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  • Kaleidoscope Memories
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    One cannot help but bear-witness to pandemic storm-clouds-of-contagion, earthquake, volcano, fire, flood and landslide
    Ubiquitously sweeping, shaking, erupting, raging, surging, far-and-wide
    While many of the world’s leaders profess ‘geo-thermal-fracking-as-usual’ with heads buried-deep in dunes-of-denial
    And so, in the face of multiple-global-crises, one is forced to shop elsewhere for spiritual gnoses and emotional renewal
    Further afield than the aisles of neon-lit supermarket-dreams and dot-com same-day-deliveries
    Further afield than high-brow department-store life-style fantasies
    Laid out like scenes from the silver-screen in elaborate window-displays and glossy magazines
    Further than the online prime-time trailer, box-set, binge-watch seduction
    Plethora’s-of-perfectly-packaged-illusions to provide temporary-alleviation
    From the overwhelming threat of global-annihilation
    From sexist-racist, elitist-ageist denigration
    Or from rust-riddled-regrets on constant-rotation
    Mourning the ghosts of narrowly-missed, sugar-coated ships-of-desire that set-sail long-ago
    Or impossible-to-forget childhood-traumas, bereavements, divorces, augmenting serial-self-love-deficit-disorders
    Inescapable neuroses, seared into one’s psyche, branded like slaves-to-key-frame-memories
    Leaving a trail-of-distorted, aborted-destinies behind in their wake
    Yet another empty-void, full-of-emotional gaping-holes to fill as the planet is systematically plundered and destroyed
    By the addictive machine-of-consumerism, where ecological-sustainability and wellbeing is wilfully-sacrificed
    With nothing left, except the bitter-aftertaste of a forfeit-future...
    This is how we welcome 130-million new-born ‘kidults’ into the world every-year, weaned upon html and social-media
    Whose childhood-innocence and genetic-lineages were surgically-removed at birth
    Stolen by neo-narcissists ‘neath smog-filled skies, where bright-futures turned grey
    Dumbed-down by smart-technology and antidepressants
    And yet, in-spite-of-all-this, some intrinsic built-in desire to seek-out and search for truth-and-authenticity, persists
    Sends out its call like a beacon, calling upon every human-soul to awaken, to activate one’s innate inner-knowing, like a homing-device
    Beckons to journey far-beyond the comfort and safety of objects, or co-dependent relationships
    To look past the emotional barbed-wire snags-and-grazes of parental/ professional/ romantic/ societal lies and betrayal
    Or the nettle’s-sting of missed-opportunity
    In lieu of moving-forwards, towards new desires-satisfied, and revised goals-fulfilled, collectively
    For nothing stays-the-same and ‘change’ is always the one, true, ever-quickening-constant
    Henceforth, it is in the ‘unspoken-moments’ where humanity happens
    Where one quietly pieces-together water-colour-poems, sifted and fathomed from kaleidoscope-memories
    Dreaming in silent smoky-swirls and mirror-gleam sunbeams
    Peeling off rose-candy-coloured gels from the lids of one’s eyes
    Like fleshy onion-skin layers of reflective-introspection
    As one wakes from the lucid-dream-state with the revelatory-understanding
    That in a vibrational-universe-of-Energy, every thought and feeling is eternal and therefore accountable
    As non-physical energy can never die, nor expire, it can only change form
    Transformed by an awareness of one’s perennial-vibrational-offering
    Atonement through candour and a willingness to upgrade one’s most-frequent-point-of-focus
    As an integral requisite of self-care, a daily-practice
    By virtue of LOVE, whether for self, others, or Source
    Is still the purest-form-of-energy in the Multiverse.

    Updated: 29/02/2020


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