Red Blue Green

It doesn’t really matter who you vote for anymore

Whether it’s Labour red, Tory blue or Eco green

Because ‘Money’ is the one common universal language

In fluent greed

And whomever sits in the prime minister’s chair

Will concede

Their best of intentions

As soon as your vote gets them there

For once in office

Tempering ones ego is futile

Without spiritual consciousness

To back up one’s responsibly fair

Decision-making process

Supporting communal welfare

Mutually beneficent growth and sustainability

Respect for all life that exists, everywhere

Lead by example

Make Eco-centered business, a primary focus

For honest and peaceful transactions

With forward-thinking vision

Where Science meets Design solutions

Promoting intelligent evolution

Utilising solar, wind, water, nature-power

Facilitating culture and refinement

Education and manners

Culturally extended awareness

Global consideration

For every little decision

That one makes, has such massive far-reaching implications

These days, that one can’t even begin to imagine

For absolutely everything!

Every little mouse-click on ‘the-screen-of-life’



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