily enough, is a common shared human condition

For no matter how elevated a consciousness, lofty ideal

To which an individual may aspire

One cannot escape the pull, the lure of a human-ego

One has to continually train it, align it, work with it, and be the master of it

And that is most people’s constant recurring work

Or ultimate downfall

The snakes and ladders on the checkerboard of life

Ego and humility, strength and vulnerability

Up and down, turn around, touch the ground

In, out, shake it all about, all over the shop

And eventually back to square one…

Sometimes I forget that the reason

For peoples projections

Is because deep down they are trying to convince themselves

With sweeping statements of bravado

And so I have to be more forgiving and more patient

For if I can be more patient with myself and my own processes

I can extend this as compassion to the process of others

As figuring it out can take a few hundred thousand light years

And lifetimes…

On the curvacious path of learning

‘How to love the self’

Walk Away

Walk Away

When you love someone

Whether its a family member, a friend, or a lover

You don’t measure their abuse

Because you’re constantly letting them off the hook

And forgiving them

Hoping that one day they will see the light

And turn their behaviour around

But if you keep on forgiving them

Over and over

They just think that they can walk all over you

Any time they want

That they can get away with it

That you wont complain

And that it’s acceptable

That’s why you have to respect yourself


Than they do

Otherwise you become the underdog

The whole time

Even if you take the higher ground

Because ‘Like’ attracts ‘Like’

And it will compromise you

To become just like them

So ultimately you have no choice but to walk away

Hard as it is

When you love someone

Because the only choice left is to love yourself, more

Enough at least to see the difference…

To deserve someone who shares your high standards

Love is a higher vibration

That requires wiser choices

So love someone who loves you back the same

Is the only true path to happiness