Ocean of Eternity

Ocean of Eternity

Now I know what I need

Through bothering to pay attention

Through learning the hard way

Through experience transformed

Into Understanding

That’s why we appear to be

Bystanders to experiences

That are not ours

To collect the prize of hindsight

Which comes at the end of a cycle

Completion contributes

To our being able to practice

The art of non-attachment

Attachment to our Emotions

Our Situations

Our Circumstances

Our Loved ones

Our Country

Our Jobs

Our Life Style

Our Life…

Then and only then

Can we appreciate

That we are only here

For a very short period of time

A droplet in the ‘Ocean of Eternity’

And that each and every moment is precious

In the process of evolution

The evolution of ‘Knowing and Being’

Part of the whole

Divine Source of All Creation

Right here right now

Are One


Stepney, Dec 1997

2 thoughts on “Ocean of Eternity

  1. life is a challenge at every stage of our life, even for those who have climbed the Mt. Everest, would not be able to climb over their own ego, and prejudice.


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