Accept Bless Release



It’s always about self love

Our relationships reflect how we feel about ourselves

If it’s come to a head

Then it’s because you’ve grown

And because you Love yourself enough now

To know

That you deserve better

That you don’t have to place yourself in abusive situations

Or put up with stuff

In order to deserve Love, anymore

Accept, bless, release the lesson

And raise your sights anew

Keep the faith


Relief Outlet

The Windup Girl by xanderhyde on Deviant Art

The Windup Girl
by xanderhyde on Deviant Art

All women experience enforced sexual servitude at some point

Married or not, and is a fundamental feminist observation 

That her body is already pre-appropriated for a specific purpose or task

A political pawn

Necessary to replenish the population, army, work force, for state procreation

And, or the pleasure principal, a distraction from critical debate

Should bodies or relationships be controlled, choices contrived, towards an engineered trajectory? 

Is free love really free? 

Strange sexual transgressions pushing the boundaries

Of accepted normality

Beyond the regulated range of the consumer market bubble

That excludes personal liberty

Blind eyes are turned, just so long as its profitable

Force-fed a diet of highly controlled fictional imagery, bombardment

Provides a carefully manufactured façade of illusion

To manipulate people into doing things a certain way

Lulled into a false sense of insecurity and self-rejection

As one attempts to dismantle the edifice of structural tradition

Sinking like quicksand, side-effects of conformity, fraught with hidden murky undertones

That require regular quick-fix, relief-outlets

For the suppressed, repressed emotions

Of rib-less culture struggles, the queerest folk of the post-millennium

Age of narcissism, driven

By the machine of desire, overloaded with titillation

Stretched beyond ones misshapen limits, and all recognition

Mortal Loop


All Life is Finite

The mortality-envelope


Of the Immortal-SoulIt’s just a matter of ‘When’

Thats the illusion of Time

There is no down-the-line

Nowhere to hide

Kinda delayed-reaction

Frieze-dried Dharma

Instant wash-and-go Kharma

Stored up over the years, condensed

Into a single nao-second blink of an eye-lid

Catapult-fling, collective-memory

Where each and every moment of Now just happens to be anotha

Now is the New Now

And Forever and Ever Again

To Be… Amen

And this too shall come to pass