Smart City


Today’s ‘Smart City’ is where training and education

Is no longer about following one’s true vocation

But somehow has became all about programming and conditioning

Schooled to become another brick-in-the-wall, another cog-in-the-machine

Drilled in from such an early age that money supplants religion

Where each new emerging generation

Shops til they drop, ’til they’re so far in debt

They’re trapped in a prison of desire and consumerism

Seduced by strategic product placement and subliminal advertising

Victims of a society built upon capitalism

No escape! Do not pass ‘Go’! Do not collect £200!

Do not buy a Hotel, (let alone ones own house)

In fact go straight to Jail! Caged like a wild animal

In a Zoo, that ate the bait, who swallowed the smart-sim pill

Herded along with all the other “must-do’s” and “should-have-done’s”

On the road to ‘Blandsville‘ in downtown ‘Homogenisation

Complete abdication of one’s ability to critically think for oneself, or distill information

From womb-to-tomb and into self-annihilation…

Light My Fire

Joan Crawford and Clark Gable

I just can’t waste anymore time playing along

Buying into someone else’s half-cocked illusion

In the hope that one day, they just ‘might’ wake up and see

All my inner beauty shining so very brightly

So until then, pleeeease just walk on by — Bye!

And don’t waste anymore of my precious time, or distract me

Cos I don’t wanna be the object of your desire

And I don’t care to be a muse for you to admire

And I’m not interested in your paranoid vanity

I just don’t give a tiny rat’s ass

What you, or anyone else thinks about me, I’d rather pass

‘Cos if something about me makes you feel insecure

Then that’s just highlighting areas where

YOU need to love YOURSELF MORE!

So C’mon baby, hunny-bun, sweet-cheeks, sugar-plum

If you really want to light my fire

Then the quickest way is to jump right in and INSPIRE!

Because I’m not impressed by insecure jealousy

What I want is spiritual intelligence and emotional maturity

Working collaboratively to raise the collective vibrational frequency of humanity

Is the only stimulating, proactive way forwards for me

So honey, don’t just talk-the-talk, WALK the-freaking-talk!

You great big fluff-ball of a PUSSY!