I want to convey the magical, special

All loving feeling

The Earth’s body is part of my own

And I am Her child

Will be returned to Her when I die

She invited me to explore

I was powerless to resist

Like a child, knew no fear

A totally comforting experience

I felt drawn into Her silent canopy

Each tree a tower of wisdom

Powerful yet so gentle spirits

Each of them loving, friendly

Knowing so much more than me

Pathways kept opening up for me

To follow, this way, come this way, or this

I felt compelled to follow

Deep, deeper, into The Forest

Shape and forms evolving

From fallen trunks and roots

Women leaning out of the earth

Or being drawn back into Her

Hips, thighs and shoulders easily imagined

Very female, though trees had maleness

Venturing forth from the protection of the Earth’s crust

Breaking into the outer dimension…

I felt honoured, lucky and special

To receive the knowledge and the guidance

That She bestowed upon me

I wish I had spent longer with Her

Before returning to the other world

Where I am from

My world had lost its attraction

I now favoured The Forest

To the world with people

The ground was so soft underfoot

The earth was moving, breathing

Everything was sliding down the hill

Including me, standing on Her skin

Trees sticking out like hairs

Trying to hold their ground

As the earth shifts and loosens

Roots clawing for a better grip

Clinging like fingers

It felt so normal

Being able to know

And talk with the trees

With the land

To understand Her secrets intuitively

I knew

That all the trees were sliding down the hillside

That the ground was so soft and squishy

Their roots could not hold onto anything

And they all had no choice

But to ripple downwards

Down the mountainside

Towards the water at the bottom

Some toppled over and fell

Casualties of the forest

I sat with them, calm and silent

Comforted, nourished

Befriended and welcomed

Invited to share mystic secrets

I accepted, not even a consideration

An adventure

Love is a part of Nature and all life ::

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