Walk Away

Walk Away

When you love someone

Whether its a family member, a friend, or a lover

You don’t measure their abuse

Because you’re constantly letting them off the hook

And forgiving them

Hoping that one day they will see the light

And turn their behaviour around

But if you keep on forgiving them

Over and over

They just think that they can walk all over you

Any time they want

That they can get away with it

That you wont complain

And that it’s acceptable

That’s why you have to respect yourself


Than they do

Otherwise you become the underdog

The whole time

Even if you take the higher ground

Because ‘Like’ attracts ‘Like’

And it will compromise you

To become just like them

So ultimately you have no choice but to walk away

Hard as it is

When you love someone

Because the only choice left is to love yourself, more

Enough at least to see the difference…

To deserve someone who shares your high standards

Love is a higher vibration

That requires wiser choices

So love someone who loves you back the same

Is the only true path to happiness


4 thoughts on “Walk Away

  1. “To evolve through Love is the greatest spiritual teaching on Earth,
    from personal, through transpersonal, to unconditional and Universal,
    a conscious choice, everyday,
    there really is only ONE way forwards,
    everything else
    is resistance.”

    (From: Holiness of the Heart :: https://ipoem.co.uk/2009/11/13/holiness/)

    If the sponsoring thought for ones choice of partner is Love
    then it is a higher calling and a spiritual path,
    even if the sponsoring thought for their choices is not heart-centered,
    yours is
    and there is a valuable lesson to be learned
    even if that lesson is simply to better maintain and assert ones boundaries
    or to make wiser choices and move the goal posts…
    often we only get to realise what we truly desire or deserve
    by experiencing what we do not want…

    (See ‘Is Not Is’ :: https://ipoem.co.uk/1997/11/10/is-not-is/)

    If one is ruled by the intellect,
    the mind will over rationalise and engage the ego,
    which seeks to dominate or manipulate a situation in order to appear in control.
    The more vulnerable an individual feels the greater the need for control.

    Sometimes one can see that ones beloved’s choices or intentions
    are not wholly honourable,
    yet when seen through eyes of compassion
    one is able to forgive their error in judgement,
    so as to afford them another opportunity to grow
    and to get it right next time,
    and so sometimes in situations like these
    it can be hard to let go
    even when you know that it is time,
    because one can still see the dormant undiluted potential with them,
    yet to be realised by their own self.

    The challenge in this case then,
    is to stay in the present moment,
    rather than holding out for a potential future that may or may not happen,
    for an individual reserves the right NOT to awaken,
    to not fulfill ones true potential in this life time,
    as it is the gift of choice and free will,
    the choice to surrender to the will of heaven
    or the choice to resist ones growth and stay the same
    in ones familiar old comfort zones.

    However, refusing to give up on someone
    even when they are a sinking ship and a danger to themselves
    invariably can sink ones own ship in the process…
    a risk assessment has to be made at some point
    lest one harms oneself in the process of trying to help another.
    Unless they are willing to do the work to help themselves it can be a lost cause…
    but only through the process of trial and error
    can one determine whether or not this process is a worthy one…
    Ultimately it is the call of the heart
    that lures us to stay in situations one would not normally stay in
    and a test of faith to see how far one will go in the name of love…
    nothing is ever lost,
    whatever one has put in over the years will come back,
    via another source…
    be open to new ways of receiving…
    what is yours will come to you…

    ‘Potential’ :: https://ipoem.co.uk/2009/03/25/potential/

    Have tidied the above comment up a bit and turned it into a blog post of its own, thanks for inspiring this response =)

  2. When you love someone, you must love yourself too. True love wears long-lasting and comforting garments of openness, mutual support, trust and companionship. Letting a poisoned love take root and grow is not good for you or your lover. True love will bid you fight for change, change your relationship and if a true relationship cannot be found, then love yourself and walk away.

  3. You love better when you love yourself. True love will tell you to stand up and fight for the relationship you deserve. True love wears garments of equality, mutual support, trust and companionship. If you let a poisoned love take root and grow, you are not showing true love either to you or to your lover. If a true relationship cannot be nurtured and grow, even if you have to fight for it and push your lover to change, it may be the season to love yourself and walk away.

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