One Love Collective Conscious


The problem with most cities is that they have become commercial centres

And commercial centers are only about the money

And the ever expanding big ‘I Am’ virus, ego-status, urban neurosis

The: ‘I’m better than you, I am, am, I am’

Sniff snort smoke toke defensive retort

Glug slug belch fart vomit consort

All over the world

One big party planet rave festival free-for-all

Imminent mission to self-destruct

And I dont fancy our chances much

As we race, hurtle head-first, full-tilt

Into consumer burn-out crunch, mulch, melt

Why people are seduced by the banality of the capitalist, mainstream, homogenist-consumer-ego

I dont know

It seems to be an in-built, out-of-balance-kilter, weird human-nature selfish-gene thing

That’s completely disharmonious with the rest of the world’s natural rhythms

And the more one is exposed to this infectious urban neurosis

The further into the past the natural world doth recede

The beauty fades

Like a faint memory of a dream as man invades

And the illusion gains a strangle-hold

How long will advances in technology enable us to survive without Her

Without an organic connection to the life source?

The planet is a spiritual deity

An amazing miracle

Mother, father, God, Goddess, home of lush abundance

Whom man appears to take for-granted

Rapes and plunders daily for profit and gain

Simply put it has to ‘Stop!’

But how to wake people up?

More quickly

From the epidemic of self-absorbed narcism

How much more chaos and crisis

Must the people and planet endure, have to generate


Someone, anyone, in a position of authority will stop and take a blind bit of notice?

The only way really is a ‘Return to Love

Self-respecting non-attached Love

Of the one love collective conscious

That wants nothing in return

Except to be able to respect Life, that it exists at all

A Love that refrains from taking anything or anyone as personal

Come back to the fold

Before we loose Her and each other

Through ignorance and shame

From whence there’ll be no ever coming back again

Show some Love

Right now and every day

To the world, to the wise and the wounded, is the natural way

Because what else is there? Ultimately

One Love is all there is

And the All There Is

Is Love


This has to STOP! -

Return To Love


One can break habitual patterns of hurt or abuse simply by asking oneself one simple question before doing or saying anything, and that is: ‘Is this Loving?

If the answer is ‘No’, know that one is also damaging ones own soul in the process of attempting to damage, or have power over, another.

By placing an expectation or a demand upon another, one ceases to be loving. Manipulating someone for a desired outcome also ceases to be loving.

God asks you to love others as God would love you. This is the one thing that God asks of you in the short time that you are here.

Whomever one’s God is across the board of all religions, the teaching is always about extending ‘Love’. And even if one doesn’t believe in God then the answer is still the same: Treat one another with the same care and consideration as one would expect to be treated oneself.

If one is experiencing pain or resistance then it means that there is a blocked emotion somewhere that needs healing and releasing before one can create the space for what one more truly desires to enter ones life and it is to do with an area or areas that require more self love, more forgiveness, more acceptance, more care and attention, etc.

Allowing difficult emotions to arise to be acknowledged (instead of operating in avoidance) will enable them to be released, and to return to ones natural inherent state of Love that one was born with, as soon as possible, constantly reminding, bringing oneself back to a state of Love, so that operating from a Loving heart becomes ones normal.

The more ones sponsoring thoughts are loving, the more confident one becomes, the less ones happiness is effected or dependant upon any outside external event, thing or person, and the less what other people think, do or say will matter, or rattle ones cage because one comes from a sense of deep inner peace, that can only strengthen over time, the more one returns to a natural state of Love.

Meditation can help with overcoming distractions, bringing one back to a state of Love and oneness. So too can breathing techniques, exercise such as swimming, yoga or tai chi, sharing via groups or one to ones. Also learning new skills, following ones passion, ones art, connecting with nature, anything that reconnects a person with a sense of joy, and purpose.

In the bible it says not to take revenge and to leave it up to God’s wrath. If one engages in vengeful acts then one becomes no better than the other person. The challenge is to not engage or become distracted away from the path of Love and is the true meaning of ‘turning the other cheek’, to remain unaffected and keep broadcasting Love.

If people try to take you out of your natural state of peace then it helps to understand that it is just them being them, being wounded, going round in repetitive patterns of damage, and they are simply showing you the areas from which they are operating in pain, low self esteme, a belief in lack, a belief that they cannot manifest the love or abundance that they desire for them selves, that they are so unhappy they want to deprive others of their happiness because they dont believe they can create their own, or they are jealous of others because they do not believe in their own ability to be successful and so forth. All areas where people are yet to learn how to love, respect, accept, take responsibility for or forgive themselves, and so really what they require are our prayers so that one day they may find peace and someone to love them, to help take away their pain, so that they are able to refrain from causing suffering and from projecting their pain onto others.

Human beings are emotional creatures, so therefore understanding ones emotions is key to a light heart. Because the lesson is *always* about Love. Always returning to a natural state of Love in order to maintain a healthy state of emotional well being.

This means tuning out the ever present internal dialogue of the mind and allowing ones true feelings to emerge. Often they are not what we anticipated them to be. Understanding the emotions assits with achieving emotional maturity and greater clarity, and this in turn will assist one with making wiser life choices such as choosing ones life partner, career path, place of residence. Even asserting ones boundaries is learning about self love. Operating from a state of loving kindness releases any expectations over another person and also of oneself. There are no shoulds or should haves. There is just IS.

Returning to Love also means staying in the present moment, because that is where Love exists, free from past patterns, memories on constant rewind, and free from future expectations. Therefore it is ones duty to love and accept oneself in spite of ones brokenness, for the outer reality is formed from many layers of illusion that prey upon ones primal desires. However, ones internal spiritual reality is ones primary identity which cannot be damaged when one operates from a place of Love for this is the god-source connection of the soul to all beings, creatures and the Natural world. We are already connected in this way whether we are aware of it or not for nothing and no one is separate. The more awareness of this connection we cultivate the less harm one can do to oneself and others through ignorance, the more one returns to ones innate loving state and the more aware of this connection one becomes.

For we are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are spirit having a human experience. Over identification with the body and the physical dimension will cause anxiety through the suppression and avoidance of the emotions, in turn causing dis-ease. Covering them up and masking them with medication, substances, addictions or work is a form of avoidance. So is pretending that they dont exist, that nothing is wrong, saving face, or trying to adversely influence others against someone, which is also a form of transference of ones own issues onto another person and a form of control, none of which are coming from a place of Love, for what one says about another is really what ones subconscious is revealing about ones own self, same as how one treats people one is close to is how one is treating oneself too, all of which will prevent one from growing or from being truly happy, keeping one locked into a of unhealthy down ward spiral of denial and self harm. Preventing someone else from being happy will not enable one to be happy either. If one abuses others and still expects love in return it means that one is taking some part of oneself for-granted which is the part that is being projected onto another. Breaking these repetitive cycles can lift and liberate ones heart from old beliefs that perhaps a person believes that they are beyond help, that it is too late for them to be saved, or other fear-based states of not feeling worthy enough or good enough, where perhaps self harm has become an addiction.

Years of un-dealt-with, stored-up blocked emotions will have an accumulated effect on ones mental health and on the health of ones body and this will be the body’s way of trying to comunicate that there is something out of balance that requires further attention. Unravelling complex emotions and coming from a place of personal honesty will have a freeing effect on the mind and this will be reflected in the body as the turmoil of internal mental dialogue can weigh heavy on the heart and this is one of the reasons for why going to confession has been so popular.

Allowing, accepting, honouring, acknowledging and releasing the constant ebb and flow of human emotion as and when they occur will keep one free from emotional pain and anxiety through a greater understanding of how they come into play, how it affects ones interactions with others and free oneself up to live in the present moment where one can be open to healthy new experiences, more in keeping with what one truly desires for oneself, rather than being a victim of ones unconscious, blindly repeating inherited patterns from the past that one cannot see or understand. It wont stop future emotions from arising but it will pave the way to being able to better deal with them when they do and to understand the dynamics at play rather than being a victim of ones emotions. The challenge is to know thyself. Completely.

And this requires constant diligent work. Being Human requires doing the work. And doing the work requires periodic alone time and personal honesty. If someone triggers something then it is a reflection on some level that requires looking more closely within. Unfortunately there’s no short cut to doing this work and is one of the resaons for why we are all here in the first place, to do this work and to evolve ones consciousness through the many emotional elevations of Love. Moving through personal love, transpersonal love, unconditional love, universal Love and eventually operating from a path of service to humanity that is self-less.

And this is why there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with exercising ones free will, to utilise it wisely, responsibly and with humility from a place of Loving kindness, in order to restore and maintain the collective balance of harmony. Returning to Love, bringing oneself back to Love as often as possible means that one may utilise ones free will without hurting others, or oneself, or the Planet and this is the way forwards to global peace.

Do whatever it takes to establish Peace. Within and without.

Return to Love.

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Family Choice Social Inclusion

One World

There is NO separation

What one does to Planet Earth

One also does unto ones own self

For what one does unto one’s own brother, sister, partner, wife, ex-wife, child, colleague, neighbour, companion, dog, cat, etc

Is also an extension of ones inner-self

A projection, reflection that is NOT separate

Separation is an illusion

For a person’s behaviour towards another is an immediate mirror

Of ones subconscious mind

Witholding compassion from someone is witholding compassion from oneself

Judging another harshly is how one treats ones inner self

Negative actions are evidence of ones true feelings and intentions towards oneself

No matter how cleverly disguised or denied

Whether its with sweeping statements of bravado

Or hidden faceless misdemeanours that one thinks no one will ever find out about, or know

Is really all about how one deals with and feels about oneself deep-down

More layers of projections, reflections, extensions

And so

The only way forwards

For an overcrowded planet to operate in peace and harmony

Like a well oiled machine

Is via: ‘Family Centered Choice’

Treat one another how one would like to be treated oneself

Less ego-mind and way more empathy

For the welfare of everybody in the community

And not just for some, or the elite minority

Because Freedom means: Social inclusion

For all

Access to physical, mindful, spiritual and emotional intelligence

Shared with each other, with ones immediate environment, (whether urban or natural) and also with one’s inner-self

Because how ones internal dialogue speaks to oneself inside ones head, is how one speaks to all other beings, creatures and people

Direct transference of the unconscious-self

Which is why it is important to know thyself, love thyself, accept thyself

In order to know, love and accept other people

And so for an ever-expanding universe to work

It has to be from the perspective of: One Earth

One World, One Planet, One Global Village

The whole, complete, bigger picture

How it all fits together and connects up

Because nothing is separate

And so this is also how a person can direct loving energy towards oneself

And magnetise what one’s heart truly desires

By being the change one wants to see

And by embodying the qualities one wants to receive

Everything else (ie: neediness and greed)

Propels one further and further away in the wrong direction

So forget all about personal gain, the ‘whats in it for me’, and the ‘double-cross’

And rock the spirit of cooperation

Rise above the dross

Remain Heart-Centered at all times, in spite of oneself, and/or somebody else

For one person CAN make a difference

Requires cultivating an ever more resolute inner-strength

For we are all tiny holographic fragments of the ‘All There Is’

And the ‘All There Is’, is LOVE. The ‘One Love’ from which we were all borne, became manifest

‘The God Is Love’ stealth force, ‘Source of All Creation’

And so therefore it is one’s humble duty, to awaken

To the immensely powerful gift that the creator bestowed upon all of us

So keep turning the other cheeky-chuphum

And keep expressing gratitude for even the tiniest, smallest, little thing

For over-massaging, the dark side of ones ego

Is like rubbing shoulders with satan’s shadow

Dancing in the pale moon light of self-seduction

(Which btw accelerates the ageing process)

So dont let oneself down with anything less, than the best

Than the spiritual reality of ‘One Love’, constantly put to the test

Because it begins from within

In order to emanate without

And out, and out, and on

Like a beacon, antenna, pulse

By reclaiming ones playful childlike innocence

Because pretty much everything else

Is just a figment of an advertiser’s illusion

A marketing scam or a business con

Engineered by a pampered coddled politician

And until everyone is free

No one can be

Sacred Mirror

'One' by Alex Grey

‘One’ by Alex Grey

Being a ‘sacred mirror’

Is being able to see the God and the good

In all people


So that ones sponsoring thought towards another, each other

Is always Loving

As a reflection of ones own self-love and self-care

Which can then be extended to all beings, all creatures and all plant life

In order to become co-curators and protectors of our beautiful Planet Earth

For we are all holographic fragments of the ‘All There Is’

And the All There Is

Is One Love….

Even if you can’t see it, or feel it, that’s what you are

A little piece of Love

And opening to this understanding

Opens one up to self-compassion

In turn opens one to Universal-compassion

And is ones true purpose for being here

To open to ones divine-loving-human-potential

In spite of how one might feel about oneself right now

In spite of what other people may have done

For the forgiving of ignorance, of others and ones own

Is all about letting go

Of past judgements and condemnation

Letting go of the old in the spirit of forgiveness

Makes room for a new improved reality

Keeps one free from buying into negativity

From stooping to a lower level, from becoming no better than, from being sucked in

And this is the real meaning

Of ‘turning the other cheek

Forgiveness is choosing the path of Love over all other paths

Rising above the lower emotions to honour the call of compassion, no matter what

Because people are not sheep, everyone is as unique, as a snow flake, a leaf, a finger print

A part of the abundant-infinite, God-source of all creation, with the gift of choice and free will

To choose ‘Love‘, to follow the ‘divine’ example

For life on this amazing Planet

Is our mother/father God’s gift of Love to Us

So Love yourself, Love each other and Love the Planet

Enjoy, share in the care, and give thanks


Is the only way

She Devil

Helexa by Brom Art -

Helexa by Brom Art –

And so even after all these years, at times, the smiling She-devil from hell

Can still be in my face, uncomfortably close, upfront and personal

And even just talking about ‘she-who-must-not-be-named’

Can have an effect upon me that is visibly physically detrimental

Like being hoodwinked, tricked or framed

Trapped in a giant cave of kryptonite

A misuse of trust, an unfair fight

And so I have no choice but to withdraw in order to rise above

To turn the other cheek and send non-attached love

For the path of least resistance

Is from a safe distance

To avoid being embroiled, entangled in anything less than holy

Lest I allow myself to become energetically compromised, dis-eased, downsized or lowly

And so on the path of the full-serve

I must strive to protect and conserve

A life-time of hard graft and spiritual-growth

In order to ‘walk-my-talk’ and ‘speak-my-truth’

Not one, or the other, but both