Womb-man, the divine mother of the soul’s immortal journey

And the Bride of Sophia, chosen to deliver, the dual-alloyed hybrid-child

Part human and part celestial, into the arms of destiny, a one-way portal

Where consciousness is reborn into the clay of organic matter, a genetic legacy

And an invitation to rise aloft the higher formalities

In honour of one’s sovereign inheritance, like the ascent of the phoenix

Freed from the flaming death of all vice, conquered, vanquished and alchemised

Into the vapours of virtue, the cloud’s godhead mantle

Infused with aethereal incandescent light, the fifth elemental

And crowning glory, ex cathedra decree, reward most worthy

A well-earned rights-of-passage and victorious departure

Escape from the ever-turning wheel-of-Saṃsāra

An award-winning opportunity to exit this dimensional realm

In the same way that there is but oneway IN, through the portal-of-the-womb

There is also but oneway OUT; visible only to those who can see ‘through the eyes of the heart

Parting the veils that shroud the mind, enjoying a path of service to humankind

Lest one be bound for all eternity, stuck between death and rebirth in the wastelands of purgatory

Forced to endure a perpetual state of matriculation, without ever achieving graduation

For death does not provide an ‘out-point’ from this simulacrum

As energy cannot expire, only mindful alignment with consciousness-expansion

Can satisfy the heart’s desire, a welcome home-coming

Joyful celebration, most splendid reconciliation

Signalling an end to the illusion of separation. ✩

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Venus and Mars

Venus! The chaste celestial virgin-of-divine-love; holy portal-of-connection to the non-physical, immortal-spiritual, aspects-of-existence

Revealing the invisible causal plane as a mirror, through which one may see the nuanced beauty of higher dimensional realities, in all their luminescent magnificence

Nourishing an unfed-mind with the wisdom of the sacred-feminine, a loving emotional-intelligence

That reawakens the divine nature within, surpassing one’s earthly-ego through love’s everlasting expansion

Unconditional and all-encompassing, she elevates one’s psyche beyond-the-bounds of materialistic pleasures, animalistic desires, selfish-love and human addiction

In pursuit-of-alignment, blissfully absorbed in the unified language-of-love, reverence and devotion

Thus, the soul is released from the corporeal chambers-of-captivity, as one’s inner dragons-of-dark-desires are freed from the dungeons-of-the-lower-emotions

Blessed by the kiss-of-deification, that awakens the sleeping princess-of-inner-beauty, rekindling the fires-of-the-heart

Liberating the will and the imagination, cut loose by the whetted silver blade-of-inner-truth, shining brightly like a laser-beam-of-light that eliminates all unproductive thoughts and traits

Instilled with a renewed sense-of-purpose and duty, inspired by a desire to serve in pursuit of one’s exalted fate

Through the distillation, crystallisation and reclamation-of-invisible dimensions, transcendental states-of-being, embodied as integral

A connecting bridge-of-balance between the realms, proffering a blend of sagacity and acumen, both earthly and celestial

Where Venus tempers Mars, leaving all sorrowful memories and scars-of-yesterday behind like discarded weeds

So that one may plant new seeds-of-perception, unlocking the gates to higher states-of-consciousness, relinquishing all hesitation

Silently communicating with Ascended Masters and Beings-of-Love, endowed with the Solar-Christic force-of-initiation

An alchemical articulation-of-ascent, accessing the sacred soul’s abode beyond the celestial-circuits of the mercurial-mind

Where the ethereal, astral and causal planes may offer more expansive states-of-awareness, augmented over time. ✩

© i-PLtd 2022

The Birth of Venus (1486) by Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)
1) Nude statue of Ares / Mars with lance and shield from south wall fresco in remains of a house in Pompeii,
2) Venus and Mars (1485) by Sandro-Botticelli,
3) Mars Breastplate, MBA, Lyon, bronze statue from Gaul,
4) Venus of Willendorf (24000-22000 B.C.) Clay figurine.