✩ Calibrate

This piece originally started out as a slide presentation of my Artists and Poet’s Vision statement, which I posted back in 2015 however it has now expanded into what I call an ‘Info-Poem’. I use my info-poems as teaching-aids to synthesise and communicate complex spiritual and philosophical concepts, in small, easy-to-digest chunks. The purpose is to assist with removing the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence, which is omnipresent and available to all.


My objective is to extend an invitation to commit

To the communication of wellbeing, self-love, inner-peace and connectivity

So that in the face of corporate-greed and surmounting state-austerity

Where the quarterly profit-margin

Is prioritised over-and-above family, community, human-dignity and environmental-sustainability

One can offer a healthy comparison

By engaging in right-brain activities

That reconnects an individual with a sense of innocence, humour and play

In order to rediscover and form, new neurological-pathways

For according to American Neuroanatomist and Author: Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor

In this way, one can choose to: Step to the right of one’s left-hemisphere

At any given moment in time, in order to run the: Deep inner-peace circuitry

That is characteristic of aligning with one’s right-mind

And in the words of Vietnamese Peace Activist and Buddhist Monk: Thích Nhất Hạnh: ‘Peace is every step’

However, in order to walk a path of ‘mindfulness’, where both the left-and-right hemispheres cooperate together, as a whole-mind

One must notice the quality of one’s most-frequent-point-of-focus over time

As this is the true sense, of the co-joining, dovetailing-union between ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’

For Yin-and-Yang is not something ‘out there’, these qualities exist within one’s own cranium

It is the perpetual dance of duality and polarity, unity and separation

Within the-self, and between our-selves, a continual interplay

As one starts to understand that one is far more than one’s body, or anything that one can see

And in-fact, one’s primary identity consists mainly of non-physical energy, 

For everyone who is alive on Planet Earth is also a ‘direct-manifested-extension-of-Source-Energy’

And this loving spiritual-energy is something that we share

With all other humans and living-beings, everywhere

Assisting one to move beyond old-limiting programming, no-longer identifying

With divisive stereotypical-labels such as: gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, marital-status, disability, salary, occupation, postcode, elitism, status, popularity…

For everyone but everyone, is an Eternal-Being-of-Energy

On a never-ending-journey of expansion

Learning how to become a master-of-alignment with Source-Energy

An understanding, that automatically facilitates: self-love, humility and compassion

For all sentient beings


Training of one’s mind to focus upon

Ones inner-sensory alignment with Source-Energy

And one’s own inner-extension

Can raise one’s energetic-signature, that one happens to be broadcasting 24-7

By paying particular attention, to what one believes, thinks and feels

As one’s thoughts, emotions, desires and belief-systems are like energy-fields

Energy that conjures one’s now-reality as an ongoing-process

And by consciously-upgrading the quality of one’s most-frequent-point-of-focus

One can raise the calibre of one’s habitual-vibrational-offering

For one’s thoughts and emotions are continually summoning

Like-for-like experiences, via something called: Law-of-Attraction

So, by consciously choosing to change the nature of one’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs

It is totally possible to irreversibly transform the course of one’s life in perpetuum

Conjuring the realities most desired, by focusing on feelings of alignment and repletion

Unity with Source-Energy, facilitates fulfilment and satisfaction

Separation from Source-Energy, leads to feelings of anxiety, fear and doubt

Therefore, in order for humanity to evolve collectively

One must engage both-sides-of-one’s-brain, equally

Not one, to the exclusion of the other, but both

As these are the lenses that help one to develop emotional-intelligence

To rebalance the scales of expansion and resistance

To integrate the dual-perspectives of the personal, as part of the collective

The ‘I Am’, as a worthy part of the ‘Whole’, and the ‘We are all-here-now-and-in-this-together’

And maybe this is the real reason for why humanity has so-far failed-to-evolve, beyond the-multiplicity-of-the-ego

And for why humans appear to be making exactly-the-same mistakes, with regards to conflict, war, self-importance, power, greed and control

Just as they were hundreds and thousands, even millions of years ago

Decisions that led to the extinction of entire civilisations

Because the decision-making process of most leader’s is still dominated by the same left-brained, single-minded, self-orientated, misaligned, untrained lens-of-the-ego

That perceives information solely from a place of personal self-interest

Through a lens of separateness and individuation, power, competition and control

A narcissistic penchant for the needy, greedy, instant, short-term gratification

Lacking in vision, consideration or compassion for the long-term communal-welfare

A refusal to listen to one’s inner-wisdom, feel too-deeply, reflect, or connect

With the Direct-Extension-Of-Source-Energy : part-of-who-we-all-are : that constitutes one’s SOUL

Bourne from a Source of Love that is always Pure and Eternal

Made in Source-Energy’s own likeness, which is quintessentially ‘non-physical’

Therefore, it is one’s duty, as a chip-off-the-old-block, holographic-fragment of the ‘All-There-Is’

To tune-in with the Source-of-all-Creation, regularly, take time out, to touch base and log-in

Align with our Mother-Father-God / Source-Energy / Great-Mystery / Big-Bang-Theory / Primordial-Qi / Grand-Design

Serving as an umbilical mental-emotional-spiritual up-link to the Wisdom-of-the-Divine

And as-soon-as we choose to come ‘online’, tapping into the sweet muse of ecstatic sublime

Humankind, will make monumental leaps-and-bounds forwards, without-delay

Discovering and developing a plethora of new, exciting and stimulating ways

To cement a deeper-sense of communal-unity, interconnected-relatedness, joy, peace and play

Committed to finding responsible ecologically-sustainable growth-solutions

Whilst healing old-patterns and grievances easily-and-effortlessly

Through forgiveness, compassion and self-love, everyday

By integrating mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and bliss

Fully embracing the non-physical nature-of-existence

Serves as a magnetic-portal, to receive the fulfilment-and-satisfaction most-desired

Through the Right-use of one’s mind

Cultivating one’s inner-alignment that empowers feeling-good, all-of-the-time!


And so, I propose that this is how one can make heart-supported-choices

Ushering-in sweeping positive-change

Simply by re-engaging the right-hemispheres of our brains

The part that connects-up the heart, tempers-the-ego and is committed to communicating ‘Peace’

Redefining the boundaries of one’s inherited cultural beliefs

And social roles

Aligning with the beneficent energy-of-Source, the energy that literally creates Worlds

And it is this inner-hemispherical-union

Which aids the process of becoming fully-conscious, just like the binary-system

Where the ‘Zero’ becomes a ‘One’ and when the ‘Off’ becomes an ‘On’

Raising one’s energetic-vibrational-offering

In-line with Source-Energy’s loving vibration

A continual broadcast of unconditional love, joy, wellbeing and fun

Elevated feelings of fulfilment, expansion and satisfaction, willingly extended and shared

Activating the ‘deep-inner peace circuitry’ that resides within everyone, everywhere

For this is also how Consciousness can spread like a wildfire-virus, of off’s to on’s

And how whole-countries and nations can become instantly-united over-night

As easily as switching on an electric-light!

A simple re-calibration of inner-mindful alignment

Insight-out and Align-right!


✩ Circles


I know, that a joyous-attitude is simply just another ‘state-of-mind’

A state-of-being that I can choose, at any given point-in-time

Sublimely independent from anything observably external

Because ultimately, we are all creators-of-our-own-realities

Each-of-us, from a Source-of-Energy, that is always pure and eternal

All one has to do, is allow the reality most desired, unto oneself reveal

For thoughts and feelings have vibrational-outcomes whereby it definitely helps to stay appreciative and joyful

Lest one creates realities that are ‘undesired’, going around and around in circles

But even that doesn’t have to stop a lad or lass from staying true to ones ideals

And so, I give thanks that the Earth still turns and the Sun still shines

The Birds still sing and I feel fine

With all of life’s appeal

✩ Energy and Eternity


Scientifically, it follows that if energy ‘cannot be destroyed’ and can only ‘change form’,  then death must be an illusion

Because no-one can ever stop being: a-direct-extension-of-Source-Energy

So technically, nobody actually goes anywhere, because as a vibrational-being-of-energy, one can only keep transitioning, between ‘non-physical and physical’ states-of-being

It’s a never-ending-journey of growth and expansion

On the path of becoming: a-master-of-alignment-with-Source-Energy, where the material-physical, is conjured from the metaphysical-spiritual

Learning to become a ‘Conscious-Creator’, enjoying the process of manifesting the realities most desired, through the correct use of one’s heart-supported mind

For behold, we are all made from the same stuff as Source-Energy, the energy that creates Worlds

Made in God-Source-Energy’s own likeness, nothing new there, this we’ve always been told

But what ‘own-likeness’ actually means, is that we are all created from the one-and-the-same immortal-soul

Therefore, whatever one energetically extends, or withholds

Unto one’s own-self, one also carbon-copy magnetises, or repels

For all energy is eternal

And so this is why it is absolutely key, to embrace the concept of self-love and self-care, with genuine sincerity

As an essential way of better-understanding one’s true role

As co-creator / curator, by extending authentic consideration and empathy

To oneself, each other and the entire Natural World

As a true reflection of ones inner-integrity

And as a holographic fragment of the ‘All-There-Is’, for the ‘All-There-Is’, is LOVE

Of which Love is the purest form of Energy, with which one can align

The energetic signature of God-Source-Energy, Divine

Love without attachment to conditions, is achieved by raising one’s energetic vibrational offering, in-line

With the vibrational frequency of Source-Energy’s sweet sublime

To love and accept oneself unconditionally, as much as Source-Energy loves you, and every single living being, already!

Vibrational-alignment’ allows for a serendipitous, synchronicitous, energetic-flow, that naturally magnetises all of one’s hearts desires, without effort, manipulation or control

By letting-go of resistance, and instead surrendering to faith, trust and confidence

No-one can ever escape this natural Dharmic, Khamic law-of-energy flow

As this cyclic source of Primordial Qi, is actually ones ‘primary identity’, don’t you know?

For one can only be here now, as a direct Extension-of-Source-Energy, and so therefore, everyone and everything else that is here too, is also a direct-extension of YOU!

Because there is no ‘out there’, there is only ‘within

The inner-extension of Source-Energy, that connects us all as ONE!

This is what we share, with ALL other manifested-extensions-of-Source-Energy, out there

Who are all as equally deserving; of love, money, success and affection

However, until one looks deep within the inner-recesses of one’s heart and mind, one often winds up repeating, the same old patterns, time after time

Patterns of insecurity, fear, doubt, lack and unworthiness. Or greed, power, control and manipulation, all of which are indications of: a separation from Source-Energy’s loving vibration

And so, here we all are suffering from human-amnesia, re-learning the same basic lessons of self-worth, social inclusion and cooperation, on the never-ending journey of growth and expansion

Continually remembering and forgeting, aligning and disconnecting, over and over, again and again, forever and ever, and into infinity, Amen.

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