Come On


Take me on you bastards

I’m gonna take your money

Before you’ve even started!

And your life

And your wife

Pop will eat itself

Left on the shelf-life

Of expiry

Half-baked has beans

Next to the cereal entrepreneur

Failure and success

They don’t care

Risk addicts

Thrill and dare

Is worth the stakes

Have got what it takes

Go for the reward

The high-rise prize

Be the best

The millionaire mind

Lateral solutions

Think outside the box

Forget the mobile phone

The computer

The children

61% put money, mortgage and loan

Before relationship, marriage

And family home

Workaholics, 61 hours a week

No time to listen

To the beating heart

Surmounting failure

Is another invitation

To try again

Be the risk taker

Never giving up

But what about

The millionaire mind

Of the spiritual kind

Pure gold

Follow your heart

Find your joy

Work for yourself

Become a pioneer

Lead the team

Building the roman road

Paving the way

For others

Whom we may one day

Might meet, know, or love


From the heart

Open heart

Soul love

Finding the connection

It’s not about ego

Is not about control

Or manipulation

Or changing someone

To fit your ideal

It’s about acceptance



Across the nation

♫: Come On:

This track is currently featured alongside DJ Spooky, Zion Train, Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Levellers, Cyriak and others, on a free music compilation CD with the anti-war comicbook: ‘War – The Human Cost’, from Paper Tiger Comix. Limited Edition of 750 Hand-Numbered Copies. £1 of every book sold goes to CAAT (Campaign Against Arms Trade).




Just Friends

A Friend Is...

He looked at her through lowered lashes

Her words had somehow managed to penetrate

His impenetrable barrier of self-protection

Standing he announced that he really should be going now

As he had originally intended to do all along, of course

She was not to worry herself

The friendship would remain unaffected

By all this, no, really, he was fine

And please don’t concern yourself

Everything is still the same…

And yet it was not

A previously calm atmosphere

Had become uneasily charged in just moments

Defensive retorts were instinctively adopted

Brave attempts at salvaging a wounded ego

Maintenance of an unruffled exterior

Of paramount importance

Even though rejection and disappointment

Were becoming increasingly more uncomfortable to disguise

Complex emotions teetering dangerously

On the verge of expression

And he couldn’t risk letting her have that satisfaction


Retreat was the only immediate solace to hand

He thanked her for the lovely meal

Aware that his departure was an obvious movement

And had made for the door

Before she even had time to rise from her seat

And so, it had happened again

That fragile male ego, in reaction