I’ve been thinking about

What that gospel-Jesus-taxi-guy said

On the way to the airport

He quoted “I Am The Way and The Light”

I resisted being converted

But the debate was highly interesting

And I think that Jesus really did exist

He was just some guy who was way ahead of his time

Perhaps what He can best demonstrate

If one chooses

Is how to truly know one’s self

Open to one’s ‘Higher-Self’

Entering into a relationship with ‘Him’

Is really entering into a relationship with the Christ-Consciousness Self

For then ‘He’ lives on resurrected within

A shining example of one’s own true potential

Power, without ego

Strength, without force

Humility, without weakness

The influence of this one man transformed the history of the Earth

Imagine one Jesus in every nation around the world

Imagine ten Jesus-es in every city, in every nation

Imagine the potential for global transformation

Enlightenment and emotional evolution

Would effect everyone

But whatever works for you

Or gets you through

And is a uniquely personal one to one


Written in Sydney, Australia, September 2000