Sovereign Equality

When we consistently engage with our all-loving ‘I Am’ presence 

We automatically generate new neurological pathways 

That are in alignment with our sovereign identity 

Overwriting old outdated internal dialogues 

That no-longer serve 

These new neurological pathways assist with cultivating 

A more compassionate internal-narrative 

Enabling one to respond 

In more loving and forgiving ways 

To any old memories and experiences from the past 

That may have caused anxiety 

And releases them 

Thus expanding our emotional parameters 

Of self-worth and self-love 

Enabling better discernment 

And abilities for critical thinking  

For as we begin to understand 

That we are all co-creators 

Of our own realities 

And that everything happens for our highest good

We start to hold space for others to acknowledge 

Their own Sovereign-equality, as well

And as we collectively move forwards together 

What we discover 

Is a genuine desire to be of service  

Leaving any old self-serving habits behind 

Safe in the knowledge 

That service to others is actually 


For all beings are ONE 

On the ‘Path of Love’ 

I am another You 

You are another Me 

And We are all ONE with 'The Creator' 

With no one above us 

And no one below.