Death, the rogue variable of the unknown, the un-defeatable foe of a finite life

Is also the same curtained veil that furnishes the resurrection of the soul

Rising like a phoenix through the portal of immortality 

Adorned with the sovereign crown and sceptre of divine agency 

Worn like a regal cloak made from a hundred thousand smooth white pearls  

Harvested from the deep undulating seas of awareness 

And the flowing pools of wisdom's whirls

Where vapourised soul particles rise like the morning Sun to purify the pineal  

And once illuminated sets like the evening star that warms the lion’s heart 

Blessed with the golden key of selfless compassion 

That opens the gate to Eden’s Garden 

Where one may gaze upon the event horizon of all consciousness 

A magnificent panoramic view where one’s inner-witness 

May contemplate the vastness of the spiritual sky 

As a blueprint and reflection of the grand design 

Illuminating the sine wave’s four ecliptic conditions 

Frequently perceived through the iris of sacerdotal madness

A quantifying separation, re-organised into one unified mind 

That expedites a necessary rediscovery of ourselves as infinite beings of energy 

Pulsing sinusoidal formations, fully cogniscient of the cosmological macrocosm 

Hidden beyond the glittering firmament of a microcosmic simulacrum ❤ 
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