Britain seems to have forgotten, that money

Is just bits of dead tree

The biggest ever illusion, in history!

Supported by the baddest bluest meanie

David Cameron

Who expects everyone

To don a suit and become a ‘businessman’

Either that or a ‘uniform’

And become part of the service-industry

And work for next-to-nothing

Even single-mothers

As if parenting and being alone

Wasn’t tough enough already

To grind one’s nose into the stone

Without the tyrannical rule of the minority

Working one’s fingers to the bone

Whilst maintaining their control over the majority

From the comfort of their pampered-gilded-throne

Of dishonesty

Dead Tree


No Sex Please We’re British, Fnar, Fnar – https://ipoem.co.uk/2012/10/08/no-sex-please-were-british-fnar-fnar/

Red Blue Green – https://ipoem.co.uk/2011/10/06/red-blue-green/

We Are The Ark – https://ipoem.co.uk/2012/10/16/we-are-the-ark/

1 thought on “Pulp

  1. Women children and the environment are STILL unrepresented by any government in any country in the world. Politicians only represent business men and huge corporations.

    The current system is antiquated having been in place since the Houses of Parliament were erected in the Middle Ages. The system needs updating to accommodate social inclusion and a rapidly expanding and fast paced changing world. If the system does not adapt it will end in collapse.

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