Heart-Supported Mind

Twilight is the inky blue-black, steely-cool

Lens of the logical mind

The rational left-hemisphere that’s always asking: Who?

What? Where? When? And Why?

Generally over focusing 24-7 upon all the little things one should have said,

Or could have done

Inner-narratives on constant rewind sometimes for years, decades or even lifetimes,

Retrospective key frames in ones timeline robbed of fun

Completely oblivious and unaware, that one was born with a Right-hemisphere

Offering an additional lens of self-compassion, via heart-supported mind

Like a prism of decision-making processes that are mutually beneficent and kind

Via a hemispherical union, of left and right, both online at the same time

Co-operating as a ‘Whole Mind’

Balancing the polarity of individuation via an authentic heart connection;

To each other, the natural world, the cosmos, and ‘The All There Is’

As a direct extension of Source-Energy, each of us, a little piece of Primordial Qi

A metaphysical integration, providing meaning, purpose and inner-peace

Awakening ones third eye, that can scry a previously unknown spectrum, discover a parallel dimension

Refracting the piercing white light of inner-sight

The other side of the rainbow crescent moon

Cat Miller © iPL 2018

Pics by Cat & Rafael