Paper Bug Writer

I had noticed the bug before

While I was eating sushi in the park

Listening to the symphony of drilling machines

And building site construction

It was walking, running towards me

I tried to distract and block its path with my pen

To no avail

I admired it’s perfect camouflage

Against the wooden bench

It wasn’t interested in the miso sauce I’d spilled

After a period of observing I looked away

And wrote on my page

And when I looked back it had disappeared

I assumed it had flown away

But no!

Now two days later

Walking along the edge of my page

He looked worse for wear

I put him on the windowsill

And gave him a lettuce leaf


Stop What You’re Doing!


It’s OK

To be happy

As much as you like

Every little thing’s gonna be alright

Doing what you think you should

Isn’t always the way that’s right

What about the way you feel

Way deep inside

My only reality

Feelings count for me

Respect the child inside

Feels so long ago now

Like a lifetime

In the blink of an eyelid

Waking from the deepest sleep

Emerging from the inner deep

How good it is to remember

To feel alive again

And to Know

To Understand

And to Care

No longer afraid to say so

Like a warm welcome

Like a glowing smile

Love really is The Answer

Love enough to forgive

Anyone, anything

Love enough to forgive myself

For being myself

A truer freedom

An inner liberty

It’s OK to be ME!