Rubber Sole


Can one darn the immortal hole

In the sock of experience that chafes the rubber-worn sole

Of the shoe that doesn’t fit

That doth tread the path of uncertainty and risk

Can one re-weave the flimsy fabric

Of a threadbare soul

That doth ponder at the point

Of a heartless commercial world

Can one repair a forlorn and forgotten heart

So ragged and frayed and falling apart

From trying so hard

To love lost and damaged souls

Earth-bound angels

Whom hath but only one wing

To save them from the danger of their self-seduced egos

So ready, eager and willing

To sacrifice themselves and die

In pursuit of a fake western dream

To live a synthetic lie

Indelibly imprinted upon the lids of ones minds-eye

Entombed by in-built expiry

4 thoughts on “Rubber Sole

  1. Hello Raphael’s Legacy, =) yes indeed challenging times for us mortals…”Mankind is going through a transformation. You are at a cross roads. In one direction lies peace and abundance, in the other, conflict and scarcity. Its time to become aware of ones own personal thoughts on a ongoing daily basis for one can assist mankind by evolving ones thoughts… Use your imagination to picture the highest healing path you can take, to create a vision of why you are here… As you become filled with light, your power to affect the world around you increases.” [Orin] Personal Power through Awareness by Sanaya Roman

  2. Great piece of work which not only asks the questions and yet; indirectly and hence paradoxically answers the core reason for being question too, therein you have immense talent, this is a wonderful blog and I love the image you’ve used also, sincere regards, Barry

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