Sky Dancer

First and foremost a woman’s true identity

Is as ‘a direct-extension-of-Source-Energy

She is not her body, she is an immortal spiritual being

Of energy, frequency and vibration

And her body is her avatar, vehicle, chassis, envelope-for-a-soul

Necessary to experience a temporal journey in this world

And although equipped with a womb; a magical portal

Through which aether is alchemised into matter

Delivering avatars in-one’s-own-likeness

May not necessarily be one’s primary point-of-focus

Unless this process assists one to become

A master-of-alignment with source-energy

As a descendant from the supreme abode beyond the aetheric-regions

Reconstituted into organic corporeity

As part of a never-ending journey-of-expansion

Having undertaken an epochal fall from grace

Somersaulting through the seven heavens

And seven hundred thousand stairways

Crashing head first through the balustrades

Screaming blue murder, as oxygen invades the airways

Landing on the Holodeck of the earth-plane

Without wearing so much as a stitch

Having had one’s wings clipped

Rendered somewhat dazed and confused, post-expulsion from the womb

Forgetful of who one was, before one came to be here

Imbued with a dreamlike amnesia

Interspersed with inexplicable feelings of Déjà vu

With but two forms of avatar from which to choose

And although male and female avatars are dissimilar

They are for the most part complimentary

Having been drawn-into-being, by God’s own pair-of-compasses

The two dividers representing the polarity-of-duality

The interplay between the atom and the electron

The Adam and the Eve-ning Star

And, the radial-interval in-between supplies traction and dynamism

Holding-the-space, to begin the circular dance-of-perfection

Revealing the invisible spiritual energetic realm of the divine sacred feminine

The unseen quantum Dakini-wisdom of the Sophia, operating behind-the-scenes

Anchored and grounded by the Christos; the divine sacred masculine

And when these two twins-of-creation work together in cooperation

In service of the divine, their devotion is bestowed with a golden key

Unlocking codes to auxiliary dimensional realms of extreme elegance and beauty

Existing beyond time, space and memory

Becoming so much more than either one could have ever dreamed of being before, operating separately as individuals

For when two polaric masters-of-alignment choose to unite, blossoming with potential

Their inner-non-physical components of energy, frequency and vibration are exponentially amplified, magnified

For although mortal bodies may differ, or even appear inadequate

The immortal inner-substance remains ever-constant

In addition to a biological outer-envelope, chassis, vehicle, avatar, container

That walks upon an earthly-plane beneath a spangly planisphere

One’s avatar merely influences the nature of one’s corporeal conjecture

Upon this particular densely-packed, molecular journey-of-adventure

Accumulating insightful knowledge and inner-standing

Diligently raising one’s vibrational-offering, energetic signature

In spite-of-oneself and the entire spectral range of human emotion

For one can only be here, now, alive and breathing in this domain

As a direct-extension of god-source-energy

Wherefore, we are all energetic-extensions of each other, essentially

And so as an infinite-being of remote-consciousness

One is so much more than a mere meat-suit

And so much more than one’s earthly experiences too

For being here is what connects us all as One

And is why everyone has a divine sovereign right to be here, that is equal

Not lesser and not greater

For All Is Source

And all is vibration ✩

© i-PL2022

William Blake: The Ancient of Days: 1794
The Aquarian Age Woman: Reclaiming the Divine Feminine: Interview with Cat Catalyst

Wolfgang Smith, author of The Quantum Enigma, was born in Vienna in 1930, and identified the Achilles-heel of the mathematical world of physics. What he discovered was that reducing the world into terms of ‘Quantity’ is a left brain overly masculine reductionist approach to science, in the absence of considering the divine feminine: Watch the 2020 documentary here:

The End of Quantum Reality (Documentary, 2020):

The Alchemist

We all have no choice now but to mentally keep broadcasting Faith, Trust and Confidence, up-front, 24-7!

Resolutely and unwaveringly, relinquishing any desire for outer-validation

For, as a ministry-of-immortal spiritual-beings of energy, frequency and vibration

In an electromagnetic-world of sinusoidal waves, pulses and oscillations

It is our authentically-aligned combined emanations

Projected from the epicenter of our heart-supported minds

That will collectively summon forth new improved, more palatable paradigms

Maintaining strength-of-conviction in the desired preferential outcome

For every thought, feeling and belief one has ever had, is magnetic! With powers-of-attraction

Summoning one’s Now reality merely as an outer-reflection

Of an inner-resonance, habitually refined and alchemised through the re-orientation

Of one’s primary focus-of-attention

Rooted firmly in the present moment, whereupon

One may exercise one’s fertile imagination

Employing the tools of creative visualisation

And inspirational positive affirmations

Fully reacquainted with one’s inner-child

Where the magic of playful innocence resides

Becoming ever more conscious

Of one’s most frequent-point-of-focus

Regularly paying one’s respects to Mother Mary Magnetism

In order to ascend Jacob’s ladder and the stairway to heaven

Via the raising of the chrism through the thermometer of the spinal column

Resulting in the opening of the third-eye and the illumination of the cerebellum

Gateway to the supreme kingdom

And an invitation to another realm of inner-standing

Paving the way for spiritual blessings

Bidding farewell to self-doubt and second guessing

Confidently accessing the hidden non-physical realms of the Divine Sacred Feminine

Initiating a new unparalleled Golden Age, of loving compassion

Fully inclusive and all-encompassing

Comprised of profoundly aligned and awakened individuals

Whom have literally harnessed the power of their minds to create miracles

Accessing inter-dimensional portals and luminary beings

As mentors for higher formalities and methodologies for improved living

Extracting the golden Solar Christic force-of-initiation

From deep inside the ego’s leaden volcanic mountain

For we are each of us, master-alchemists and magicians

Spiritualising the Lamb of Gnosis, choosing the path of love’s infinite wisdom

Surrendering all egoic machinations and designs

Leaving the rest up to the Will of the Divine. ✩