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Smart City

Today’s smart city

Is where training and education

Stopped being about following

Ones true vocation

And somehow became all about conditioning

Schooled to become another brick in the wall

Another cog in the machine

Drilled in

From such an early age it becomes the new religion

Where each new emerging generation

Shops til they drop

Til they’re so far in debt

They become trapped in a prison

Of desire and consumerism

Seduced by product placement and subliminal advertising

Victim of a society built upon capitalism

No escape

Do not pass ‘Go’

Do not collect ‘£200’

Do not buy a hotel, (let alone ones own house)

In fact go straight to jail

Caged like a wild animal in a zoo

That ate the bait

Swallowed the smart-sim pill

Herded along

With all the other must do’s and should have done’s

On the road to Blandsville in downtown Homogenisation

Complete abdication

Of ones ability to think for ones-self

From womb to tomb

And into total annihilation


Spiritual Growth

Growing-up means

Learning to take responsibility

For ones feelings

This is what ‘Spiritual Growth’ is

Evolving ones emotions beyond ‘The Self’

By expanding ones capacity to extend self-worth and self-love

For ultimately all forms of abuse are ‘Self-Abuse’

All forms of betrayal are self-betrayal

All forms of sabotage are self-sabotage

Therefore Loving ‘thy neighbour’ is a form of self-love

Means withdrawing the projection of ones shadow

Deflecting the negative emotions of others and the mindset of narrow

And not indulging or engaging in someone’s lack of self-love

Means extending ‘Forgiveness’ in the face of anger, revenge and cruelty

Bitterness, self-righteousness, jealousy, regret and insecurity

As forgiveness is not for the benefit of the other person

It is for the benefit of ones own self

As it keeps one free

From buying into, or taking on board, another persons dis-ease or negativity

Which is merely the absence of self-love projected outwardly

Means turning the other cheek, walking away, rising above

Staying grounded, focused, heart-centred in the energetic vibration of Love

Personified, magnified, intensified, amplified

And is what this world needs a whole lot more of

Emotional Evolution

Anger by Unknown Artist

Accepting ones humanness also means accepting that’s it’s ok to feel the spectral array of human emotions.

Just like it’s ok to feel ‘Love’ it is also a part of ones journey to experience the darker emotions such as jealously / resentment / anger / fear / guilt / shame / etc. as they are all a part of the human condition and are parts of ourselves that require more Self-Love.

Therefore on the path of the soul’s evolution, it is pivotal what exactly one does with ones jealously / resentment / anger / unrequited desires, etc. by channeling and processing ones emotions constructively, as a means of learning and understanding more about oneself, rather than destructively, by suppressing / denying / wallowing / collapsing / projecting / inflicting / controlling / manipulating / escaping, etc as this is absolutely key to ones propensity to longevity of either emotional wellbeing, or dis-ease.

Negative emotions are a ‘Catch-22′ of distractions, away from self-love and away from a self-belief in ones ability to achieve and magnetise more of what one truly desires into ones life.

Emotional pain is an area (or areas) within that require even more self-love, greater self-care, sensitivity and self-compassion.

Whatever one wishes for another, does unto another, one also magnetises, attracts unto ones own self, into ones own life. The energy one gives out comes back. This is why there is no separation. Just like a boomerang, what originates from you, comes right back at a later date.

This doesn’t mean that one allows the people who profess to love us to walk all over us. Love still requires boundaries and means rising above the negative emotions of others. Not engaging in their lack of self-love, because;

‘Growing-up’ means: Learning to take responsibility for ones feelings. This is what ‘Spiritual Growth’ is: Evolving ones emotions beyond The Self, by expanding ones capacity to extend Love. For ultimately all forms of abuse are ‘Self-Abuse’. 


I used to waste time wishing for a different view

Through my bedroom window

Disillusioned with the urban vista

Hours spent sky-watching

For patches of blue

Behind clouds passing

Through the hessian weave

Of blinds swaying in the breeze

Tracing the trails of planes traversing

Over slate rooftops, chimney-stacks and pots

And higgledy-piggledy aerials

Somewhere a blackbird is singing eloquently as sparrows chatter

And magically the wailing sirens momentarily fade

Along with the whir of helicopters

The horn of the non-stop train

And the roar of aeroplanes

Their sound bites recede

Absorbed into the humming soup of the city’s low rumble

Where the call of a crow is more profound

And so now I give thanks for my slice of the city

My home here has become

A place in the world where I belong

And no place in the world would I rather be

Finally I found my sanctuary

It was here all along