The True Role of the Ego

The ego is actually a very necessary part of the personality

Which one inherits with a body

For when the ego is aligned to support ‘Higher Consciousness’ intent

It is capable of great good

As it is not a battle with the ego

It is not about transcending the ego, or conquering it

For the ego cannot be suppressed

And is required by the personality to provide a healthy balanced sense of Self

Rather it is about acquiring a better understanding of it’s true role

Which can only be achieved by embracing, befriending, taming and training the ego

As one would a toddler

For the ego is still seeking attention

So that one may acknowledge and validate it’s presence

However, what the ego requires is an ‘inner parenting’:

Grooming, in preparation of greatness

Enables the ego to align correctly and fulfil it’s true purpose

Which is to work alongside the Spiritual deity

Supporting higher-consciousness intent as manifest in the physical world

And by coming from a place of heartsupported-mind

One can move beyond the ‘I’, the personal

And when the ego is correctly aligned in this way

From beyond the perspective of the ‘I’

Focused on the unconditional, universal and the transpersonal, spiritual

Humility is activated, which is a valuable time-saving mechanism

For gratifying the ego, appearing right, being in control, having the last say

Chasing after advertising illusions, status upgrades, mimicking Hollywood role play…

These are all time-wasting distractions

While planet Earth and her inhabitants are plundered

By unsustainable consumerism, ignorance and war

More and more each day

And while the ego languishes out of balance

Seduced by the advertising aesthetic and the media

Into supporting the capitalist mentality that seeks to acquire more and more

money/ possessions/ status/ kudos and power through competition and dominion

Rather than through co-operation and compassion

It creates havoc, misery and pain through a polarised perspective of the ‘Self’

Instant gratification to the exclusion of all else

With zero understanding of how this polarised point of focus

Adversely affects everything around us

For we are all part of the macro / microcosm

We do not operate alone, we are always a part of the whole

We cannot separate ourselves from this

To try to do so, is to operate in denial

However, when ones spiritual wealth comes from within

(Rather than trying to feed it from without)

The ego can support ‘higher-consciousness’ intent to motivate the will:

The will, to will, thy Divine will: a call to serve

To implement great beneficial change and transformation as manifest

Leveraged at lightning speed

It is a very powerful tool of initiation that can activate the higher will

And when the ego is in alignment with Source-Energy’s divine intelligence

It can achieve truly amazing things!

This is the ego’s true potential.

‘Gaia is the spirit of nature, it’s another word for the Tao, if you befriend her, she protects you. She will eventually change the world and take it back from humans, because they hurt her and her children, the animals. All equations are balanced in the end, can’t wait really.’ – Stuart Wilde

Creative Cosmic Purpose

You are the Universe

I trust that The Divine Source of All Creation

Has brought Us together

For a divinely creative cosmic purpose

Musically, dance, art, poetry, healing

And spreading healing

Aiding Mother Earth

And Consciousness growth

How exciting

Through patience we will have grown

Changed, evolved for the better

Our potentials enhanced, our skills honed down

And tuned more finely into ‘Higher Purpose’

Integrated into the outward reality directly responsible

For the death and destruction of our planet, on a daily basis

Re-introduce, create balance, where needed the most

Where change can occur to enable further change

A domino effect, enlightenment, instant inspiration

Re-conditioning, re-education

How to take responsibility

How to let go of fear

Afraid to know ourselves

Like ourselves, love ourselves

Love each other, love the planet

As we would love God

Earth, the Goddess of ‘Unconditional Love’

The love of ‘The Mother’, of all other Mothers

NATURE: The Physical Manifestation of reality

Physicality of Spiritual Consciousness:

Love literally made visible

And our neglect reflects

Our lack of respect

For our ‘Inner Selves’

A lack of awareness

For the BIGGER picture

For ‘She’ is born to flourish, to always win

And ‘She’ wins through Her patience

Her ability to go with the flow

The Rhythms of Life: Fire, flood, famine

Hurricane, tornado, volcano

Earthquake, tsunami, pestilence, disease

Through in their own seasons

Leads to the harvest of the ‘material self’

But Christ consciousness, the One Source

Is always alive, electric, animated

Immortal soul life

Lives inside everyone

The awe, the wonder, the gentleness, the power

The Love and the Oneness

For we are all of ‘One’

Infinitely greater than the sum

Of our individual parts

Particles of the Cosmos

All of us

Here for a purpose

Chose to be


For a reason

Time to wake up ‘Now’, time to remember

To become an active member

Of the Human Race

A responsible species

A miracle of Nature

Reinventing itself

Through a totally response-able

Creative, decision-making process

Being real-ality

Being true to our heart-selves

And allowing others to be true

To their own individual, unique

Potential Selves too

And therefore different

Not the same

Equal rights to think for ourselves

Rights to our own processes of getting there

Everyone must get there

We are already

Because that’s where we came from

In the first place

In ‘The Beginning’

There is no end

Only a continual cycling of change

Gradual increments of evolution

Unique moments of ‘Now’

Infinite and eternal, forever more



London, December 1997

Is Not Is

In ‘The Beginning’ all there was

Was ‘The All There Is’

And ‘The All There Is’ was Knowing

But in order for ‘Knowing’

To truly know itself, experientially, and Be

(Become knowing)

It had to create ‘The All There Is Not’

(Not knowing)

In order to experience itself and not just to know…


And so in order for us to know and decide

Who we truly are


We may experience from time to time

Who we are not

For each present moment is a gift

In which to create, re-create, co-create, modify and redefine

Who we really are, would like to be, can be, are already anyway!

If only we can ‘recognise’

Our highest truest, divine human potential

Being Knowing

Knowing Beings