Stars and Stripes

Hoodwinked by the stars in the eyes of the ‘American Dream’

Sleep-walking, through the ‘Red Stripe’ and the ‘Lucky Strike’

And the killing-fields of green

Stained with the invisible blood of Mother’s sons, now laid to rest

Faceless soldiers who fought their damnedest

Now planted like seeds at regular intervals

With line after line and row upon row

Of manicured headstones for hundreds and thousands of silent dead heroes

Like white marble stripes on the red and blue flag of ‘capitalist consumerism’

Who died in their country’s pursuit of ‘world supremacism’

Where oil and beef and the arms industries are ‘king’

And the multiplicity of the dollar $ign is everything, ch-ching!

Seen through the myopic blinkered lens of tunnel vision

Which honours the rights of the man-made corporation

Over and above those of the individual or the community

Completely disregarding compassion, union and ecological sustainability

In preference of a quarterly profit-margin

Somehow we became removed from the ‘natural world’, with an absence of humility

A’breed apart’, the needy, greedy, self-important human

With no choice now but to career full-steam ahead towards chaos and rumination

Though maybe, just maybe, we still can ‘save-the-day’ through a reclamation

Of Self-Love, equality, and a natural heart connection

Together now let us pray, for sweet Love’s healing salvation


‘Stars and Stripes’ was inspired by a series of art works called: ‘State of the Union’ by Hans Haacke who was recently interviewed at an event entitled: ‘Gift Horse’ at the ICA following the unveiling of his new sculpture commissioned for the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

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SouLution = Soul Evolution

Tibetan Wheel Of Life

Tibetan Wheel Of Life

The soul doesn’t have an ego or a personality

And that’s why soul paths that are fraught with difficulty

Are actually specific evolutionary

Challenges with hidden prizes of hind sight to embrace

Ones ‘Ego’ is a part of the personality that is inherited with a body

And when the ego-mind is supported by higher conscious intent, it is a very valuable tool of initiation

But when the ego-mind is not supported by heart-centred choices

It languishes out of balance on a mission to assert it’s own self-importance

However, the soul’s journey is about *not* taking this world personally

in order to keep shining ones divine light of authenticity

It’s what Marianne Williamson calls an: ‘Emotional skill set’

And is what I call: ‘Emolution’, (emotional evolution)

Evolving through self-love, projected outwardly as non-attached, non-personal love-for-all

For without it there is no personal-development or spiritual-growth

While everyone is reacting badly and taking each other and every little thing as personal

And until people can reach this special place of acceptance there is no ‘Peace on Earth’

No appreciation of each other, of other walks of life that are individual, different and unique, or the needs of the planet and the other species that inhabit Her

If we ignore the call to become responsibly conscious

We just perpetuate the cycles of competition, consumption and corruption that already do not work

The trick is: to respond (rather than to react)

And this is difficult as reaction can be automatic, like a spontaneous, involuntary, knee-jerk reflex

This is where ‘breath-work’ and ‘meditation’ to cultivate ‘mindfulness’ are useful tools

So that one doesn’t get sucked in to patterns of abusive behaviour

So that one can stay grounded in ones humanness

Remain humane and humble so that the desire for personal-gain

At the expense of another falls away through the realisation

That whatever one does to another, one does to ones own soul, for all souls are from the ‘One Soul’ 

There is no separation

The physical ‘envelope‘ is merely so that we don’t all look the same

So that the Source may experience itself, by loving itself, through infinite manifestations of itself

That’s why it is our duty to Love ourselves in honnour of our source of creation, the source of divine unconditional love

And in so doing love and honnour all the source’s creations

For they/we are all equal, everything and everyone that is alive is a ‘Child of God’

I am, you are, we all are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, I / you / we have a right to be here!

Because our mother/father God/dess, source of love, divine creator, great mystery, who so loved the world, created us and the world all from the power of Love

Which as gods and goddesses personified in God’s own likeness with the power of the word – (I am the word and the word is God) – to manifest our own realities, we too have the power to manifest miracles through the power of love

Therefore it is our duty to become more aware of the realities we are all co-creating with our thoughts, words and deeds at any given moment

Sometimes in a world that lacks sensitivity and compassion it can be a challenge to retain ones authenticity, truth, and integrity

However, here in lies the invitation *not* to be seduced by the manufactured illusions of our times

To throw down the gauntlet

In the name of Love

Mortal life is finite, but the kharmic bank account is infinite

As energy cannot be destroyed. It simply changes form

This is the moment of our Now. And the now is where each new moment of integrity and truth is born

Breathe in the new now.

Breathe out the old now.

Always aim a little bit higher than before.


If you are agnostic please substitute the word ‘Love’ in place of the word ‘God’.

Love’s Evolution


Most addictions are a form of self-harm

Over doing something beyond moderation

Food, drink, sex, money, medication

Either prescribed and, or for recreation

Is all a lack of self-love manifestation

Running away from the self, a form of self-escapism

And in fact…


Every choice or action

Can be identified either as an affirmation

Of self love, or, a lack of self love

A simple reduction

For everything we do is either for, or against

Loving the self, or not loving the self

Loving one another, or not loving another

If one can be mindful enough to ask oneself before doing or saying anything:

‘Is this loving?’

Then we have a fighting chance of turning human ignorance around

But mindfulness is a whole other level altogether

That bolts on from Self-Love

A training of the mind and heart to align as One

For only when the hearts and minds of the people are aligned in self-love

Can the race of human souls come to together as one heart and one mind

One nation, one planet

In peace, love and resolution

Sometimes it takes hard work, blood, sweat and tears to figure it out

Because there’s no short cut to experience

Only trial and error and resistance

Just think of it like a game of dominoes

With only ones and zeros

A viral infection

Of switching Off’s to On’s

We are here to learn through Love’s evolution

That’s it, plain and simple

Except that it’s not so simple

As there are many different levels, planes and higher echelon’s

To evolving through love

And once one embarks upon this path its really very difficult

As one cannot go back to that safe cosy place of blissful ignorance

The safety net is gone, actually there never was one 

And this is a very challenging concept for everyone, not just for some

There follows a crisis of identity and blame 

Escaping behind and clinging to

Illusions of the mind and the ego

Making someone an underdog because something’s gone wrong

But actually it was never real in the first place

For there is only Love’s evolution

Love is all there is and everything else is just another illusion

One Love

Divine and Conquer

Red Rose Garden by Jessica Jenney

Red Rose Garden by Jessica Jenney

The problem with most women, which is really irritating, is that they are so frickin insecure 

And this is why Feminism will never WORK.

Not until all women

Learn to Love and accept themselves, so much so, that they no longer seek outside validation

To be who they want to be, or do what they want to do, and finally get around to eliminating

A neurotic pattern of sabotaging other women, in order to wreak power and extort gratification

And start to Love other women as thyself, soul-mothers, sisters, daughters, best-friends, to each and every one another. If that’s at all possible?

For competition and one-up-man-ship is emulating behavioural male qualities of politicians and businessmen

Which procures the emotion of insecure, as a precursor, to divide and conquer

We are all infinitely stronger together.

Otherwise we are simply dividing and conquering ourselves from within

Reflected without 

Think of ones heart as a holographic prism 

Fragment of the one-heart seeking to refract light

United in One-Self-Love. Synchronised. Like sunshine

Those whom make it obvious that ‘Love Lives Here’, and that its safe to let go of fear

Sharing an omnipotent warmth of presence, so that its always crystal clear

Without a shadow of a doubt, eradicates all blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, at any given moment

One-self equality, maintaining the balance of co-operation, co-joined, dovetailing, yin-yang dynamism

Never judge a book by a cover, never listen to, or indulge in gossip, keep aspiring to loftier ideals

Rather than waste time away, from developing a more emotionally fulfilling array, of masculine and feminine principals

Explore, expand, uncover, discover, ones inner galactic ambassador, of love’s self-fulfilling pleasure, a co-curator for the Great Mother, Earth, and all whom love and adore her

Fully immersed, basking in the one-love, the one-creator, the one-earth, ‘The-One’

Because ‘Everything-But-Everything’ out there, is an illusion!

For unless one listens to ones heart, it’s all in the mind

And therefore a self-created delusional, theoretical, convoluted, puffed-up hypothetical, singularly over-identificational, skewed-up logic, that’s totally irrational

A fictional-figment, emotional blockage, incapacity to think poetically, a blinkered, marginalised limitation that spreads like a viral infection

A cancerous weed, in fertile soil, that requires regular hoeing, tilling, stripping back, pruning, manicuring 

Prevention is better than cure, in order for potentiality to fully bloom pure

Like a beautiful rose garden

Lest it becomes horribly tangled and overgrown by conjectural, conceptual jargon…


Sauce Factory

James Steinberg

Illustration by James Steinberg

Too much academia can be just as detrimental as too little

Conjecture needs to be tempered with another kind of education

Of the heart with a soul in a body

So many lonely people over-focusing

Victim of the ever-calculating, mind-bending, conveyor-belt of manipulation, escapism, addictive need for outer-validation

Balance is the only way to rein-in the racing

Over-active, hypersensitive reactive, mental ranting’s

Of the egoooooo

And just breatheeeeeeeee

Remember how to Be once more

Reclaiming the innocence, an inner peace of the body

Reintegrating this peace back into ones outer reality, consciously

A slightly more elevated way of operating potentially

Because one can, that is free from the primal, base desires of men and women

Where one becomes a prospective contractual sexual possession

Where love, sex, marriage and babies have become just another business arrangement, part of a sustainable profit margin

And the buggers just wont let go

Like a Pit Bull shaking its over-sized head, over and over again, Grrrrr

Seduced by the synthetic master of illusion

The machine of advertising, where money is king

Playing on the emotional neediness of humans

Consisting of hundreds of thousands, and tens of millions

Of jealous, insecure, women and greedy, controlling men

A polarised myopic view perhaps, yes

And I think I’ve changed my mind, I now agree

With the Big FO, that it’s actually necessary, every now and then

‘Turning the other cheek’ isn’t always enough

So read between the lines, pick a number, three, two, one

Walking as far away as one can, in the extreme opposite direction

But even then there’s a whole generation raised on ‘Cyber Bullying’

An enforced psychological relationship against ones will, that is ongoing

Equally, with a dip stick, or, a huge corporate organisation

How can you get rid of such people, who invade ones personal headspace daily, without an invitation?

Once you’ve become a potential contender for a fiscal income

Or someone’s emotional, psychological obsession?

Like an addiction, a digital cat-toy, an irrational, illogical pathological condition

Another once-was fluffy-bunny, badly damaged by so-called family, and-or drugs, alcohol, hedonism, bla

That maybe it’s kinder just to tuck them up to sleep in dream La-La Land 

Wish them a safe passage home, back to the source, soup, mother-ship, recycling-plant for lost souls, the Daddy’s Sauce factory of soul-purpose

Better luck next time around with ones soul-life and so until then pet, it’s aufedersein

Relief Outlet

The Windup Girl by xanderhyde on Deviant Art

The Windup Girl
by xanderhyde on Deviant Art

All women experience enforced sexual servitude at some point

Married or not, and is a fundamental feminist observation 

That her body is already pre-appropriated for a specific purpose or task

A political pawn

Necessary to replenish the population, army, work force, for state procreation

And, or the pleasure principal, a distraction from critical debate

Should bodies or relationships be controlled, choices contrived, towards an engineered trajectory? 

Is free love really free? 

Strange sexual transgressions pushing the boundaries

Of accepted normality

Beyond the regulated range of the consumer market bubble

That excludes personal liberty

Blind eyes are turned, just so long as its profitable

Force-fed a diet of highly controlled fictional imagery, bombardment

Provides a carefully manufactured façade of illusion

To manipulate people into doing things a certain way

Lulled into a false sense of insecurity and self-rejection

As one attempts to dismantle the edifice of structural tradition

Sinking like quicksand, side-effects of conformity, fraught with hidden murky undertones

That require regular quick-fix, relief-outlets

For the suppressed, repressed emotions

Of rib-less culture struggles, the queerest folk of the post-millennium

Age of narcissism, driven

By the machine of desire, overloaded with titillation

Stretched beyond ones misshapen limits, and all recognition

Inspired by quotes from feminist writers: Monique Wittig and Jennifer Doyle

Mortal Loop

Frieze-dried Dharma, Instant wash-and-go Kharma

All Life is Finite

The mortality-envelope


Of the Immortal-Soul

It’s just a matter of ‘When’

That’s the illusion of Time

There is no down-the-line

Nowhere to hide

A kinda delayed-reaction

Frieze-dried Dharma

Instant wash-and-go Kharma

Stored up over the years, condensed

Into a single nao-second blink of an eye-lid

Catapult-fling, collective-memory

Where each and every moment of Now, just happens to be another

New moment of now

Now is the ‘New Now’

And forever and ever, again

To Be… Amen

And this too shall come to pass