Moshi Moshi

The Japanese Sushi restaurant in Liverpool Street station is my Friday-night treat. I choose a table away from the crowds with a view over Platform One. The ‘Stanstead Express’ arrives and a sweet young couple are locked in a tender embrace long after everyone has disembarked. They are still there while other trains arrive and depart. He is holding her tenderly in a meaningful hug, gentle and supportive. Something is obviously happening for them. They are there almost the entire length of my meal, I am moved. He looks up at one point and sees me. I quietly say to my self: ‘bless you‘ and pretend that I am not looking even though I am. I take a few phone camera pictures apologising to the ‘powers that be’ for my curiosity but their love is a powerful drug for me. I say to myself out loud: That is for me, I deserve to have a love that strong, that considerate, that supportive. That is for me! I can have what I desire, I allow myself to receive what I want, I can have a romantic, enduring love. And what’s more, I Am!

Incredibly after starters and main course, they are still there! It is like my own private movie! I am transfixed. I am wondering why they are there for so long… What has happened? Why is she upset? Is he leaving? He has a bag. She does not. I am sad for them. I want their love to survive. It is deeply moving, he obviously loves her. She desperately loves him. And he is there for her. It is beautiful

Briefly, I imagine that I am the girl and that ‘X’ is the boy, taller than me, long arms embracing my small frame fully. The scene lasts the entire length of my meal, I even brought my new book with me, but did not get to read a word of it. Instead an unexpected, profound experience unfolds, that seems to change my whole outlook upon life. I am ‘silently blessed’ by their presence, and they have no idea of the positive effect their tender display has had upon me. I feel it is a sign, somehow, that my life is changing for the better. Every day, in every way, my life, gets better and better. A silent prayer of thanks… To Love.

(Sunday, 22nd May 2005)

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