Humans are complex emotional beings. If our emotions don’t make any sense to us then they sure as hell wont make any sense to anyone else either and that’s why we have to honnour them, in order to release them. 

Stuck, or blocked emotions cause anxiety and neurotic-behaviours, and also causes dis-ease in the mind and body.

The body is a metaphor for how we think and feel and our bodies respond to habitual emotional patterns, including ones feelings that are either under-acknowledged or suppressed, and also unchecked internal-dialogue, perhaps on constant rewind. 

If a health-issue arises, either physical or mental, it is our body’s way of asking us to pay greater attention and to listen.

But also these emotions demand that we engage our ‘Right-Hemispheres’ of our brains to better understand them, acknowledge them, befriend them, and work with them.

It is generally accepted that we human beings only use around 10% of our brain’s total capacity and that is only usually the left-side that deals with language, literacy, numeracy, and the perception of ‘The Self’ and the ‘I’. 

The left-hemisphere perceives information through a sense of ‘individuation’ as a separate entity often in competition with one another.

The right-hemisphere deals with the parts of our natures associated with the intuitive, creative, subconscious, and it is this side that deeply desires a sense of connection as it perceives sensory information and feelings through the lens of ‘unity’ and ‘co-operation’ with a natural desire to belong and feel connected to each other, the community, society, family members, partners, children, animals, nature, the planet, the eco-system, the cosmos, the source, etc., thereby experiencing a deep sense of commitment to communicating inner-peace and compassion. 

When the desire to connect is denied it can cause a sense of displacement, exclusion, alienation and resistance. Fear is the division of unity. Fear separates. Love unites.

By engaging our ‘Right Hemispheres’ of our brains, we are able to ‘let go’ of the fear of separation and any previously inherited belief-systems such as cultural-tradition, religious-programming, institutionalised brain-washing, family-upbringing, political-indoctrination, educational-conditioning, expected societal norms, etc., in order to make heart-supported choices at any given moment in time

This mental-liberation and emotional-emancipation enables one to live fully in the present moment, unbound by restrictions, limitations, rules, or fears imposed by ones mind.

These impositions are caused by the dominion of the left-hemisphere of the brain over the right-hemisphere, where ones head continually over-rules ones heart, where logic is continually prioritised over intuition, where one places too much emphasis on the words ‘should have’, ‘could have’ and ‘would have’.

An inactive, or passive ‘right-hemisphere’ can result in an over-assertion of the ‘ego-mind’ as it seeks to validate itself as right, in control, or superior, through a polarised perspective of itself. 

This over-assertion also has a tendency to over-think and  reinvent situations and sequences of events from the past in order to avoid taking responsibility for having attracted, or co-created them, often portraying oneself as the hero, heroine or the innocent victim, instead of examining ones emotions objectively to update and eliminate outmoded thought patterns and behaviour resulting from them, so one can become fully present, alive and vital, in the ‘Here and Now’, focusing on what one does want to attract more of, rather than focusing upon what one doesn’t want or is no longer appropriate.   

Focus ones attention on what wants not on what one doesn’t want. 

For each present moment is a gift to be reborn anew through the process of becoming ‘mindful‘, (both hemispheres working together), as opposed to being mindless (one hemisphere operating alone at only 10% capacity).

If we are continually re-running highlights, echos, and painful narratives from past events then one can never move on, or discover ones true potential while ones ego is constantly distracted and preoccupied with old ghosts, flash backs and illusions from the past. 

There has to come a point when one makes a conscious choice to make a clean break from past events in order to experience a clean slate. Again this requires work. 

The same work is required to stay mindful if one is also constantly thinking about the future, worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened yet or that may never happen at all. 

Being absent from the present (absent minded) robs one of a true present where one plants the seeds of ones future, instead planting the wrong seeds for the wrong future in the present moment, through not making heart-supported choices, ie: not following ones heart and maybe doing what one thinks one should do instead.

When the ego-mind (left hemisphere) is unsupported by heart-centered choices (right-hemisphere) it craves constant gratification and ‘short-term pay-offs’, displaying a disregard for the larger order, the grand design, or the long-term effects and consequences of ones choices and actions.

This can manifest as narcissism, delusions of self-grandeur, excessive self-interest, greediness; ie: an inability to share, a desire for constant attention, to be admired, displays of antisocial, hedonistic, abusive, overly controlling, or neurotic behaviours, OCD, ADHD, etc. These are all symptoms that the mind is languishing out of balance and is suffering on some level, which if left unchecked can lead to physical dis-ease and life-threatening conditions.

An inability to make heart-supported choices for oneself or others for example can lead to heart-conditions such as coronary artery disease. 

This is where the heart-center begins to close down as the left-hemisphere takes control over the mind’s choices, disregarding the call of the heart as important, or necessary for health and survival. 

Joy becomes replaced by anxiety, a need for rules, routines, procedures, methodologies, and a list of ‘must do’s‘ and ‘should have done’s’.

It can also lead to addictions. Addictions are adopted when one feels inwardly-disconnected or dissatisfied, as one searches for a crutch to feel re-connected and unified. 

But filling an inner-need through outward activities can only ever achieve a temporary source of gratification, which expires and before long requires another ‘hit’ and as the cycle is repeated the gratification sought becomes less and less satisfying and one needs more of whatever it is one is addicted to. 

Addictions do not have to be substances, for example it can be an addiction to work, or a pastime. Work, or other pursuits can be used as ‘avoidance mechanisms’ to avoid dealing with other pressing, or unwelcome issues and may be described as an ’emotional unavailability’.

This leads to the suppression of ones true feelings. They can also become disguised underneath layers of other old emotions that have become stuck or suppressed, and are hard to identify, sometimes misidentified as something else entirely, which are stored in the body so that the body may serve as a metaphor for what is really going on emotionally and psychologically in order to flag up certain areas for attention.

The reason for why the body does this is because that this is the only way that the body can communicate to us what it needs, and a crisis in the body is generally the most effective way of our paying greater attention to those needs and making the necessary changes. 

Due to the level of internal separation caused by daily outer distractions and life in general, we regularly ignore our body’s best efforts to attract our attention and we carry on regardless, often to the point of critical. 

However, practicing self-care is also a form of self-love. Not harming oneself through neglect, the build up of negativity, or habitual unhealthy patterns.

A balanced mind is where both left and right hemispheres are co-operating in unison, providing a sense of inner-well being that relieves tension and creates a sense of internal-peace that is independent of external events, or outside circumstances, and therefore is both stable and enduring

Essentially this hemispherical-union is the source of longterm emotional strength that may weather all sorts of external challenges.

Inner-peace is where we monitor our internal-dialogue and turn any inner-tyrants into inner-best friends.

This sense of inner-wellbeing enables an individual to contribute to communal wellbeing, and the maintenance of collective peace through an extension of ones mindfulness towards other people and the natural environment.

This is how one person can make a conscious difference. And how collective communities of conscious individuals may make significant contributions to world peace.

However Peace doesn’t just happen, one must endeavor to maintain this state of inner-hemispherical-union through a form of regular practice. 

This could be achieved through meditation, yoga, Buddhist chanting, Tai chi, dance, breath work or something that encourages the emotional evolution of ones thought processes and involves an individual as part of a group activity. 

Growth and maturity is achieved through the cultivation of a more loving mind, via more loving ways of both thinking and operating that extends way beyond the self.

On a personal level, this conscious directive, utilisation of ones mind to problem solve and contribute, automatically places one in a position to attract what one desires more of into ones life. 

The law of attraction is where one automatically magnetises serendipitous circumstances, situations and people by operating in accord with the natural scientific and harmonic process of homeostasis

Homeostasis is the built-in, self-regulating scientific default, natural law of balance that applies to all life, our bodies, birth and death, the land, the air, the oceans, the forests, the planets, the solar system, infinite space, all of Nature, the Source of all of creation and the sustainable nourishment of all that exists.

When one attains inner-peace and harmony through a regular daily practice that supports an inner-hemispherical-union, one aligns with this natural law of homeostatic balance that already exists, (without the presence of human beings, without the prejudice of judgment, or projected belief systems, and without enforced man-made laws), and when this connection within becomes externalised without, in alignment with universal law of homeostasis, then ones inherent connection with the ‘All There Is’ becomes activated and this is the liberating expansiveness of all-encompassing Love that knows no boundaries or limitations. 

Everything and everyone has a right to be here, because she/he /it exists. There is no higher or lower status for the elevation of love is all-encompassing.

The expansiveness of unconditional, transpersonal, universal and divine Love stems from a non-personal acceptance and tolerance for ones emotionally vulnerable-self. 

It is a fortification of emotional strength and self-belief via restoring ones natural connection to the Source of all of creation, and Source of Love, that erases any sense of vulnerability. And this ability to fortify an emotional inner-strength enables one to extend self-respect and self-love to other human beings as compassion and empathy, and also towards the animal kingdom and the natural world, even in the face of adversity, seeing all beings and creatures as unique individuals rather than as objects.

Conditional love is when one withdraws ones love if a person or the object of ones affections, does not repsond in a pre-desired outcome. 

Unconditional love is where one loves a person in spite of them self even if they do not respond in the preferred method, because ones self esteem is not dependent upon ones affections being returned by other people. One already loves and approves of oneself and has achieved a level of emotional responsibility that does not require others to bend to ones will.  

Humanity’s destiny is to evolve beyond the gratification of the ego, beyond the comfort-zone, beyond manipulation and control and to evolve through the many layers and higher echelons of Love’s elevations.

One can develop self-respect, self-confidence, and a deeper sense of self-love through the honnouring of ones unique gifts, talents and skills. 

Each individual has a unique skill-set and this is how one can excel at being different, unique and special whilst also contributing to the collective.

It is the incorporation and inclusion of one another’s uniquenesses, as ‘ones own-self’ that is key, by contributing to and experiencing genuine pleasure for another’s well-being, progress, love, happiness and success, as one would for ones own well-being, progress, love, happiness and success, knowing that in expressing gratitude for another’s beneficent development, one is also contributing to and magnetising more of what one truly desires (and deserves) for ones own self in the process.

Trying to destroy what someone else has, destroys ones ability to attract and magnetise this for ones self too. It is in fact a demonstration of a belief in ‘lack’. And also a belief that one is unworthy enough to deserve or manifest what someone else has for ones self. Taking from others to give to oneself supports a belief in lack. This belief is nonsense as there is an abundance of opportunity for everyone to succeed and to experience longterm happiness alongside one another. 

Negative thoughts towards another, is merely a reflection highlighting areas where one requires more love from ones own self. Demanding love from another without giving it to oneself first is codependant, needy and emotionally unattractive. When one loves oneself enough, a particular person or a situation will no longer serve as a trigger for ones belief in lack.

The true nature of spiritual reality is that there is no separation between individuals. Separation between people is an illusion

Physical matter (our bodies) expires but energy (ones life force, or soul) cannot be destroyed, it simply changes form. 

Despite our unique and different envelopes to our souls, we are in fact, all holographic fragments of the one-soul, the ‘All There Is’, the ‘Source of All Creation’, the ‘One-Love’, the God-force, chip off the old block, made in God’s own likeness, so to speak, all of us, therefore what one does or says to someone else, effectively one is also doing and saying to ones own self, and also unto the source of creation. Hence what goes around comes around. 

In fact how ones internal dialogue speaks to oneself whilst one is alone in ones own company, is exactly how one speaks to other people. 

Therefore if one is not practicing self-love one is actually unconsciously practicing self-depreciation, which one in turn projects onto others, (mostly without realising), which is more often than not reflected right back. A catch 22 no-win situation.

Therefore it is our duty to know ourselves, like ourselves, accept ourselves, respect ourselves and love ourselves as much as one can in this life time, in order to avoid subjecting others and the environment to ones inner demons, neuroses, mental dis-ease or ignorance. 

This involves taking responsibility for the entire spectral array of ones feelings and/or difficult emotions, learning to handle, manage and deal with them effectively. 

And once one has learned how to do this then to help other people to figure this out for themselves too, for until we do the animal kingdom and the natural environment doesn’t stand a hope in hells chance of survival.

Not while everyone is so self-obsessed with ones own self-interest, desires, expectations, demands, grievances, status, appearance, job title, fame, getting wasted, consuming the world’s resources into oblivion, development opportunity, amassing a fiscal income and as much profit as possible per quarter with jack shit responsibility towards how that profit is acquired, as choices that are not heart-supported generally tend to be money driven. 

Therefore, what each corporation needs to do from now on is: become fully responsible for making ecologically-sustainable business choices that support the environment rather than destroy and deplete it. 

And what the world’s governments need to do is: provide cash incentive rewards for those corporations that do take responsibility, not just for their carbon foot print but for the future sustainability of all life on earth, thereby leading by example to so the rest of the world’s countries follow suit asap.

For while we are still so busy distracting ourselves with capitalism, and consumerism, and alcohol and computer games, and raising and killing animals for the food industry, and decimating the rain forest, and fracking, and palm oil, and big pharma industry, and GMO foods, and over fishing the oceans, with two plastic islands the size of Texas, CO2 emissions from methane gas (cow dung) which happens to be more than all of transportation combined, lingering in the air for 150 years, and imigration, and terrorism, and war, and too much to mention here, etc etc., in the mean time, the Worlds wild life population has decreased by 50% just since 1970. 

By 2035 there will be no wildlife, and no rain forest, no fish in the ocean, and no clean drinking water, it’ll just be one big polluted mess and the imminent demise of yet another civilisation that thought it was just so great but actually was unbelievably dumb. 

In order to give the natural world and the planet the care, consideration, love, respect and protection that She deserves; we need to be able to see beyond the polarised myopic view of the ego-mind, and the ‘I Am’ and the ‘I want’ and the ‘I’m alright jack get your own ladder’ and ‘I need to eat meat’ mentality, in order to see that we are in fact each of us co-curators of Planet Earth and the natural world.

We are all co-curators of the  planet, the animal kingdom, the natural habitat and each other, and this is our real purpose here: To love oneself responsibly enough to extend self-love and self-care not just to one other but also to the entire planet and all her creatures and inhabitants, as one would love oneself, if only people would love themselves enough in the first place to understand and see that the real planet is within, each and everyone one of us

So love yourself, love each other and love the planet. Co-curators unite!

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Humans are complex emotional beings.

If our emotions don’t make sense to us they sure as hell won’t make sense to anyone else either and that’s why we have to honnour them in order to release them.

Stuck or blocked emotions cause anxiety and neurotic behaviours and also causes dis-ease in the body.

The body is a metaphor for how we think and feel. Our bodies respond to habitual emotions that are under-acknowledged or suppressed and unchecked internal dialogue on constant rewind.

If a health issue arises, either physical or mental, it’s our body’s way of asking us to pay greater attention and to listen.

But also these emotions demand that we engage our Right Hemispheres of our brains in order to better understand them.

Us human beings only use around 10% of our brains total capacity and that’s only usually the left side that deals with the perception of The Self and the ‘I’.

The right hemisphere that perceives sensory information and feelings, deals with the parts of our natures associated with the intuitive, creative, subconscious and it is this side that deeply desires a sense of connection.

A sense of connectedness to each other, nature, animals, children, partners, family members, the planet, the Eco system, the cosmos, the source, etc., thereby experiencing a deep sense of commitment to communicating peace and compassion.

The left perceives information through a sense of individuation. the right sees through the lens of unity.

By engaging our right hemispheres we are able to make heart-supported choices at any given moment in time.

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Elixir of Love

‘Elixir of Love’ appears on page 150 of ‘Love is in the Air Vol 1’ published by Forward Poetry. Available from forwardpoetry.

Liberty Moon

Capture By Hollywood Made Liberty Moon Fringe T-Shirt

Capture By Hollywood Made Liberty Moon Fringe T-Shirt

There’s still a lot of pressure from society upon women

The kind that prevents her from becoming 

Anything more than a ‘second-class citizen’ 

More than ‘the procurer of the genetic-lineage, in procreative-service’

More than a glamorous profile picture, wall-paper, calendar, screen-saver, accessory

More than carer, cook, au pair, affair, or nanny

Often the weight of relationship-responsibility 

Prevents one from fulfilling ones true-vocational destiny 

From uncovering that hidden, latent potential, deep within every individual

Denies the opportunity to discover and follow what that actually might be? 

And so it can become a bit-of-a-struggle

To balance relationship, kids, career, leisure, pleasure, ambition, and maybe also survival

Perhaps also a battle to fight for ones right to an education if ones family

Is not well-off, supportive or stable

Maybe one lives in or is from a Muslim or third world country?

Where one may suddenly find oneself given away as a child, or teenage bride

By ones own family

And so modern-day opportunities are put aside

Instead centuries of tradition, dogma, stigma or religious-doctrine

Is thrust upon, prevented from:

Falling in Love’ and following ones heart, for example

Limited by having ones life-path or life-partner pre-chosen

Designed to promote subservience, to know ones place, and fit in

Rather than being able to feel: ‘secure within ones own-skin

Through empowerment, bliss, and freedom

Disallowed from making ones own wrong-choices too

On the experiential path of self-knowledge, growth and understanding

From maturing, growing out of old illusions in ones own time, gracefully

For even now, in-this-day-and-age, there still persists a super-massive infringement of personal-Liberty

Even from other women 



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So the question is:

Was the drought brought about by natural climate-change

Or was it manufactured to engineer instability? 

With inflexible governments in-bed with the military 

Still the thing that is most strange about a war instigated by climate-change 

Is that the war-victims are mostly innocent women, children and civilians

Somehow the target seems to have become the humble family-unit 

The pawns in corporate-driven government games of ‘power and supremacy’

Branding war-victims as ‘immigrants’ treated like criminals for fleeing their war-torn countries, involving great risk and difficulty

While we sit at home drinking imported wine, eating our mad-cow steaks and watching TV

So just how many more dead babies washed-up on the shores

Or terrorist attacks upon tourist resorts

Is it going to take, to wake-up to reality?

This IS World War III already…

The illustrated comic strip (above) offers a simplified explanation for Syria’s climate conflict:

Link to The Guardian newspaper article of a Syrian child’s body washed up in Turkey (Sept 03, 2015):


Earth’s Prayer

The Garden of Eden - unknown artist

Our Mother/Father Planet, who art our heavenly garden

Sacred hallowed ground be thy name,

Thy Kingdom of Eden become,

Thy divine will be done,

On Earth, as this also is Heaven

Whom giveth this day and everyday, our daily bread,

And whom forgiveth our trespasses, unconditionally

So that we may learn to forgive those who trespass against us,

And lead ourselves not into temptation,

But deliver ourselves from our own greedy narcissistic addictive insecure egos,

For thine is the Kingdom of One Love,

The power and the glory of one world united in gratitude,

Forever and ever,


ABC 123

All for one, and One-Love for all 


Embodied as physical 


Way of life, spiritual 


Unspoken code, mutual 


Understanding, lyrical 


Link to the Source, umbilical 


Easy as ABC, 123, simple!


(13 July 2014)