Spiritual Growth

Growing-up means:

Learning to take responsibility

For ones feelings

This is what ‘Spiritual Growth’ is

Evolving one’s emotions beyond ‘The Self’

By expanding one’s capacity to extend: self-worth and self-love

For ultimately all forms of abuse are ‘Self-Abuse’

All forms of betrayal are ‘Self-betrayal’

All forms of sabotage are ‘Self-sabotage’

Therefore Loving ‘thy neighbour’ is actually a form of Self-love

Means withdrawing the projection of one’s shadow

Deflecting the negative emotions of others, and the mindset of narrow

And not indulging, or engaging in, someone else’s lack of self-love

Means extending ‘Forgiveness and compassion’ in the face of anger, revenge and cruelty

Bitterness, self-righteousness, jealousy, regret and insecurity

As forgiveness is not for the benefit of the other person

It is for the benefit of ones own self

As it keeps one free

From buying into, or taking on board, another persons dis-ease, or negativity

Which is merely the absence of ‘self-love’ projected outwardly

Means turning the other cheek, walking away, rising above

Staying grounded, focused, heart-centred in the energetic vibration of Love

Personified, magnified, intensified, amplified

And is what this world needs a whole lot more of