The Solstice Project


A sunny disposition radiates from deep inside one’s heart

Like a beautiful beaming ball of fire

Whose warmth can melt away a frown with a single smile

Impossible to take anything as personal

When one comes from an elevated position, place of unconditional love

Non-attached acceptance for all

Just like the Sun always shines, way-up high above the clouds

Heart-centered love is the rainbow’s kiss in the sky

That transforms the mundane, the monochrome-grey

Into colours that dance with laughter and joy

For ones inner-core is made from the same stuff as the Sun

We are the ‘Star-Dust Children’

Honnouring our Mother Earth, and Father Sun, daily

Shining in the gratitude of love made visible

For One Sun, One Earth, one perfect solar-system

Not forgetting the gift of life, being alive and human

One’s spiritual sunshine always begins from within

And emanates without, united in selfless compassion

For everything and everyone, as a pure self-reflection

Of One heart, One pulse, One Love, One nation



‘Inner Sun’ – written by CatCatalyst, recorded and produced by Martyn Ware at Tile Yard Studios with music composed by Gabriel Ware, especially for Charlie Morrow’s Solstice Project 2016 – June 21st


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The Second Coming

‘Immeasurable’ Residency and Exhibition Finissage @ the Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, May 2015

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The Second Coming

The second coming is not any one man, or one woman

It is the explosion of collective consciousness

When the hearts of men and women are opened and awakened

When the ability to respond (response-able) is greater than to react

When closing the door in separateness doesn’t sit well anymore

When one realises that what one does to another

Actually one does unto one’s own Self

For when one rises above the arrogance of the ego

One realises that in a Universe of infinite possibilities

Developing compassion means no longer taking anything as personal

For now the ‘I’ is no longer alone, it is a valuable member of the collect-i-ve

And the more people on the Planet there are

The more weird, wonderful and surreal

Everyone’s projections / reflections are gonna get

One is going to have no choice but to open to one’s divine human potential

Because the pain of staying the same will be greater than that of change

It is humanity’s destiny to evolve

As a species

Beyond the comfort zone

To awaken to the God / Goddess Self

To open to ones inner Buddha, Allah, Shiva/Shakti, Jehova, Krishna, Christ

Inspirational role models who demonstrated by example

How to work together to heal the self, each other, the Planet

How to redefine beliefs, change perspective, forgo judgments

Allow for emotional, psychological and spiritual evolution

Love and accept the unlovable within the self and each other

Forgiveness, everyday!

For no one person is free until we all are

And consciousness is a choice

Like a Yes or a No

As simple as binary

To a one from a zero

From an off to an On

Like a chain of dominoes

A viral infection

Of enlightenment

A colossal global cognition

Of conscious understanding integrated into Being

Integrated into our everyday choices

Training the ego, the mind and the heart

To align as one

Takes time and practice

But it can and shall be done

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Sacred Mirror

'One' by Alex Grey

‘One’ by Alex Grey

Being a ‘sacred mirror’

Is being able to see the God and the good

In all people


So that ones sponsoring thought towards another, each other

Is always Loving

As a reflection of ones own self-love and self-care

Which can then be extended to all beings, all creatures and all plant life

In order to become co-curators and protectors of our beautiful Planet Earth

For we are all holographic fragments of the ‘All There Is’

And the All There Is

Is One Love….

Even if you can’t see it, or feel it, that’s what you are

A little piece of Love

And opening to this understanding

Opens one up to self-compassion

In turn opens one to Universal-compassion

And is ones true purpose for being here

To open to ones divine-loving-human-potential

In spite of how one might feel about oneself right now

In spite of what other people may have done

For the forgiving of ignorance, either of others, or ones own

Is all about letting go

Letting go of past judgements and condemnation

Letting go in the spirit of forgiveness

Makes room for a new improved reality

Keeps one free from buying into negativity

From being sucked in, from limiting oneself

And this is the real meaning of ‘turning the other cheek

Forgiveness is choosing the path of Love over all other paths

Rising above the lower emotions to honour the call of compassion, no matter what

Because no one is a sheep, everyone is as unique as a snow flake, a leaf, a finger print

A part of the abundant-infinite, God-source of all creation, with the gift of choice and free will

To choose ‘Love‘, to follow the ‘divine’ example

For life on this amazing Planet is our mother/father God Source’s gift of Love to Us

So Love yourself, Love each other and Love the Planet

Enjoy, share in the care, and give thanks everyday

Is the only way

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders

I think if one loves and accepts oneself enough

One doesn’t take the dark moments of others personally

It kind of bounces off

As you know that’s not who they really are underneath

And personal honesty isn’t necessarily a darkness either

As it takes great courage to speak ones core-truth

Rather than be a sheep, or a yes-man

Most people are sheep and yes-men

So that they wont have to risk rejection, or be different

Although if one already believes enough in oneself

Risking rejection is just filtering out what isn’t useful, or no longer serves

A sometimes-painful pruning, if one has become emotionally-attached

But never-the-less, the silver-lining makes room for something even better

Than one had before, more comparable with ‘who’ one is evolving into

In which case ones job might be, to raise the vibrational frequency

Of those around, and how to wake people up, break their gaze

From staring at themselves so intently

In the mirror of self-obsessive introspection

Is not necessarily by being sweet

For brutal honesty can be an unwelcome on-the-spot light

An overly bright intrusive floodlight

That ruffles the feathers of the comfort-zone

Revealing a vulnerable chink in years of carefully crafted armour

Designed to protect the ego from ever remotely appearing wrong

Heaven forbid, Sacrebleu!

Instead always coming up roses, out on top

Which funnily enough, is a common shared human condition

For no matter how elevated a consciousness, lofty ideal

To which an individual may aspire

One cannot escape the pull, the lure of a human-ego

One has to continually train it, align it, work with it, and be the master of it

And that is most people’s constant recurring work

Or ultimate downfall

The snakes and ladders on the checkerboard of life

Ego and humility, strength and vulnerability

Up and down, turn around, touch the ground

In, out, shake it all about, all over the shop

And eventually back to square one…

Sometimes I forget that the reason

For peoples projections

Is because deep down they are trying to convince themselves

With sweeping statements of bravado

And so I have to be more forgiving and more patient

For if I can be more patient with myself and my own processes

I can extend this as compassion to the process of others

As figuring it out can take a few hundred thousand light years

And lifetimes…

On the curvacious path of learning

‘How to love the self’

Love Is

Love is the energy

That holds everything together

The glue of the Universe

By loving ourselves

We may learn to recognise

The divinity in all things

In all beings

All creatures

And all plant life

For we are all divine expressions of The Source

We ARE The Source

We already have the power

To transmute all negative energy into positive

All war into peace

All hate into love


By recognising

The divinity within Ourselves

For we are all divine expressions of The Source

We are ONE

Although individuals

We are from the same source of creation

Infinite beings

Squashed into tiny little bodies

Incarnated onto Earth

So that the source may KNOW itself

Know itself, by loving itself

Love is letting go of fear

Love is non-attached giving

Love is freedom

It does not mean being in a ‘relationship

It means: ‘The Source, loving itself

Through infinite manifestations of itself’

Love is life

Love IS!

Written in East London, July 1996


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Just Is

For A Reason

Love just is

And there is no reason why

It just is because

It just exists

The eternal mystery

Of life and love

Cannot be rationalized

So don’t even try

For that is the mistake

That everyone makes

True love lives

In the spontaneous intuitive

In the heart of creation

The oneness in all beings

It is the connection with the divine

And to nature

Love cannot be controlled or pigeonholed

It is unique in its infinity

Love lives

In the moment of ‘Our Now’

Pure and eternal

Unencumbered by the need judge

Or reason why

Accept the challenge

Love is a gift

From a higher source

A chance to love yourself


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Stop What You’re Doing!


It’s OK

To be happy

As much as you like

Every little thing’s gonna be alright

Doing what you think you should

Isn’t always the way that’s right

What about the way you feel

Way deep inside

My only reality

Feelings count for me

Respect the child inside

Feels so long ago now

Like a lifetime

In the blink of an eyelid

Waking from the deepest sleep

Emerging from the inner deep

How good it is to remember

To feel alive again

And to Know

To Understand

And to Care

No longer afraid to say so

Like a warm welcome

Like a glowing smile

Love really is The Answer

Love enough to forgive

Anyone, anything

Love enough to forgive myself

For being myself

A truer freedom

An inner liberty

It’s OK to be ME!