Stars and Stripes

Hoodwinked by the stars in the eyes of the ‘American Dream’

Sleep-walking, through the ‘Red Stripe’ and the ‘Lucky Strike’

And the killing-fields of green

Stained with the invisible blood of Mother’s sons, now laid to rest

Faceless soldiers who fought their damnedest

Now planted like seeds at regular intervals

With line after line and row upon row

Of manicured headstones for hundreds and thousands of silent dead heroes

Like white marble stripes on the red and blue flag of ‘capitalist consumerism’

Who died in their country’s pursuit of ‘world supremacism’

Where oil and beef and the arms industries are ‘king’

And the multiplicity of the dollar $ign is everything, ch-ching!

Seen through the myopic blinkered lens of tunnel vision

Which honours the rights of the man-made corporation

Over and above those of the individual or the community

Completely disregarding compassion, union and ecological sustainability

In preference of a quarterly profit-margin

Somehow we became removed from the ‘natural world’, with an absence of humility

A’breed apart’, the needy, greedy, self-important human

With no choice now but to career full-steam ahead towards chaos and rumination

Though maybe, just maybe, we still can ‘save-the-day’ through a reclamation

Of Self-Love, equality, and a natural heart connection

Together now let us pray, for sweet Love’s healing salvation


‘Stars and Stripes’ was inspired by a series of art works called: ‘State of the Union’ by Hans Haacke who was recently interviewed at an event entitled: ‘Gift Horse’ at the ICA following the unveiling of his new sculpture commissioned for the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

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We Are The Ark

Noahs Ark: Getty Images

How many people in the world

Do you know

Actually undertake to uphold

The Great Mother’s bidding

Secret agents, Angels on Earth

Who add spiritual meaning

Sowing the seeds, gentle reminders

Of positivity, and a call to one’s inherited co-curator’s duty

To care for our beautiful Planet Earth

And all that is alive and living

A responsibility that is impossible to shirk, inevitably

For the simple reason

We are the Ark!

Spinning through time and space…

Avoiding responsibility incurs Karmic Dharma anyhow

Mandatory for all members of the human race

For while one is here

One must care for ones own and each other, as thy self

Or else refrain from multiplying in ones own likeness

Lest ones god/goddess status be revoked

For ones children are bonded to ones soul, from birth

Once you become a mother or a father its for life

And people cross each others paths for a reason

Therefore Social Inclusion is the only way forwards

As the birth rate climbs

Because the last time I looked

The emperor still wasn’t wearing any god-damned clothes

Not recently, nor likely anytime soon in the foreseeable future

Prancing around like a ninny-nanny nincompoop

On Twitter

And in the media

Transparent like looking glass

Who do you think you are? Mr. Wannabe Superstarr

Quick! Get me out of ‘Number Ten‘, I’m a celebrity!

Before you make a complete pig’s-ear, unsightly smear

Out of the economy

Just another chicken-shit-pussy, spineless dip stick, Pinocchio-big-nose

Useless, clueless, unqualified, inexperienced waste-of-space

So come on, curl up those toes

And lets get down

To the laid bare-naked truth

Which is:

That none of you so-called party-political leaders out there

Can fool entire nations any long-er

That you actually give a shite, or even vaguely care

About what the people really feel, think and want

Not in a squillion years

No, not even the minority 20%

For even the once-were-filthy-rich are now poorer than they ever were before

So unless you’re gonna make a significant beneficial contribution

To the state of the world’s elderly, disabled, uneducated, unborn and poor

Off you snore, you infernal bore

We don’t need anymore million pound malls

Go and save the rain forests and do something useful

Instead of pimping your online profile

Like you are even allowed any extra spare time

Away from rectifying the trail of wreckage you’ve already left behind

FYI: This isn’t post war Britain any more!

Full Size Noahs Arc Replica, Hong Kong

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.” – Rumi

Noah’s Ark fever ::

No Sex Please We’re British! (Fnar Fnar)

Dear Mr. Cameron

If you really want to get people back into work, then help them

Don’t bully them, attack them, cut them, demonise them

Support them

Don’t limit them to only menial low-paid work

Train them, re-educate them, assist them

Provide child-care, and flexi-hours

Don’t tar everyone as lazy

Don’t tear families apart

These people have been loyal upstanding citizens

Whom have been though challenging times

Whom have had to look after elderly parents and young children

Whom have been bereaved, bankrupt, homeless, betrayed, divorced

Disabled, hospitalised, traumatised, ostracised, in fast changing times

Being poor is hard work

Where the job-market is transient and insecure

Gone are the 1950’s where a job was for life

Plus sudden twists of fate where life throws a curve-ball or two

Are usually beyond reasonable control

Just goes to show just how out of touch with reality

These buffoon politicians in suits really are

Born with surgically inserted silver spoons up their arse

With absolutely no idea

Who are self-guided instead of god-guided

And with the break down of the family unit

Where a kid who has two parents who’ve stayed together

Is now the odd one out

What do you expect?

Its not single mothers with babies at their breasts who abuse the system

Its only a handful of lazy single men

Whom throughout history still have no moral, social or emotional responsibility

Towards anyone else except themselves

No incentive to stand by ones partner, wife or sired child

And now when a young person reaches 18

But can no longer get an educational grant or housing benefit

And there’s no job creation for the changing social needs of the times

What do you think their alternatives actually are?

For those who don’t have the support or protection of a family

It’s squats and hostels

Quick cash through drug dealing, theft, fraud and prostitution

Where is the love for these people

Where is the hope and the joy?

Life is hard enough without yet more pious ignorance

Cutting the poorest most vulnerable members of the community

Is not the solution

These are the people you should be investing in

And educating

In order to reintroduce balance and normalise social inclusion

Teach people how to rebuild self-respect, believe in themselves

Give them something to feel proud about

Provide continual numeracy and literacy classes for all ages

Give people a chance to catch up

Show faith up front

Time to let go of this old stiff upper lip attitude

No sex please we’re British! Fnar, fnar

Clinging onto spoiled Victorian values

Where women and children are still not yet represented, seen or heard

By any government in the world

With enforced post war rationing for those not privy to the upper class status

A class system that doesn’t want young people or old people

Disabled people or uneducated people

Low paid people or out of work people

To be happy, satisfied or fulfilled

Reserved instead only for the very select few

Happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction for everybody I say!

How else are people going to evolve?

Vintage Silver Spoon by Liberty Knox

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Bread and Circus

Post-industrial London groans restlessly

Under a Lowry laden water-colour sky

Of concrete urban grey

Patiently observing the gaudy bauble of the bread and circuses

Pantheon of the minor media-celebrity, trivia, frivolous spectacle

Cements the death of a once celebrated, grandiose culture’s civic-values

Now homogenised, pulverised, diluted and perverted

Into the confectionary cabin’d-cribb’d cavity

Of society’s vacuous missing soul

Replaced with a prescribed sugar-coated illusory reality

That enslaves 80% of the populace, through a manipulative ideology

To perpetuate a false freedom, that never really existed in the first place.


A Riverbank by LS Lowry

L.S. Lowry
Bread and Circuses
Cabin’d-Cribb’d : [First coined in Shakespeare’s MacBeth 1607]

Mr and Mrs Baobab

I posted this Baobab tree photograph on my facebook which I found on the internet and I entitled the post ‘Mr and Mrs Baobab’. One of the responses to this post was that the picture must have been photo-shopped to which I started to write a reply to explain that the title was merely a product of my imaginative humour upon seeing the picture, however, my reply touched on so many other related topics that I wanted to put it in a post of all of it’s own…

Mr and Mrs Baobab

‘Mr and Mrs Baobab’

This photograph from the site is unlikely to be photo-shopped as it has © 2004 J.F. Broekhuis clearly written at the bottom. Here is the Baobab Tree photo as it appears in the article ( and you can see that there is no reference to, or any mention of a ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ partnership or label, and so in seeing that the photograph is indeed real, one can then observe that there is in fact male and female in everything, even within ‘The Self’ (just like the yin yang symbol), and in embracing this concept it is not so hard to embrace it in one’s perspective of the World.

My Baobab Tree Poem (1998 ):

Indeed the duality of male and female energy is evident in all of Nature and it is the co-joining and dove tailing of these energies which procures the procreational sustainment of everything that is alive today. Perhaps in order to acknowledge this duality in other life forms more fully it must first be embraced within oneself, as a natural being.

Hunab Ku - Mayan version of the Yin-Yang

Hunab Ku – Mayan version of the Yin-Yang

The Native American Indian Peoples considered trees to have the status of ‘standing people’. I myself indeed consider them to be ‘Towers of Wisdom’ in my 1997 poem ‘Forest’:

For apart from being natural objects of beauty they the are also the keepers of our atmosphere, purifiers of oxygen (digesting more than 50% of our CO2 emissions), the lungs of the planet, the provider of fruits, seeds, nourishment, healing, blossoms, fragrance, building materials, paper, home for countless forms of wildlife and they provide healthy soil for agriculture so therefore as a living, breathing entity, trees deserve a much greater respect for the role they play.

Ultimately by destroying the planet’s Forestation we destroy ourselves too, with ten football stadiums worth of forest disappearing daily and now in Brazil with the proposed size of the entire UK to be flooded to build the third largest hydroelectric plant in the world. Unfortunately the petition had little effect and is now closed but one can still verbalise ones displeasure here:

Evidence of 15 ft diameter tree stumps left by loggers in British Columbia, Canada ::

Trees are key not only to human survival but also to planetary survival. No wonder the chief of the Kayapo tribe broke down in tears when he heard that the new president of Brazil, Dilma, had approved plans to build this huge hydroelectric plant which will flood over 400,000 hectares of forest. For Little Brother knoweth not the consequences of his actions in the bigger scheme of things, such is the disconnection between Westernised peoples and the Land which supports them.

More than 40,000 tribes people will be made homeless plus the willful destruction of the natural habitat, wildlife, deforestation and the disappearance of many species to boot.

Chief of the KayapoTribe

has already admitted to losing 400,000 Hectares
of Forest in this recent news article: ‘Nigeria Loses 400,000 Hectares of Forest Land to Deforestation’:

Nigeria Deforestation Pic By MARK EDWARDS

Balkans sound alarm over disappearing forests (Article: Friday 21 May 2010):

Mountain pine beetles are destroying huge amounts of forest in the USA and Canada due to the rise in winter temperatures. Some estimates predict that by 2013, 80% of the North American forests could be gone. In addition, we are losing forests that otherwise provide a carbon sink for our production of greenhouse gases, and as the trees die, they emit more Carbon Dioxide back into the atmosphere. Nothing, except very cold winter weather, will stop the beetles.

The Kogi tribe tried to warn ‘little brother’ in 1989 about acid rain and other ecological related problems by inviting the BBC to film a documentary with Alan Ereira about what was happening to their coastal mountain region:

Up to now we have ignored the Younger Brother. We have not deigned even to give him a slap. But now we can no longer look after the world alone. The Younger Brother is doing too much damage. He must see, and understand, and assume responsibility. Now we will have to work together. Otherwise, the world will die.” Kogi Mama

This documentary had no effect and so now more than twenty years later a second warning has been filmed also with Alan Ereira about the imminent demise that they can foresee.

More about the Kogi People ( – blog)

Tairona Heritage Trust for indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

I believe that this second documentary will also have little effect as the changes which need to be made must be implemented by the government, (and not just our government but all governments all around the world), the problem being that governments are only concerned with the growth of the economy and not at all concerned with the conservation of the environment, recently pushing through proposed plans for a £32bn high speed train line that cuts straight across ‘areas of outstanding natural beauty’ and private land: despite protests to the contrary whilst at the same time making sweeping cuts to the most vulnerable sectors of the public.

No government leader has ever experienced what it is like to have been homeless, without family, disabled, dependent upon benefits, dependent upon social care, has had no life threatening, changing or challenging experiences and so therefore, is not qualified to put themself in the shoes of the population of Britain, half of whom are women, who are still even now under represented as are most indigenous peoples.

In The Ecologist Article 10th February, 2010, we can see here how major brand names such as: Boots, KFC and McDonalds ignore rainforest destruction survey in preference of business as usual – :

The world’s trees and forestation are under valued, unprotected and taken for granted, treated as a consumer product instead of a valuable life form which plays an important role in the planet’s eco system. Indeed, almost all other forms of life outside of the white male genre are either monatised, neglected or persecuted in the pursuit of status, power or pleasure.

The Westernisation of the world appears to be an en mass homogenisation process through industrialised consumerism resulting in a global narcissistic disrespect towards our natural habitat, reflecting a lack of love and respect for anything beyond the ‘I’ and the ‘I want’ and ‘I want it now’.

However, when one observes Swans, Penguins and Sea Horses in the natural environment to be monogamous – (observe the subtle and beautiful intimate love dance of the seahorses in this Etta James tribute), and also Ducks, Eagles, Foxes, Geese, Gibbons, Lynx, Marmosets, Mountain lions, Wolves, Jackals, Beavers, Otters, Turtles, Cranes, to also be monogamous, that indeed, LOVE does infact exist for other creatures out side of the Human Spectrum.

In this 1996 poem: Love Is: I attempt to explain the concept that “Love is the energy that holds everything together, the glue of the universe, by loving ourselves we may learn to recognise the divinty in all things, in all beings, all creatures and all plant life…”.

And so if such loving loyalty can be expressed in the animal kingdom then why not of the flora and fauna kingdoms? Especially having personally observed the ancient oaks in the nature reserve in Kent where I once performed some poetry at the Harvest Festival Party, where there were definite male and female personas. (I intend to go back there with my camera so watch this space.)

And not only the expression of love and loyalty but also evidence of free thinking intelligence and creativity amongst the animal kingdom as confirmed in this new BBC1 documentary series: Super Smart Animals:

What 2012 needs to see is the emergence of a deeper level of responsibility towards Earthly affairs beyond the man-made arena of greed-centered commerce so that the world’s nations understand that we are all co-curators of Planet Earth, and that we all have a valuable part to play in this joint-responsibility, to take greater care of our only home in this solar system, to cultivate eco-centered sustainable business with a deeper level of intuition and sensitivity which in turn develops into a greater sense of fairness in all worldly affairs and therefore a greater sense of Reverence for all things natural.

1995 Environmental Awareness: “What is within is reflected without.”

The Man Who Planted Trees ( L’homme qui plantait des arbres ) by Frédéric Back, 1987, Société Radio-Canada

Baobab Forest Installation by Eileen MacDonagh until 07 May 2012 at the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art & The George Bernard Shaw Theatre, Old Dublin Road, Carlow, County Carlow, Ireland.

Human rights for Dolphins – Dolphins ‘intelligent enough to be treated as non-human persons’ – By Aidan Radnedge – 21st February 2012 ::

The Ten Native American Indian Commandments

1. Remain close to the Great Spirit.

2. Show great respect for your fellow beings.

3. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.

4. Be truthful and honest at all times.

5. Do what you know to be right.

6. Look after the well being of mind and body.

7. Treat the earth and all that dwell there on with respect.

8. Take full responsibility for your actions.

9. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.

10. Work together for the benefit of all man kind.


Chief Seattle’s speech of 1854 :: No Quiet Place :: audio only



Britain seems to have forgotten, that money

Is just bits of dead tree

The biggest ever illusion, in history!

Supported by the baddest bluest meanie

David Cameron

Who expects everyone

To don a suit and become, a businessman

Either that or a uniform

And become part of the service industry

And work for next to nothin’

Even single mothers

As if parenting and being alone

Isn’t tough enough already

To grind one’s nose into the stone

Without the tyrannical rule of the minority

Working one’s fingers to the bone

Whilst maintaining their control over the majority

From the comfort of their pampered gilded throne

Of dishonesty

Dead Tree


No Sex Please We’re British, Fnar, Fnar –

Red Blue Green –

We Are The Ark –

Never Lose Sight of the Dream

Forms and filing

Letters and replying

Deadlines, submissions, receipts

Ques and tickets

Crowding waiting rooms

And sitting on uncomfortable seats

Toeing the line

Playing the game

And waiting for my opportunity to slipstream

To change up a gear

Move into the fast lane

Soar way up high above the mundane

Never losing sight of the dream

To live in a conscious community

Creative, healthy, proactive and serene

Free to travel and live where I choose

Pursuing a peaceful theme

In a world without war

Power struggles, teenage crime and greed

A safe place for children to grow up

And adults to grow old

And for everyone to belong

Fed up with governments and transglobal corporations

Getting it wrong

Mindless willful squandering

Of the Earth’s potential resources

For once it’s all gone

It’s all gone…