Part 21st century troubadour and part artistic chameleon, Cat has created a hypnotic poetic vision that is quite literally a spiritual call to arms.”

Welcome to the personal blog of CAT CATALYST. Although I am known on the London poet scene as a spoken word performer, I am also designer, installation artist, book-artist, writer, author, curator and advocate for the natural world. My particular interest is in the redemptive potential of art, installation and the spoken-word to activate, elevate and accelerate human-consciousness. My work attempts to serve as a methodology for thought optimisation and as an infrastructure to challenge binary-thinking, whilst simultaneously attempting to ‘remove the blocks to an awareness of Love’s Presence’.

My latest collection: Now is the New Now contains 80 of the best titles selected from over three hundred posted on iPoem’s Blog since it’s launch in 2012. For obvious reasons only 10 of the 80 titles featured in the book are still available on this site. (See ‘My Book‘ in the above menu). I hope that those who are new to my work may get to know the me through my words.

PLEASE NOTE: that despite working hard on a piece before posting to this blog, the very act of making it public begins the real alchemical creative process for me, whereupon it can take up to a week after posting, sometimes two, and on rare occasions even a month or so, to sculpt, refine and edit a piece into shape, (depending upon the complexity of the esoteric concepts held within it). Therefore, your patience with this creative process as it unfolds and as I work with the muse of inspiration to perfect it, also with adding links to resources and additional material, is very much appreciated. Please do keep stopping by to check the latest revisions ❤

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