The Second Coming

The second coming is not any one man, or one woman

It is the explosion of ‘collective consciousness’

When the hearts of men and women are opened, and awakened

When the ability to respond (response-able) is greater than to react

When closing the door in separateness doesn’t sit well anymore

When one realises that what one does to another

Actually one does unto one’s own Self

For when one rises above the arrogance of the ego

One realises that in a Universe of infinite possibilities

Developing compassion means no longer taking anything as personal

For now the ‘I’ is no longer alone, is a valuable member of the collect-i-ve

And the more people on the Planet there are

The more weird, wonderful and surreal

Everyone’s projections / reflections are gonna get

One is going to have no choice but to open to one’s divine human potential

Because the pain of staying the same will be greater than that of change

It is humanity’s destiny to evolve

As a species

Beyond the comfort zone

To awaken to the God / Goddess Self

To open to ones inner Buddha, Allah, Shiva/Shakti, Jehova, Krishna, Christ

Inspirational role models who demonstrated by example

How to work together to heal the self, each other, the Planet

How to redefine beliefs, change perspective, forgo judgments

Allow for emotional, psychological and spiritual evolution

Love and accept the unlovable within the self and each other

Forgiveness, everyday!

For no one person is free until we all are

And consciousness is a choice

Like a Yes or a No

As simple as binary

To a one from a zero

From an off to an On

Like a chain of dominoes

A viral infection

Of enlightenment

A colossal global cognition

Of conscious understanding integrated into Being

Integrated into our everyday choices

Training the ego-mind and the heart

To align as one

Takes time and practice

But it can and shall be done

My Father’s House

Like when Jesus’ parents were going frantic

Trying to find him

He was in the temple all along

But they didn’t think of looking there

As they were in ‘parent’ mode

And He said to them:

‘Did you not know I would be in my Father’s house?

He was awakening to his true potential

And seeking knowledge

He felt most at home in his ‘Fathers house’

Is not necessarily a physical house

But a place that we carry within ourselves

Expansion often means slothing off old skins

I cannot go back

I can only go forwards

And sometimes just treading water

While I cope with my emotions

But as a soul choosing my route

Into this world of physicality

I knew before I agreed to come here

What role I would undertake

And the challenges along the way

I would encounter

And as a being of Love and Oneness

Passing through the veil of illusion

I knew that I had the strength within me

To keep reaching upwards

And to not take things

Or other peoples’ unconsciousness


Emotional scarring is as real

As any other wound or dis-ease

But though my own healing

Other people are inspired

And so as long as I always speak my truth

And continue to walk my talk

I am in the right place at the right time

For other people to heal too

Those who aspire to heal

And those who choose to take responsibility

For their own healing

I am always guided to them

And them to me

All part of the cosmic alchemy



I’ve been thinking about

What that gospel-Jesus-taxi-guy said

On the way to the airport

He quoted “I Am The Way and The Light”

I resisted being converted

But the debate was highly interesting

And I think that Jesus really did exist

He was just some guy who was way ahead of his time

Perhaps what He can best demonstrate

If one chooses

Is how to truly know one’s self

Open to one’s ‘Higher-Self’

Entering into a relationship with ‘Him’

Is really entering into a relationship with the Christ-Consciousness Self

For then ‘He’ lives on resurrected within

A shining example of one’s own true potential

Power, without ego

Strength, without force

Humility, without weakness

The influence of this one man transformed the history of the Earth

Imagine one Jesus in every nation around the world

Imagine ten Jesus-es in every city, in every nation

Imagine the potential for global transformation

Enlightenment and emotional evolution

Would effect everyone

But whatever works for you

Or gets you through

And is a uniquely personal one to one


Written in Sydney, Australia, September 2000