Peace Keeper

Peace Keepers

The integration of Women

As complimentary, unique and necessary

Is the mark of a civilised society

Providing protection and care, education and opportunity

Countries, nations or persons who persist in the subjugation of women

May not be considered as anything other than barbarian

And therefore underdeveloped, unable to be taken seriously

By the community, and the super-powers of the West

For ‘social exclusion’ lacks ‘emotional intelligence’

And cannot be trusted as ‘Peace Keepers’

For Peace brings prosperity

Within a nation and between nations

Negation of ones own species can only be self-defeating, ultimately

Through a fundamental refusal to evolve

And indeed is all about cultivating greater self-respect

For the more one respects oneself

The more respect and compassion one has for everyone, and everything else

Women are people too

If we are going to see real development in the world then our best investment is Women

If we are going to see real development in the world then our best investment is Women

Written in response to Channel 4’s critically acclaimed foreign affairs series ‘Unreported World’ – ‘The Making of Egypt: Sex, Mobs and Revolution’, where men are being paid to sexually harass women at political demonstrations so that they wont take part and wont have a voice, and also where young women are regularly chased down streets and gang raped because young men, (even young educated men from well off families), believe that it is their right if they cant afford to get married, blaming their sexual urges upon how young and desirable a woman looks to them ::

And in India where women are also considered to be sexual prey as in the recent Jyoti Singh Pandey case :: Pictures of the beautiful young Joyti here ::


India gang-rape: Five suspects charged in Delhi (BBC)

Verma committee flooded with suggestions on rape (News One India)

India’s ‘rape culture’ can be changed: women authors (Hindustan Times)

Activists woe low conviction rate, long trials (Times of India)

Delhi Gang-Rape Underscores Rising Sexual Violence Against Indian Women (IB Times)

Rise in rapes across India (ZeeNews)

70% of women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime (UN report)

Some say is a legacy left behind from GandhiWomen suffer from Gandhi’s legacy :: An article from The Guardian 2010 explaining how Mohandas Gandhi held India back when it came to women’s rights – and his own behaviour around them could be bizarre

And in Palestine; Murdered in the name of Family Honour :: An article from The Guardian 2005. (And my reaction to the article at the time :: Womanifesto 2 :: )

And in the UK
2012, the Bishop of Bristol said he believes “the church will remain underdeveloped until women bishops are permitted” :: I believe that the Church needs to be seen to include females so that under developed nations may follow their lead and integrate their female population instead of what has become a normal practice of subjugation. Why is it OK for the West to stand by and do nothing while women are circumcised, denied education, career and vocation instead used for breeding to provide heirs (sons not daughters) who’s only purpose is a bed slave and unpaid carer / servant. How is that a life?

Beauty and innocence need to be protected
, when did it become OK to exploit it? The correct attitude towards sexuality is one of Gratitude and Tantra, a divine experience where one may experience Godliness through union, but only if the sponsoring thought for union is Love, and with consenting participants, for anything less is emotionally retarded behaviour. Yang supports Yin. If Yang subjugates Yin, Yang subjugates its own self.

One of Sri Sai Baba’s sayings is: “The health of the nation depends on the mothers” which is why nations need to care for the psychological and emotional health of women whom become all of our mothers. Emotionally, psychologically or financially distressed mothers pass on their distress, sadness, fears and neurosis, ultimately the power is with the woman, if she can gather the confidence to assert it.


One Billion Rising ::


Write to the United Nations :: copy and paste the above poem and ask them to intervene with the governments of Egypt, India, Palestine and other countries to ensure that preventative measures against sexual attack may be put into place, with consequences for those who continue to allow the attack and subjugation of women because this is 2013 and not the middle ages! It is time for change and the end of suffering.

Copy and paste the above poem and write to The Church of England – Communications Office :: and The Vatican :: tell them that their limited perceptions towards women and the rights of women no longer represent you, your family or your community and that its time they left subjugation behind in favour of inclusion and equality.

Write to your favorite actors and directors in Hollywood. Tell them that inuendo is no longer funny and graphic violence in the name of entertainment is not helping women in under developed countries because the consciousness of their country’s men means women are treated as throwaway products instead of people. The media is the fastest source of influence in society and needs to be utilised more responsibly. We are not without power in the reshaping or our humanistic values. Treat others as one would like to be treated oneself.

At the Vancouver Peace Summit September 2009, the Dalai Lama said something that ricocheted around the globe. He said that he is a feminist. And he opined that Western women will save the world.

At the Vancouver Peace Summit September 2009, the Dalai Lama said something that ricocheted around the globe. He said that he is a feminist. And he opined that Western women will save the world.