Never Mind the Bling

For A Reason

Atheism is just a way of avoiding taking responsibility for ones time here

And getting lost in materialism

There are no accidental coincidences in life

Everyone is here for a *reason*

And that reason is to learn as much as one can

About the true nature of Love

At the end of the day the lesson is always about Love

That invisible sticky glue

That holds everything together

And the real purpose for existence

To extend self-love and respect

To oneself, another, each other and every living thing

As an honest reflection of how one cares for ones own self

Ever discovering new ways of encompassing, embodying and expressing

The infinite creator’s Love

Who designed us, created everything you see

From love

Oh how spoiled are we!

For only by expressing respect and gratitude daily

To our dear Mother/Father God

For making us in ones own inner-likeness

Can one achieve inner-and-outer harmony

For ultimately

One Love is ‘All There Is’

And, All There Is, is ‘One Love’

So think beyond ‘The Self’ and outside-the-box

Square-peg, round-hole, bar-code, dollar-sign… Ch-Ching!

Undertake ones path of physical existence joyfully

And never mind the bling!

2 thoughts on “Never Mind the Bling

  1. There is a simple honest innocence to physical form and Being alive.

    Honouring this innocence is a form of Love.

    Respecting ones own innocence is a form of self-love.

    It is achieved by living in the now, by staying present.

    It transcends personal love.

    No words are necessary.

    Love Just Is (1995) –

  2. Love is God, Love is Creation, Love is Life, Love is it, the whole reason for experiencing oneself as physical, if you believe in LOVE then you’re NOT an atheist.

    Admittedly a lot of the stuff in ‘religion’, all religions, of course is propaganda, designed by men to inhibit, limit, control, instill fear etc

    What one has to do is to consult ones own heart and ones own conscience for the truth,

    As long as you believe in Love then you believe in a higher power that is bigger than humanity and this planet and the plethora of solar systems out there, and that is the key,

    As long as the sponsoring thought in life is LOVE then you’re pretty much on track, and in harmony with the comic synergy.

    It all begins with the self.

    How to love and respect the self even more and even more, that all ones addictions, habits, grievances, fears and neuroses simply fall away as one stops inventing dramas by which to promote ones self-importance

    And stops self-harming with substances or toxins such as alcohol, cigarettes, medication, junk food, abusive companionship, etc and begins to understand how to *care* for the self, truly care for the self,

    By respecting the innocence of the body and all thing physical, and when the penny drops, falls into place, one automatically transfers this attitude of inner well being to all whom crosses ones path,

    ‘Love one another as thy self’; if no one knows how to love them self then no one is going to transfer love to their own, or to another, until they’ve figured it out for them self, with the self

    1 ❤

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