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i-Poem’s Blog was the official blog of Cat Catalyst for over ten years featuring unique and original content spanning three decades of writing and reflection, many of which were published in pamphlets, anthologies and poetry journals. Now for the first time in 33 years, 75 titles are presented together as a comprehensive collection in one volume entitled:
i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) by Cat Catalyst. iPoem’s blog will continue as a small independent publishing press for limited edition print runs of Artists Books.

Cat Catalyst is a London born book-artist, designer, writer, author, poet, performer, curator, researcher, and leading edge thinker, with a particular interest in visual art and the spoken word as a resource to assist with the removal of the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence, so that everyone can awaken to the energetic sinusoidal vibrational frequency of love, that it exists, is real and available to all.

Cats previous Artist Book entitled: ‘Sequence‘ was acquired by the Special Collections of Artist’s Books at The Wellcome Library | The Women’s Art Library | The British Library | PAGES Artist’s Book Collective @ the Tetley Arts Centre. Cat has also written occasional articles for the British Library’s ‘Artists Books Now’ events, and is published in The Blue Notebook and the Book Arts News Letter. Previous poetic works have been featured at Late at TateThe London Eye and  Art on the London Underground at Baker Street Tube.

Cat inherited the surname of ‘Catalyst’ in the early 1990’s due to organising a series of Arts and Wellbeing events (of the same name), in London, UK and also in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. The purpose of these events was to raise an awareness of environmental issues through the creative use of recycled materials, promoting a sense of communal cohesion, whilst providing the artists and designers with a platform for their work, which Cat has been doing on and off ever-since.

The dictionary definition of a ‘Catalyst’ is: ‘an agent of change and transformation which does not become changed in the process’ thus enabling the retainment of one’s authenticity in order to serve as a conduit for universal truth and stay true to the muse of inspiration.

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BELOW are a few examples of previous spoken word projects:
>> 2018 Published in The Book Arts News Letter 120
>> 2018 Published in The Book Arts News Letter 119
>> 2018 Book Arts Shows @ Camberwell
>> 2018 Abnormal @ Chelsea College of Arts
>> 2018 Xhibit 2018 @ Bermondsey Project Space
>> 2016 Do What The Robot Says
>> 2016 The Solstice Project
>> 2015 Blyth Gallery – Imperial College
>> 2013 Cat Catalyst interview in Tuck Magazine
>> 2012 iVend – installation piece
>> 2011 The EDF London Eye – alternative audio guide
>> 2008 The Tate Britain – Poetry Film screening and guest speaker
>> 2007 The London Underground – A0 Poster
>> 2007 Campaign Against Arms Trading (C.A.A.T.) – fundraiser compilation CD

For more recent work please visit catcatalyst.co.uk

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