Liberty Moon

There’s still a lot of pressure from society upon women

The kind that prevents her from becoming 

Anything more than a ‘second-class citizen’ 

More than ‘the procurer of the genetic-lineage, in procreative-service

More than a glamorous profile picture, wall-paper, calendar, screen-saver, accessory

More than a carer, cook, au pair, affair, or nanny

Often the weight of relationship-responsibility 

Prevents one from fulfilling ones true-vocational destiny 

From uncovering that hidden, latent potential, deep within every individual

Denies the opportunity to discover and follow what that actually might be? 

And so, it can become a bit-of-a-struggle

To balance relationship, kids, career, leisure, pleasure, ambition, and maybe also survival

Perhaps also a battle to fight for one’s right to an education, if ones family

Is not well-off, supportive or stable

Maybe one lives in, or is from, a Muslim or third world country?

Where one may suddenly find oneself given away as a child, or teenage bride

By one’s own family

And so, modern-day opportunities are put aside

Instead, centuries of tradition, dogma, stigma, or religious-doctrine

Is thrust upon, prevented from:

Falling in Love’ and following one’s heart, for example

Limited by having ones life-path, or life-partner pre-chosen

Designed to promote subservience, to know one’s place, and fit in

Rather than being able to feel: ‘secure within ones own-skin

Through empowerment, bliss, and freedom

Disallowed from making one’s own ‘wrong‘ choices too

On the experiential path of self-knowledge, growth and understanding

From maturing, growing out of old illusions in ones ‘own‘ time, gracefully

For even now, in-this-day-and-age, there still persists a super-massive infringement of personal-Liberty

Even from other women… 

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