Raw truth chokes

Swallowed moments

From yester-year

Morsels of memories

Stuck inside fear’s

Dry throat, a constant regurgitation

Of inherited beliefs, parrot-fashion

Now slowly dissolving with each breath in

Lungs filling

With the glowing golden light of self-compassion

Grief turns into gratitude

Earth’s Prayer

The Garden of Eden - unknown artist

Our Mother/Father Planet, who art our heavenly garden

Sacred hallowed ground be thy name,

Thy Kingdom of Eden become,

Thy divine will be done,

On Earth, as this also is Heaven

Whom giveth this day and everyday, our daily bread,

And whom forgiveth our trespasses, unconditionally

So that we may learn to forgive those who trespass against us,

And lead ourselves not into temptation,

But deliver ourselves from our own greedy narcissistic addictive insecure egos,

For thine is the Kingdom of One Love,

The power and the glory of one world united in gratitude,

Forever and ever,


ABC 123

All for one, and One-Love for all 


Embodied as physical 


Way of life, spiritual 


Unspoken code, mutual 


Understanding, lyrical 


Link to the Source, umbilical 


Easy as ABC, 123, simple!


(13 July 2014)

Align Right

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Artist’s Statement / Vision

I am an artist and a poet. My practice is about sharing personal truth, insight and revelation about the human experience inspired by life.

I attempt to do this through the written and spoken word, events and installation, multi-media, mixed media, and technology.

My objective is to extend an invitation to commit to the communication of wellbeing, self-love, inner-peace and connectivity, so that in the face of surmounting state austerity and corporate greed, where the quarterly profit margin is prioritised over and above family, community, human dignity and environmental sustainability, one can offer a healthy comparison.

This can be achieved by engaging in right-brain activities that reconnects an individual with a sense of innocence and play in order to rediscover and form new neurological pathways in the brain.

In this way, according to brain scientist: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor; one can choose to ‘step to the right of one’s left hemisphere’ at any given moment in time, in order to run the ‘deep inner-peace circuitry’ that is characteristic of the right hemisphere of the brain.

In the words of Thích Nhất Hạnh: ‘Peace is every step’ however, in order to walk a path of ‘mindfulness’ (ie: left and right hemispheres working together) one must keep challenging one’s concepts of self-identity (left hemisphere) within the context of the larger scheme of things (right hemisphere), to move beyond old limiting programming and divisive stereotypical-labels such as gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, salary, postcode, elitism, etc. to redefine the boundaries of ones inherited cultural and social roles.

This constitutes a hemispherical union that initiates self-love and facilitates it’s outer expression as compassion and humility.

This is the true sense of the co-joining, dovetailing union between Yin and Yang. For Yin and Yang is not something out there, these qualities exist within ones own cranium. It is the perpetual dance of duality and polarity within the self and within each other. Love is unity. Fear is the division of unity.

In order for humanity to evolve humanity must learn to engage and apply both sides of the brain equally. Not one to the exclusion of the other, but both, to integrate the perspective of the ‘I’ and the ‘I am’ as part of the ‘Whole’, the ‘We are’, and the: we are all here now and in this together.

This is also the reason for why humanity appears not to have evolved beyond the multiplicity of the ego, and appears to be making exactly the same mistakes related to power, greed, control, self-importance, conflict and war etc., as it was thousands of years ago, because humanity’s decision making process is still dominated by the same left-brained ego-mind that operates solely from a place of self-interest and instant, short-term gratification, without engaging the vision for a long-term communal best interest that is characteristic of the right-brain.

As soon as we choose to come online to embrace and integrate the sensory nature of the right hemisphere of the brain, to support and balance our left-brain thought processes, humankind will make monumental leaps and bounds forwards, discovering and developing a plethora of new, exciting and inspirational ways to cement a deeper sense of communal responsibility, committed to finding ecologically sustainable growth solutions whilst healing old grievances easily and effortlessly.

Author and spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson says that: “Righteousness means ‘right use’ of the mind and the only right use of the mind is love”.

And so I propose that this is how one can begin making heart-supported choices, by engaging our right hemispheres of our brains, (the sensory, feeling, center that connects the heart, tempers the ego and is committed to communicating peace) to balance and support our logical, rational, thinking left-brain, (the ego-mind that offers the incessant internal dialogue that can often border upon the tyrannical) creating an inner-outer union, rather than tension.

This union between the hemispheres is the process of becoming fully conscious, where the ‘Off’ becomes an ‘On’ and where the ‘Zero’ becomes a ‘One’. This is also how consciousness can spread like a wildfire virus, where whole countries can become united over night, just like switching on an electric light. Align Right.



  • Dr Jill Bolte Taylor – My Stroke of Insight:
    A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey (Published by Hachette UK, 2009)
  • Thích Nhất Hạnh – Peace is Every Step (Published by Bantam Books, USA, 1991)
  • Karen Lazar – Hemispheres: Inside a stroke (Published by Modjaji Books and Worldreader, South Africa, 2011)
  • Marianne Williamson – ‘The Law of Divine Compensation’ (Published by HarperOne, USA, 2012)

The Second Coming

‘Immeasurable’ Residency and Exhibition Finissage @ the Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, May 2015

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The Second Coming

The second coming is not any one man, or one woman

It is the explosion of collective consciousness

When the hearts of men and women are opened and awakened

When the ability to respond (response-able) is greater than to react

When closing the door in separateness doesn’t sit well anymore

When one realises that what one does to another

Actually one does unto one’s own Self

For when one rises above the arrogance of the ego

One realises that in a Universe of infinite possibilities

Developing compassion means no longer taking anything as personal

For now the ‘I’ is no longer alone, is a valuable member of the collect-i-ve

And the more people on the Planet there are

The more weird, wonderful and surreal

Everyone’s projections / reflections are gonna get

One is going to have no choice but to open to one’s divine human potential

Because the pain of staying the same will be greater than that of change

It is humanity’s destiny to evolve

As a species Beyond the comfort zone

To awaken to the God / Goddess Self

To open to ones inner Buddha, Allah, Shiva/Shakti, Jehova, Krishna, Christ

Inspirational role models who demonstrated by example

How to work together to heal the self, each other, the

Planet How to redefine beliefs, change perspective, forgo judgments

Allow for emotional, psychological and spiritual evolution

Love and accept the unlovable within the self and each other

Forgiveness, everyday!

For no one person is free until we all are

And consciousness is a choice

Like a Yes or a No

As simple as binary

To a one from a zero From an off to an

On Like a chain of dominoes

A viral infection

Of enlightenment

A colossal global cognition

Of conscious understanding integrated into Being

Integrated into our everyday choices

Training the ego, the mind and the heart

To align as one

Takes time and practice

But it can and shall be done

watch Live Performance on Youtube


There is no Forget without Forgive


Forgiveness cannot change the past but it can change the future

In order to be able to forget painful emotions from the past one has no choice but to extend forgiveness first. ‘Forgive’ precipitates ‘Forget’

For the simple reason that until one forgives one cannot forget

Forgiveness initiates being able to forget. Being able to let go. Being able to move on. Being able to heal

There is no forgetting or go-letting without first forgiveness. Forgiveness is the initiation.

An inability to extend forgiveness forces one to stay imprisoned within the confines of ones own mind, on constant rewind

Going over and over old ground like a black and white rerun. The ego-mind

Will convince a person that they are justified

But this neediness to ‘be right’ is just an illusion of separation

Which will keep a person locked in a vice like grip of self-righteous, self-important, self-obsession

Only able to see situations through the polarised lens of Self, further endorsing a sense of isolation

An example of how over-dwelling upon the past can rob one of a true present

Access denied to the future most desired

By planting the wrong seeds for the wrong future, in the pastures of the present moment, (instead of the right seeds for the right future…)

Happiness, forgiveness, and mental emancipation are all states of mind, and the mind requires vigilant work to stay healthy

Because: Forgiveness is an Art 

It is an important step towards Self-Love and Peace on Earth

It is ones inner-peace reflected outwardly

However, without forgiveness there is no inner-peace

And instead of reflecting inner-peace, one outwardly projects ones inner-conflict

When in doubt keep bringing oneself back to one’s breath

Breathe in Peace. Breath out conflict

Breathe in Love. Breathe out conflict

Breathe in Forgiveness. Breath out conflict

The breath is what connects all life

Everything that lives must breathe. Everything is connected

And the breath is what connects us to consciousness

And this is why the breath is associated with ‘mindfulness’ as it can assist with becoming fully present

However, what I ask is to use this awareness of the breath to connect up one’s dominant left-hemisphere of the brain, (the ego-mind), with one’s dormant right-hemisphere of the brain; the feeling, emotive, intuitive, empathic, considerate, sensitive, creative side

In order to become mindful (mind-full)

As opposed to being disposed to ‘half-a-mind’, ‘absent-minded’, or ‘mindlessness’

Rather more a co-operative, inner-union of both hemispheres that is fully conscious

Where one’s choices are supported by a loving connection to the cosmos, and to each other, at any given moment

Balance of the left/right hemispheres by engaging the compassion of the heart

This means tuning out the ever-present inner-chatter so that one can hear the inner-whispering of one’s heart, listen to one’s inner-guidance, and act upon one’s intuition

Author and spiritual teacher; Marianne Williamson, says: “Righteousness means ‘right use’ of the mind, and the only right use of the mind is Love”

If people can start being responsible for what they think

And how they think

And why they think

Then this is an important step in the right direction towards taking responsibility, towards each other, all of creation, and for being here, at all, in the first place…

For the simple reason that conflict is not sustainable

Forgiveness is

Love is

Peace is

And Peace is every step


[Further reading: My stroke of Insight by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor: Chapter Fifteen]


Marianne Williamson quote from: The Law of Divine Compensation]


If ones mind is causing grief there is a Zen Buddhist by the name of Thích Nhất Hạnh who is a Vietnamese monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist, who can offer simple effective guidance and tools on how to train the mind and embrace the art of forgiveness. Nhất Hạnh has published more than 100 books, traveled and taught around the world, and was nominated by Martin Luther King Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967. (More info here:


“Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.” ― Hunter S. Thompson


“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” ― Henry James


  1. Nelson Mandela
    Born: July 18, 1918, Mvezo, South Africa

Stars and Stripes

Hoodwinked by the stars in the eyes of the ‘American Dream’

Sleep-walking, through the ‘Red Stripe’ and the ‘Lucky Strike’

And the killing-fields of green

Stained with the invisible blood of Mother’s sons, now laid to rest

Faceless soldiers who fought their damnedest

Now planted like seeds at regular intervals

With line after line and row upon row

Of manicured headstones for hundreds and thousands of silent dead heroes

Like white marble stripes on the red and blue flag of ‘capitalist consumerism’

Who died in their country’s pursuit of ‘world supremacism’

Where oil and beef and the arms industries are ‘king’

And the multiplicity of the dollar $ign is everything, ch-ching!

Seen through the myopic blinkered lens of tunnel vision

Which honours the rights of the man-made corporation

Over and above those of the individual or the community

Completely disregarding compassion, union and ecological sustainability

In preference of a quarterly profit-margin

Somehow we became removed from the ‘natural world’, with an absence of humility

A’breed apart’, the needy, greedy, self-important human

With no choice now but to career full-steam ahead towards chaos and rumination

Though maybe, just maybe, we still can ‘save-the-day’ through a reclamation

Of Self-Love, equality, and a natural heart connection

Together now let us pray, for sweet Love’s healing salvation


‘Stars and Stripes’ was inspired by a series of art works called: ‘State of the Union’ by Hans Haacke who was recently interviewed at an event entitled: ‘Gift Horse’ at the ICA following the unveiling of his new sculpture commissioned for the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

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