Now Is The New Now

iPoem’s Blog: Now is the New Now: was the official blog of ‘CAT CATALYST’ for over a decade, featuring unique and original esoteric, ecofeminist and didactic poetry, with many titles published in anthologies, poetry journals and site-specific art projects.

Now the best of iPoem’s Blog is a comprehensive book,
Presented as an epistolary novel comprised of modern verse,
Via a combination of real and fictional interwoven auto-ethnographic memories,
Serving as both a methodology for thought optimisation,
And as an infrastructure to challenge binary thinking,
Whilst simultaneously attempting to
Remove the blocks to an awareness of Love’s Presence.

Available in hardcover, softcover and ePub formats.
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This is the fully revised second edition and replaces any previous version.
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Now is the New Now: Cat Catalyst
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✩ Heart-Supported Mind

Twilight is the inky blue-black, steely-cool lens of the logical mind

The rational left-hemisphere that’s always asking: Who? What? Where? When? And Why?

Generally, over-focusing 24-7 upon all the little things one should have said, or could have done

Inner-narratives on constant rewind, sometimes for years, decades or even lifetimes

Retrospective key frames in ones timeline robbed of fun

Completely oblivious or unaware, that one was born with a Right-Hemisphere

Offering an additional lens of self-compassion, via heart-supported mind

Like a prism of decision-making processes that are mutually beneficent and kind

Via a hemispherical union, of left and right, both online at the same time

Co-operating as a ‘Whole Mind’

Balancing the polarity of individuation via an authentic heart connection:

With each other, the natural world, the cosmos and ‘The All There Is’

As a direct extension of Source-Energy, each of us, a little piece of Primordial-Qi

A metaphysical integration, providing meaning, purpose and Inner-Peace

Awakening ones third-eye, that can scry a previously unknown spectrum

Discover a parallel dimension

Refracting the piercing white light of inner-sight

The other side of the Rainbow crescent moon…

© iPL 2018

Heart-Supported Mind has been acquired by the Wellcome Library in London.