Align Right

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Artist’s Statement / Vision

I am an artist and a poet. My practice is about sharing personal truth, insight and revelation about the human experience inspired by life.

I attempt to do this through the written and spoken word, events and installation, multi-media, mixed media, and technology.

My objective is to extend an invitation to commit to the communication of wellbeing, self-love, inner-peace and connectivity, so that in the face of surmounting state austerity and corporate greed, where the quarterly profit margin is prioritised over and above family, community, human dignity and environmental sustainability, one can offer a healthy comparison.

This can be achieved by engaging in right-brain activities that reconnects an individual with a sense of innocence and play in order to rediscover and form new neurological pathways in the brain.

In this way, according to brain scientist: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor; one can choose to ‘step to the right of one’s left hemisphere’ at any given moment in time, in order to run the ‘deep inner-peace circuitry’ that is characteristic of the right hemisphere of the brain.

In the words of Thích Nhất Hạnh: ‘Peace is every step’ however, in order to walk a path of ‘mindfulness’ (ie: left and right hemispheres working together) one must keep challenging one’s concepts of self-identity (left hemisphere) within the context of the larger scheme of things (right hemisphere), to move beyond old limiting programming and divisive stereotypical-labels such as gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, salary, postcode, elitism, etc. to redefine the boundaries of ones inherited cultural and social roles.

This constitutes a hemispherical union that initiates self-love and facilitates it’s outer expression as compassion and humility.

This is the true sense of the co-joining, dovetailing union between Yin and Yang. For Yin and Yang is not something out there, these qualities exist within ones own cranium. It is the perpetual dance of duality and polarity within the self and within each other. Love is unity. Fear is the division of unity.

In order for humanity to evolve humanity must learn to engage and apply both sides of the brain equally. Not one to the exclusion of the other, but both, to integrate the perspective of the ‘I’ and the ‘I am’ as part of the ‘Whole’, the ‘We are’, and the: we are all here now and in this together.

This is also the reason for why humanity appears not to have evolved beyond the multiplicity of the ego, and appears to be making exactly the same mistakes related to power, greed, control, self-importance, conflict and war etc., as it was thousands of years ago, because humanity’s decision making process is still dominated by the same left-brained ego-mind that operates solely from a place of self-interest and instant, short-term gratification, without engaging the vision for a long-term communal best interest that is characteristic of the right-brain.

As soon as we choose to come online to embrace and integrate the sensory nature of the right hemisphere of the brain, to support and balance our left-brain thought processes, humankind will make monumental leaps and bounds forwards, discovering and developing a plethora of new, exciting and inspirational ways to cement a deeper sense of communal responsibility, committed to finding ecologically sustainable growth solutions whilst healing old grievances easily and effortlessly.

Author and spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson says that: “Righteousness means ‘right use’ of the mind and the only right use of the mind is love”.

And so I propose that this is how one can begin making heart-supported choices, by engaging our right hemispheres of our brains, (the sensory, feeling, center that connects the heart, tempers the ego and is committed to communicating peace) to balance and support our logical, rational, thinking left-brain, (the ego-mind that offers the incessant internal dialogue that can often border upon the tyrannical) creating an inner-outer union, rather than tension.

This union between the hemispheres is the process of becoming fully conscious, where the ‘Off’ becomes an ‘On’ and where the ‘Zero’ becomes a ‘One’. This is also how consciousness can spread like a wildfire virus, where whole countries can become united over night, just like switching on an electric light. Align Right.



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High There

Like a puppy

Naïve and eager to please

I’m afraid of my own innocence sometimes

With my oh so earnest

Pure sweet honesty

Beguillable gullibility

Is definitely not the best policy

In a modern day society


Mistaken for a weakness

An unrecognisable strength






Distant memory

Fading of a dream

Gets used



Aim for the heart

The Achilles heal

The third-eye

Another opportunists finger


In another humble pie


Like grandma used to make

Scam, con, rip-off, take

No longer wondering why?

Predictably boring, yawning, snorring

Someone else who has forgotten

How to FLY

Lost their wings

Through neglect

Shrivelled up, fell off and died

Earth bound angels

Stuck in the mud

Gravity, glue, guilt

Milk spilt

Don’t cry

Breathe easy


Remember that crest of a wave

Upward spiral

Maintain faith, trust, confidence

Is vital

Its survival

Keep letting go

And let good

Time again to aim for the sky

Shoot for the stars

Jupiter and Mars

Way up high

The Higher Self

Emotional health

Collective conscious

Spiritual wealth


(Weds:03:09:03 – Mon:07:10:03)

Just Friends

A Friend Is...

He looked at her through lowered lashes

Her words had somehow managed to penetrate

His impenetrable barrier of self-protection

Standing he announced that he really should be going now

As he had originally intended to do all along, of course

She was not to worry herself

The friendship would remain unaffected

By all this, no, really, he was fine

And please don’t concern yourself

Everything is still the same…

And yet it was not

A previously calm atmosphere

Had become uneasily charged in just moments

Defensive retorts were instinctively adopted

Brave attempts at salvaging a wounded ego

Maintenance of an unruffled exterior

Of paramount importance

Even though rejection and disappointment

Were becoming increasingly more uncomfortable to disguise

Complex emotions teetering dangerously

On the verge of expression

And he couldn’t risk letting her have that satisfaction


Retreat was the only immediate solace to hand

He thanked her for the lovely meal

Aware that his departure was an obvious movement

And had made for the door

Before she even had time to rise from her seat

And so, it had happened again

That fragile male ego, in reaction