Late September

Sunshine dazzle bathe kiss

Football bounce kick roll miss, match

Skittles juggle flip fly fall, catch

Children jump play climb shout

‘Look at me, look at me’ clamber scout

Tree leaf rustle breeze shimmer

Butterfly yellow mating-dance staccato flutter

Toddler stagger stumble tumble

Foreign-language murmur mumble

Train whine grind rumble

Airplane sky cut slice growl

Helicopter grumble scowl howl

Ice-cream jingle mingle merge

Police-siren wail invade surge

Blackbird magpie warning chatter

Bumble bee zig-zag zoom scatter

Baby talk babble natter

Red-admiral grassy bathe open wing

Sheep baa baa, donkey hee-haw braying

Happy dog-tail madly wagging and waving

Fetch chase chew wrestle

Band-saw whir shrill spin

Cycle bell ring-a-ding

Sunset nats pack air-dancing

Proud father busy baby-star video-taping

Another daddy pushes baby on a swing

Pretty-in-pink girl with matching bike wobbly-riding

Cloudless sky cobalt blue