Venus and Mars

Venus! The chaste celestial virgin-of-divine-love; holy portal-of-connection to the non-physical, immortal-spiritual, aspects-of-existence

Revealing the invisible causal plane as a mirror, through which one may see the nuanced beauty of higher dimensional realities, in all their luminescent magnificence

Nourishing an unfed-mind with the wisdom of the sacred-feminine, a loving emotional-intelligence

That reawakens the divine nature within, surpassing one’s earthly-ego through love’s everlasting expansion

Unconditional and all-encompassing, she elevates one’s psyche beyond-the-bounds of materialistic pleasures, animalistic desires, selfish-love and human addiction

In pursuit-of-alignment, blissfully absorbed in the unified language-of-love, reverence and devotion

Thus, the soul is released from the corporeal chambers-of-captivity, as one’s inner dragons-of-dark-desires are freed from the dungeons-of-the-lower-emotions

Blessed by the kiss-of-deification, that awakens the sleeping princess-of-inner-beauty, rekindling the fires-of-the-heart

Liberating the will and the imagination, cut loose by the whetted silver blade-of-inner-truth, shining brightly like a laser-beam-of-light that eliminates all unproductive thoughts and traits

Instilled with a renewed sense-of-purpose and duty, inspired by a desire to serve in pursuit of one’s exalted fate

Through the distillation, crystallisation and reclamation-of-invisible dimensions, transcendental states-of-being, embodied as integral

A connecting bridge-of-balance between the realms, proffering a blend of sagacity and acumen, both earthly and celestial

Where Venus tempers Mars, leaving all sorrowful memories and scars-of-yesterday behind like discarded weeds

So that one may plant new seeds-of-perception, unlocking the gates to higher states-of-consciousness, relinquishing all hesitation

Silently communicating with Ascended Masters and Beings-of-Love, endowed with the Solar-Christic force-of-initiation

An alchemical articulation-of-ascent, accessing the sacred soul’s abode beyond the celestial-circuits of the mercurial-mind

Where the ethereal, astral and causal planes may offer more expansive states-of-awareness, augmented over time. ✩

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The Birth of Venus (1486) by Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)
1) Nude statue of Ares / Mars with lance and shield from south wall fresco in remains of a house in Pompeii,
2) Venus and Mars (1485) by Sandro-Botticelli,
3) Mars Breastplate, MBA, Lyon, bronze statue from Gaul,
4) Venus of Willendorf (24000-22000 B.C.) Clay figurine.